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Nicole and Keith: Why We Chose USA for Our Baby

1/18/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban could have hired a surrogate in Australia -- and it probably would have been easier for them -- but they chose the US of A because they're just not as big here.

Sources directly connected with the birth of Faith tell TMZ ... Nicole and Keith were frank about their choice -- that in Australia they live in a fishbowl and they can't do anything on the down low.

The couple told people connected with the birth that the U.S. is so "entertainment oriented," they're just two of many celebs and aren't scrutinized the way they are in Australia ... making it a lot easier to have the baby without anyone noticing.

And it worked.  Before TMZ broke the story, we called some of Nicole's reps, who were totally unaware she had hired a surrogate who had given birth.


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wow Donna, talk about getting your facts straight...they just had another baby via surrogate. A baby named Faith...that would be Sunday Rose's little sister.

1342 days ago


anchor babies?

1342 days ago


Something doesn't add up. She couldn't have children with Tom so they adopted two children. So when she remarries she all of a sudden can have a child...Sunday Rose. Then shen has a surrogate carry her next child. I'm wondering if the bump we saw last time wasn't a sofa pillow?

1342 days ago


lol...why are some of you so jealous of nk and ku? and don't even try to deny it. your posts speak volumes.

1342 days ago


Hey, best wishes to them both. I don't think any of us have the right to be questioning their motives. Being a parent is the best! Shoot, at least they are married and not living on welfare.

1342 days ago


This is stupid. Australia has strict laws concerning surrogacy or egg donation and that is why they came to the states. It's not a big deal, just "keep it real".

1342 days ago


TMZ do your research. Australia would NOT have been easier for them. COMMERCIAL SURROGACY IS A CRIMINAL OFFENSE THERE. That means it's hard to find a surrogate because you cannot PAY THEM.

Sorry, just hate misinformation.

1342 days ago

Patrick Henry    


She SHOULD have raised her other two kids that she has NOTHING to do with.....

Posted at 10:15 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Patti

Tom Cruise has custody of them so they can be raised in Scientology. That's a pity but maybe the only way Kidman , initially Catholic could get a divorce . Be mad at Cruise not her. At least her kids with Urban will be well taken care of and not in some cult. He owns the kids since he ate their placenta!!

1342 days ago


Shame on all of you. These people are not a lazy couple. They did something smart considering their age, etc. I'm sure it was her eggs and his sperm in a petri dish, them implanted in a surrogate. Their first child together was done with her being pregnant. She is constantly in touch with her two adopted children, and they often live with Kidman and Urban. You are only going by what you read in the tabloids?

1342 days ago


@Sabrina. The biggest risk at Nicole's age would not be giving birth or being pregnant, it's actually from her eggs. A woman's eggs are just as old as she is -- if you are stating they are "smart" hiring a surrogate because of her age you might want realize that the majority of problems w/babies or pregnancy arising from 'advanced maternal age' are actually egg related.

1342 days ago


5. This story is totally screwed up. First of all Nicole didn't hire a surrogate. Secondly, the baby's name is Sunday Rose not Faith. So before you go spouting off junk get your story straight!! Posted at 10:02 AM on Jan 18, 2011 by Donna

Are you for real or 3 years behind?

1342 days ago


The real reason they Chose the USA over Australia is because it's illegal to pay someone to be a surrogate in Australia, while in America if you have money you can get away with anything.

1342 days ago


They had the baby via a "gestational carrier". WTF??????? Might as well have called the poor woman a robot! I have never heard a more disgusting term in all my life. What is worng with the vaginas of celebrity women? They can't all be having problems down there surely?

1342 days ago

Y do he got    

two wrongs don`t make it put thier DNA into anyone or thing is a crime..why didn`t they just hire some mahoop at TMZ to carry it they carry anything and if things didn`t workout it could join the TMZ daycare cult harvey stein.WOW that bambino has to be some kind of of UGAH lee

1342 days ago


I live in Nashville. They're both really popular here because they're so nice and friendly with their fans, and they volunteer lots of time and money to local causes. Nicole's older children live with Tom and Katie because they chose to, and she wants them to be happy.

Congrats on the new arrival!

1342 days ago
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