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Nicole and Keith: Why We Chose USA for Our Baby

1/18/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban could have hired a surrogate in Australia -- and it probably would have been easier for them -- but they chose the US of A because they're just not as big here.

Sources directly connected with the birth of Faith tell TMZ ... Nicole and Keith were frank about their choice -- that in Australia they live in a fishbowl and they can't do anything on the down low.

The couple told people connected with the birth that the U.S. is so "entertainment oriented," they're just two of many celebs and aren't scrutinized the way they are in Australia ... making it a lot easier to have the baby without anyone noticing.

And it worked.  Before TMZ broke the story, we called some of Nicole's reps, who were totally unaware she had hired a surrogate who had given birth.


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Thanks to Suzi for the great info.. the fact that it's illegal to 'buy' a surrogate in Australia says alot about their decision to 'buy' someone to carry their baby here in country where money can buy you anything.

1343 days ago


this might have something to do with their decision regarding a comment on the message board for the announcement:
Congratulations on the birth of your new baby daughter via surrogacy. I am sure she will have a loving family to grow up in and benefit from the love and care her parents give her. Are you aware of recent changes to NSW law that once proclaimed will make it illegal for anyone normally resident in NSW to pursue commercial surrogacy anywhere in the world? This could result in people like you committing a criminal offence for nothing more than wanting to raise their own family! For many same sex couples it is the only way they can start their family and whilst it is important to ensure women are not commoditised I am sure you will agree properly run surrogacy arrangements do not do this and surrogates give far more than the small amount they are paid. Please help raise the profile of how wrong this law is and ensure people like you can continue to start and grow their families without fear of becoming criminals in NSW

1343 days ago


Congrats to the couple on their second child, no matter how the child was born and got here, as long as it is loved and taken care. They have enough money to hire a nanny if they want too and long as the child is loved and not abused. it should make them happy to have children of Keith Urbans

1343 days ago

london hillbilly    

Cranky blokes wrankled sue lut`s bamby right from her yankerho.Blimmy skanksdwnundies in a JD bouttle ful of stank.

1343 days ago


As an Aussie living in Australia I can guarantee you that we don't particularly care about 'movie stars' and both Nicole and Keith always say that they would want to move home but this is not where their work is, USA is.

I believe the truth of the matter is that we have really stricked surrogate laws here.

Have a great day guys :)

1343 days ago


Let me make this clear right off, I am not a big fan and normally don't keep up with celebs, but I checked out this story because Kidman and I are of silimiar ages and i was interested that she had a baby. I am sickened by the ugliness I see here!!!! So to make all you ugly people look like fools, here are some facts. Kidman probably had stress issues about getting pregmant when married to Cruise. Can you imagine dealing with that nut? She was pregnant when he left her for another woman and she MISCARRIED. It was then that I developed a bit of sympathy for her. She had her first child with Urban but there may be medical reasons that prevented her from trying to carry this baby. (remember previous miscarriage/s??) And for all you bashing them financially, I dare say they contribute substantially to our tax system and are contributing members our our society thru philanthropic efforts.

1343 days ago


Well, now that they have perfected the role of the "gestational mother"...I assume this will become the norm..Very expected~! Once by themselves, for the" experience" and the rest of the time some other person can wreck their bodies bringing forth celebrities children..
If you got enough money you can have it all without the work now~! Even your own biological kids..Just pay some poor woman to do it for you...

1343 days ago


This is stupid. Australia has strict laws concerning surrogacy or egg donation and that is why they came to the states. It's not a big deal, just "keep it real".

1343 days ago


Why is everyone sooooooooooooooo judgemental

1343 days ago


They have ALOT of nerve to criticize ANYTHING about USA - US $$ keeps them in the Gucci. Total hypocrites. She barely gives her kids with Tom C a grunt & hello.

1343 days ago


I have thought about this and in my own heart and my gutt feeling it could be, (I am guessing), that her ex husband Tom controlled the two children they adopted while he and Nicole were married. Probably saying that if there is a divorce the kids will be raised Scientologist and live with him. Nicole loves here two first borns and is probably heart broken about the divorce settlement stipulations. Too bad there is so much adulation for Mr. Cruise while dating. Katie H. had that look of "Oh I am so in love", and Niclole did too. I mean at first thought who would turn down a rich millionaire like Cruise. It is only when you are married to this Scientologist that the weird crap makes you think "Let me out". Blessings to Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban on their new baby. They are blessed to be out of the clutches of Scientology and back to Christianity. God Bless.

1343 days ago

vincent silvestro    

I know her to be a wonderful person and mother she deserves compliments and accolades. She is unique and a pioneer , if any of you were her you should be so proud to conduct your life as she does. She is a great mother and person.

1343 days ago



1343 days ago


Just goes to show that when a celeb wants to be private, he/she can be. I admit that the paparazzi can be intrusive, but the stars work pretty hard themselves to keep the cameras on them!

1343 days ago


Love Keith and Nicole, they are so nice and down to earth. Nicole is what I call a REAL movie star and Keith has so much talent as a musician it"s unbelievable.

1343 days ago
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