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MJ Music Video Dancer -- I Support Dr. Murray

1/18/2011 7:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Not every Michael Jackson fan HATES Dr. Conrad Murray ... in fact, one of the guys who danced in the new MJ music video met up with Conrad this past weekend ... and insists, "He's a nice guy."


TMZ has learned Terry Henderson -- who was featured in the "Hold My Hand" video -- ran into Murray at 3rd Street Promenade shopping center in Santa Monica on Sunday ... and immediately struck up a conversation.


Henderson told us he fully supports Murray through his "tough legal battle" ... even though most hardcore MJ fans view Conrad as the enemy.

Henderson's olive branch got us thinking -- will MJ fans ever be able to make peace with Murray?

After all, MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right?


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TMZ...that is such a provocative statment when you use it in that manner "MJ did preach love and forgiveness, right".

Yes he certainly did and I hope that you all remember that whilst you continue to slander Michael's reputation as you have with many other posts.

As we say "Hate the sin, but love the sinner".

At this stage, Conrad Murray has not admitted to having murdered Michael. So in his eyes he has nothing to be forgiven for. When he does confess with a humble and contrite heart, then he will need to do penance (ie, a jail term) but much more have genuine sorrow in his heart for the sin he has committed and make repentance. How do you make repentance for the life of another human being?

Forgiveness is easy but we will never forget his negligence and recklessness in looking after dear Michael.

Rest in peace Michael as we continue to pray for justice.

1353 days ago


I wonder how much specs was paid to stand there next to that murderer?
This Erkel lookalike needs to get real with this bulls.h.i.t.
Murray can get his Love and Forgiveness after he does 15 to life in maximum security.

Erkel is probably Trish or Unwell stepping out of their virtual world, looking to stir things up in the real world. Must say... that's exactly how I envisioned them to look.

1353 days ago


Don't mind aq.

Poor thing had a mental meltdown on another board.


1353 days ago

And thats the truth    

Jesus Fuentes

Posted at 8:41 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by OhWell


Every time I see an MJ story on TMZ I check it out. I am not a rabid fan and have never even purchased any of his music, but, I have always respected him as an artist and what happened to him was just a shame and should not happen to anyone else.

Every time I read the comments, OhWell is one of the first people to comment. You make derogatory immature statements and have been doing so for at least a year and a half, but yet, I can tell by your statements that you do not like him. Why do you waste your time here? You are obviously obsessed with Michael and you just dont want to admit it. Do you sit around on the computer in your parents basement salivating for another MJ story so you can sarcastically respond to the stories and other posters and then giggle to yourself like a 2 year old?

1353 days ago


MJ may have preached love and forgiveness, but he didn't even practice it in his own life. He would cut people out in a second and never look back.

1353 days ago


Leave it to TMZ to find the ONE MJ fan who doesn't despise Conrad Murray.

Apparently this fan didn't get the memo of the court testimony.

Murray gave Ativan, Versed and Lorazepam knowing full well they suppress breathing.

Murray gave propofol to MJ knowing that it supresses breathing as well.

Murray gave propofol in a home setting and left his patient unattended.

This is the crux of the case, that Murray did not monitor his patient. NO MATTER WHAT ELSE HAPPENED, HE LEFT HIS PATIENT.

So on January 25 at the arraignment, don't be surprised if the charges are upped to 2nd degree murder rather than involuntary manslaughter.

1353 days ago


This statement has no merit. Old school and out of date teaching should be banned just like cigarettes and drugs.

Your have to stand up against evil, make yourself hear for those silent victims, the children who suffer everyday still in the hands of pedophiles.


Posted at 8:54 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by duilama

@ 134
Did you know Michael personally?
Everyone who knew him PERSONALLY (outside of the lying Arvizos and Chandlers), has said he was not a pedophile. What proof do you have he was?
You are probably some religious nut who swears God speaks to you through your dog or something.
I wouldn't doubt that there's a pedophile living right under your own roof.
People like you are always on some witch hunt in someone else's backyard, but fail to see the devil in their own.
So do us a favor and just shut up with your hillbilly education and try to read something beyond Star and The Enquirer... Billy Graham. You might learn something useful.

1353 days ago


There is a presumption 'innocent until proven guilty in the court of law". Being too hateful against Murray reminds me of people being mean to MJ back in 2005 and it wasn't pretty. And Michael loved people, it doesn't make sense to be to hateful against Murray. Let the court do their job.
It is interesting they mention again "Hold my hand" video. There was something very interesting around 2:22, a letter. If one reads the few words that can be clearly seen, it becomes interesting ... somehow they remind me of a song "Will you be there". Here it is. Very nice fan work, btw.

1353 days ago


What We Don't Know About TMZ

Following are excerpts. By all means, use the link and read at your convenience. "Interesting", 'ol Harvey is.

Links to the author's sources are provided throughout the piece.


1975 - Levin passed the Bar exam
1977 – 1996 – taught at the Whittier Law School in L.A.
1994 – 1996: Reported on the O.J. Simpson murder trial. During this time he was also a legal analyst for KCBS TV in Los Angeles.

1996 – 1998: Became a legal analyst for “The People’s Court”.
1998 – 2002: Took over as host for the series as well as served as legal analyst.
2002 – 2005: Creator and Executive Producer of “Celebrity Justice”.


Through the time of the first surfacing of the allegations against Michael through the trial and acquittal, Levin was with Celebrity Justice. Did Celebrity Justice every cover the trial? I did some searches.

Levin is interviewed shortly after Michael’s death in regard to TMZ’s new prime status as the news show that broke the story of the death of Michael Jackson before any other network. Under the paragraph bolded where it mentions Debbie Rowe, Levin talks about his predictions that Katherine would get the children, the executors would control the will and the twists and turns with the will and the creditors. This interview was given July 8th, or it was published July 8th, 2009. And Levin was aware of this already?


Levin also defends Michael during a snide remark by the interviewer that Michael and Princess Diana’s deaths were not on the same world-wide level of awareness. To that remark, Levin replies, “Jackson was a world figure. That comparison doesn't stun me.”

Levin also talks about the drugs issue and the doctors that would be called onto the carpet about prescription drugs. We now know that these other doctors were released of responsibility due to lack of merit, probably because there was no evidence in the autopsy that Michael was an addict. Levin carefully words his answer in the paragraph above, stating “With all we know, he had a problem with drugs -- a big problem. The question is, how did he get them?” With all we know. He never comes out and states that he is an addict or that he had a problem with drugs. (Yes, I like picking these sentences apart. I was the queen of sentence diagramming in school).

What else I find surprising is Levin’s surprising approach to news about the celebrities in that he said he was more interested in the “mundane” everyday happenings with celebrities. I have noticed too, if you go back over reading, that the coverage since Michael’s death was reported by them that the coverage was more on the people surrounding Michael than any negativity on Michael himself.

The comments if you scroll to the bottom of that link on suggest that Levin was Michael’s ally. How did this happen?

I had trouble finding if any episode of Celebrity Justice covered the Michael Jackson trial at all. There was a list of episodes here for 2004 to see if any of the allegations against Michael were discussed.

I did not find anything on Michael Jackson being covered on Celebrity Justice, but I did find references to Celebrity Justice commenting on lawsuits against several tabloids by various celebrities as was referenced on this website (little over halfway down). Source

“Celebrity Justice reports the lawsuit says that the defendants, including the Enquirer and Morris, acted reprehensibly and must be punished before they callously destroy another private persons life in their race to profit and to sell tabloid magazines.”

“A Half-hour show which chronicled celebrities and their legal woes.” Source

This article was about a Dancer in Vancouver being accused of performing prostitution on Ben Affleck. Celebrity Justice reported on the case, condemning the “National Enquirer” for it’s use of unauthorized photo’s of a private person.

Here was an interview with Harvey Levin, condemning the Juror in the Michael Jackson case who said he really thought Michael was guilty.

TMZ gets it’s start in November of 2005, AFTER Michael is acquitted of child molestation charges. (I still HATE that word). Before that Levin produces Celebrity Justice from 2002 until 2005, then starts up TMZ, essentially a tabloid . . . the very thing Celebrity Justice had a particular disdain for.


So, Harvey.... I'm feeling a bit lazy this evening. How 'bout you save me the work of searching out WHO writes the checks that you cash in payment for purchase of your nads and integrity.

.... whom, specifically, at/with Sony.

Wait. I KNOW I'm tired, now... what was I thinking??

Check #1 came in when you signed to have no clue who's signature is on the check - **wink**, it's written so sloppily. Ironic as hell that physician's penmanship/signatures are much the same... let alone SOME, their level of moral turpitude also, in common with SOME like those that bought YOU. Lawyer's often row the same boat. Huhn.

Well, I must say, that amongst other things joyfully amazing... MJ's nightmares having/had come to be an evil reality, by BIGGER money and power's purposeful intent of flexing theirs against you to your bit-by-bit, and final destruction - I'm RELIEVED to be financially struggling (never thought I'd hear myself say THAT... I've got children! = WORRY like hell about their future) and thankful that God hasn't allowed me to win the lottery let alone the MEGA or Powerball Lottery I THOUGHT would be so great to win.

WHEW! NEVAH buying a lottery ticket again! LOL

Sweet dreams, Harv... wait, what?... no? sold those too. What? Makes you feel ill whenever you step up to a mirror? Call your new best bud DOC Murray... he'll not only forgive you, but give you a strappin' hug, buy you a balloon, and fix you right up with l-o-v-e!

And, I'll forgive him for THAT too!

", and forgiveness, right?"

"All's fair", in the Sony "Celebrity Justice - TMZ - "Money (MJ)" world of destroying others for profit, Harv.

Ask forgiveness, and love, from THEM you, and your "TMZ Staff" whored yourselves out to diligently work towards destroying - and leave MJ's business of his 'sermons' to those who genuinely GET his meaning... whom are integrity intact and worthy of aligning themselves with it - to spread at THEIR will.

Thanks, much!

Nitey, nite! :o)

1353 days ago


Dana=Duilama=Deb, basically, she's talking to herself. Hahaha. Good night all.

1353 days ago


Forgiveness is easy but we will never forget his negligence and recklessness in looking after dear Michael.

Rest in peace Michael as we continue to pray for justice.

Posted at 8:51 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by Annie-I'm-NOT-okay

I agree with u completely. Annie, happy new year to u.

1353 days ago


Thanks Daphne....and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

Enjoy your posts.

1353 days ago


Oh my, she does talk to herself.

1353 days ago


I love it! The haters and internals have nothing that will clear Murray of murder. Keep the insults, lies, and daily recycled distortion rolling like clock work. Hopefully the conduct of the haters and internals will help facilitate a deal breaker between Sony and the Estate. As always thanks for the confirmation haters. Murray has no defense in SIGHT!!!

1353 days ago
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