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Illegal Alien to Kelis: You Stiffed Me!

1/17/2011 5:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelis' housekeeper claims the R&B singer owes her $900 in unpaid wages -- and according to sources, there's one major problem preventing her from seeking justice ... she's an illegal alien.

We're told Kelis' maid earned $150 a day for her work ... and since she only worked one day a week, that means Kelis somehow fell six weeks behind on her payments.

According to sources, the housekeeper is currently exploring her legal options -- trying to lock down a lawyer to see if she can file anything with the California Labor Commission.

As we previously reported, Kelis' rapper ex-husband Nas has been ordered to pay her over $25,000 a month in child and spousal support. Not too shabby.

Calls to Kelis' camp haven't been returned.


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Sorry Maria ,once illegal is in front of anything having to do with you your claim is invalid.
150 a day eh! interesting, very interesting.

1373 days ago


When the unemployment rate among African-Americans is so high you would think she would want to give the people that buy her records a job instead of an illegal alien.

1372 days ago


Your illegally trying to obtain money. Your illegally here. Get the F**K OUT!!!

1372 days ago

Shanan Li    

How much in taxes to the USA is owed by the maid? Was she getting any public help, ie foodstamps, medicaid, houshing??? How come illegals expect legal rights? All people are welcome in the USA, but do it the legal way!!!!!

1372 days ago


Umm, shouldn't there be some legal ramifications for Kelis hiring an illegal worker in the first place?

1372 days ago


Kellis, pay her what you owe her. Then Uncle Sam can come in and tax the $900 for current and back taxes for all the time the illegal was working in the US illegally...which should leave her with nothing anyways.


1372 days ago


Don't pay her. Deport her. If this person knew she was illegal then she should go to jail.

1372 days ago


So TMZ how much did you pay her for the story? She went public to make a quick buck off of the situation but she's afraid to report it because she's here illegally? I call bullsh*t! If she were afraid of being deported she wouldn't be selling her story to a gossip rag like TMZ!

I'm so sick of illegals taking jobs away from those here legally. There's no shortage of Americans and legal aliens who would GLADLY take a $150/day house cleaning job. GLADLY. Deport her and prosecute that c*nt Kelis for employing her too!

1372 days ago


Hey, where is that All-red bitch? Where this a Republican politician the bitch would be all over this. Either way deport the bitch, and slap his ass in jail for hiring her.

1372 days ago


This sounds like the perfect case for Gloria Allred! She'll have a news conference scheduled before you can say Kelis who?

1372 days ago


Well its true what goes up must eventually come down… Kelis with all the damn money the courts awarded your tired ass are you telling us that you couldn’t even play an illegal alien their $150.00 to the tune of $900.00 to the point that this woman is so brazen that she’s coming forth and she knows she’s going to have her ass deported well good. Now both of you idiots will go somewhere hide… I am so glad the court system recognized they made a foolish mistake giving you all this man hard earn money... Its one thing for him to take care of his child but you can get a damn job just like the rest of us. Who make these rules?

1372 days ago



1372 days ago


Kelis= Donkey in Shrek. Even got the asses tail stuck to the back of her ignorant head. Yuk, fugly ho.

1372 days ago


Exactly the reason I listened to my Mom's. She would say "Your successful and you handsome, these women are vultures they are good at spotting potential prey and will give you some Pu#*y in a heartbeat if they know they can get something out of it". So I make sure I wear two, yes two condoms just in case. Your thing has to get used to it but eventually it should. I refuse to pay a bitch a red penny for a child out of wedlock so this is what I have to do. Nas should of doubled-up on the YAMP.

1372 days ago


There wouldn't be any illegal aliens if people like Kelis didn't hire them. As long as the well off in this country continue to not want to pay legal Americans a decent wage, then THEY will always be in search of low skilled labor and the undo***ented will continue to sneak across the border.

1361 days ago
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