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Kelly to Regis:

You're WHAT?!?

1/18/2011 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with "Live! with Regis & Kelly" tell TMZ ... Regis Philbin blindsided Kelly Ripa with his retirement announcement today ... telling her less than 15 minutes before they went on the air.

Regis and Kelly

We're told Kelly was "stunned" that Regis didn't tell her well in advance.  But one source connected with the show tells us, "She wasn't upset."

Our sources say Regis felt if he talked about it before making the announcement, it would have leaked out.


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George Hamilton and Kathy Lee Gifford would be terrific!
I loved the show with Regis and Kathie Lee, but couldn't watch it with Kelly.
I thank Regis for all the smiles, and wish him the very best!

1376 days ago


Kelly is boring and over the hill too. She needs to retire too. And don't foist your no talent, gigolo husband on us either.

1376 days ago


Of course Regis quit.

This is NOT even news. As someone who has sat in that audience for years, I can bluntly say that this woman got on Regis' nerves. She doesnt respect him. And, it's really foolish when you consider that he has been in the business long since before Kelly was born.

....I could only 'imagine' that insiders have already 'leaked' how she would consistently backstab Regis with her words and the numerous attempts to tarnish his credibility behind closed doors. She is drama queen with a false sense of power. She has a little pull here and there as an owner of a few projects, but she is a long and far cry from a Jodie Foster or even a Tina Fey....sources of TRUE power on television and film.

She had a good gig with Regis.
But, she blew that...with the only thing she can......her big and inglorious mouth.

1376 days ago


Amazing the Kelly Ripa doesn't know Regis well enough to know that he is a self centered, selfish and shallow person. I have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Kelly twice and she is one of the nicest human beings on this earth, while on the other hand, I have met Regis and his is a snob, cold, cunning and a user. Regis is a worthless, rude, conniving individual and I wish he had been canned years ago. Show's how stupid the network is or is Regis just a mirror of the network. Selfish, snobby and insensitive. KELLY YOU ARE THE WINNER to have Regis as far away from you as you can get.

1376 days ago


I will miss him soo much and if they end up doing a Mark and Kelly show I will never watch again. Talk about the most annoying couple ever!! However i will recommend Jimmy Kimmel as a replacement with Kelly.

1376 days ago


Kelly poked Regis a lot during the show because she must have known that off camera Regis is a complete human disaster. If any of you drooling Regis fans really had the displeasure of knowing Regis personally you would quickly find that Regis is a nasty, rude jerk of a guy. He's the kind that takes your parking spot you've been waiting for or pushes his way into the front of a line ahead of you. I've seen this trait in him and had words with him about it at a charity event in Boca Raton a few years ago. Kelly on the other hand would give you the shirt off her back if you really needed it and having seen her beauty up close, that would be so bad either. GOOD RIDDANCE REGIS, YOU PARASITIC JERK!

1376 days ago


Muffinheadicus...I so agree with you because I see it daily how poor Regis has to keep his cool sitting next to Kelly the narcissist who suddenly thought she was smarter,funnier and better at everything than Regis is. She fails to forget, as do many others here making fun of his senility, that he is a very bright, fit 80 year old man who was more than gracious to Kelly even when she made fun of him daily. I am sure he could not take it anymore and she shoved him right out the door.


1376 days ago

TMZ victim    

Once again, TMZ dials up another faux scandal in the headline/photo and turns it into a non-story once you've already clicked on the page. Sigh. TMZ, I wish I could quit you.

1376 days ago


Face it the show wont work without Regis or an equally old, senile fool so that a younger tart like Kelly can pretend like she's drooling over him like a bum with a starving, zit-faced kid with a fresh slice of pizza.

I have an idea for a new show, dig up a coffin, prop it up on a wall and call the show "Mornings with Corpse and Kelly Ripa"

1376 days ago


My vote is for Pat Sajak. I hear he has been looking to leave the Wheel.

1376 days ago


Saying that Regis Philbin was good for the show is like saying that "LiL Wayne" is a good singer. Kelly on the other had is sexy to look at, witty and a really nice person. Make it the Kelly and add on a young stud with some brains this time and not some walking zombie like that pompous old stuffed shirt Regis.


1376 days ago


Regis is a LEGEND! I think Anderson would be a great replacement. I also really like the new guy at The Early Show on CBS...Chris Wragge. He's good looking and funny/witty. A great personality!

1376 days ago

Ole jack    

He gave the public many years of enjoyment. He realized his age was catching up with him and he made fun of himself. He will be missed by may.

1376 days ago


So glad to hear that REgis is retiring. He should have done it a lot sooner. Too many health problems and very forgetful for the last couple of years. I wish Kelley would quit saying, "You're welcome American" & "If (whatever) is wrong then I don't want to be right". Both of these statements are getting very old. I do think many of the past fill ins for REgis would make a great co-host for Kelly. Maybe Regis could fill in sometimes when whoever the co-host is away.

1376 days ago

Get back to work!    

Look at that bicep. Kelly could snap Regis in half with that.

1376 days ago
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