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Ricky Gervais -- I Will NOT Host the 'Globes' Again

1/18/2011 3:25 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ricky Gervais doesn't care if he's ever asked back to host the Golden Globes"" ... because he's "not gonna do it again anyway."


A smiling Gervais was weathering the storm in New York this morning -- following his super-controversial statements at the awards show -- when Ricky told us, "I think twice is enough."

After the photog mentioned that Ricky's fellow comics seem to be standing by the performance -- Gervais replied, "Well, it's nice to be loved by your peers ... they stick by you."


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Your performance was brilliant Ricky! You brought back the Don Rickles, Dean Martin, etal, of yester-year. The fit that everyone is having has to do with the fact that a lot of today's "hollywood" is thin-skinned and just can't handle it, that's all. Eff'em, I'd pay to see you perform any day, thank you.

Posted at 12:10 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by Biko

u went too far dont you ever put Dean Martin in with losers in life Don Rickles and that ricky gervais.. Dean was a decent human being and a wonderful entertainer.

1371 days ago

To me all award shows are crap..period!!

1371 days ago

Yes indeed!    

You poor little sods who did not like Ricky's style can crawl under the snake's balls you have been sucking all your lives. The rich make fun of others all the time in their character playing and in their every day life. Ricky played a character on stage and is a comedian/actor. His joke merely reiterated the gossip stories ALL OF THE WOMEN BUY EVERY WEEK - LIKE TH GLOBE, WOMENS WEEKLY, WOMAN'S MONTHLY ... ETC.

What is the problem now? You suddenly do not like hearing about it - but only reading it? Get a life and start growing a humor. Ricky did the best he could and there is no other like him because his comedic branch cut through the sensitive little LA souls who have more money than cents.

Let the big honchos have it, smear the gossip in their face and let them know what people are actually saying about them just because they make tons of money which they do not deserve all of the time plus it is they who put themselves in the gossip firing line.

If you do not want gossip about you do not kiss another man on the lips or your own brother on the lips. If you do not want to be made fun of you please do not become mother hen and adopt all colours of the world and show them off like porcelain dolls. All of this can be done behind closed doors like many actors do shielding their precious kids away from paparazzi and there is no gossip around about them because they are sensible enough to know better.

Ricky - good luck to you and I wish I could see more of you in the years to come. You may seem pompous yourself but heck - you are a funny man. Cut to the bone!


1371 days ago


He stated clearly in interviews before the show that he was not going to host the Golden Globes again.

Posted at 12:17 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by R

thats cause he knew he was finished in hollywood

1371 days ago


I was reading some comments in here and I am shock the lack of COMMON SENSE they have.

"ohhh,.,,well... he was telling the truth.."


He is a comedian for god sake!

And whatever he said it's HIS TRUTH, not THE TRUTH. Could you see the difference ??

It was absolutely deceiving that this guy made the low taste "jokes" in front of millions of people who they were watching the Golden Globes around the world. That was not his PERSONAL show. Got it?

That it was even worse for all the celebrities involved in his stupid bullying low class "jokes".

1371 days ago


I agree with Robert Downey,Jr. Its funny until you hurt people. Since when is being "nasty" (as Gervais admits in video) pass for being funny? No talent there ,small,brattish children do it everyday. It horrible to see people praising Gervais for being a bully. If you think most of America and Hollywood are saying well it took backbone to do this sort of act, think again, Most I venture are saying.....SEE? You extend a helping hand to yet another foreigner and what to they do in return? Tell you how despictable you are.

Posted at 12:19 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by b.mclane

wonderfully put

1371 days ago


Good for you, Ricky. We (the American public)

Posted at 12:38 PM on Jan 18, 2011 by Sally

i dont think you should assume you are or can speak for the American people

1371 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Ricky was the MOST HONEST part of the Show, Everyone else is F---ing hippocrite , Degenerate, two-faced A--Holes. It amounts to some A--holes giving awards to BIGGER A--Holes-

1371 days ago


Rickey is a genius. He is too good for that show sucks.

1371 days ago



Thank you for your post. You are a good example of what kind of fans follows Ricky Gervais.

1371 days ago


I laughed my glute off watching the show after a friend called to let me know that Gervais was hosting. Now the Globe executives are complaining because Gervais used satire and sardonic commentary to ridicule, belittle and berate the attendees. Wasn't that what they hired him to do? Surely all Americans don't suffer from this lack of imagination and sense of humour. Keep up the good work, Mr. Gervais. Lenny Bruce would be proud.

1371 days ago


93. Well you weren' there. Yes several women did the evening I'm referring to and I want no part of rubbing up against women or have women rub up against me and some woman doing a pretend strip tease and rubbing a scarf between her legs and then saying it's for me. That's not appropriate especially if I never have met any of them. It was so bad I texted my husband to come back and sit with me. This gay thing or same sex thing is getting out of hand and people just think it's acceptable or have to accept it. It's not an old fashioned thing or a 50's thing it's not acceptable behavior to the majority and if the minority group wants to do it they don't have to do it where everyone knows about it.

1371 days ago


I am myself very irreverent, but insulting one big proven, worthy star after another is just too far. Where is the Celebration for the ceremony itself? It's not the GOLDEN ROAST!!

1371 days ago


@ Debbie - where were you when this happened? A female strip club?

1371 days ago


The Golden Globes are beneath you Ricky. They need to pull that gigantic pole out of their butts. Clearly they don't like it when a 'non-american' pokes fun at them. TEAM RICKY!!!!

1371 days ago
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