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'Tough Love' Star -- Arrested for Louboutin Heist

1/18/2011 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

VH1 reality star Taylor Royce -- aka Miss Gold Digger from "Tough Love" -- was arrested this morning for allegedly jacking $600 worth of makeup ... and one very expensive pair of Louboutin boots.


We're told cops busted Royce with the stolen goods at her friend's house in Arizona ... the same friend who called the cops on her in the first place.

The friend in question -- a girl named Carolyn Clare -- tells us, it all started with a friendly sleepover gone wrong ... everything started out fine ... but after the two woke up the next morning, Clare noticed her expensive boots and makeup collection had gone missing.

We're told Royce -- real name Kelly Jean Stasilli -- denied stealing anything ... but her pal called the cops anyway.

According to law enforcement, Royce is still in custody.


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She looks like she is wearing all $60...0 of the makeup in that picture.

1338 days ago


Why invite a known theif into your house? To frame her? If there is insurance involved, the girl has her own stuff and is just looking for a scapegoat. If no insurance, I'd still question why she invited a thief into her house b/c it's fishy.

1338 days ago


Louboutins not that pricey?? Glad money grows on trees for you #18...

1338 days ago


Did she get stung in the lips by bees?

1338 days ago


WTF? Now a girl can't buy pretty shoes?
This guy is a total douche** Dude are you her freaking Daddy and she used your credit card without permission? What the eff do you care? I think you are dead broke---only a broke MO FO would be up in arms over chump change. I have a Louis Vuitton bag. Are you going Ape-s*h*i*t doing the math calculating how much profit is made LOL?
Men spend money on the dumbest crap on the planet. My BF spent a fortune on YANKEE TICKETS SO just shut the hell up!

1338 days ago


I wonder if "she" will be in with the male inmates where "she" belongs?

1338 days ago


Your the smart one.

and you can't even select the correct You're to use, so let's refrain from speaking about who's smart and who's not. It's apparent you are a moron

1338 days ago


@ MICHELLE - It's your money spend it how ever you like! Men are no different. Buying cars, sport tickets, getting chicks (um spending money on them) to impress their friends. Anytime a girl buys anything designer BROKE LOSERS go berserk. Hey buddy don't have a heart attack but anything you buy has been marked up 300-500% NO MATTER WHERE YOU SHOP . So your hillbilly flannel shirts you buy for $7.99 at Walmart costs 2 pennies to make! How are you so much better than she is. Nothing worst than a dumb f-c-u-k talking hit

I love fashion and I shop for me not other b*i*t*c*h*e*s
Right on about how self-righteous this guy is. What nerve

1338 days ago


In reality, you fell for the oldest marketing trick in the book, mark it high(really rich women will buy it at that price),
I dont know any really rich women because Im poor but Im guessing here

cut it in half (broke chicks will buy it at this price)
I am broke and only date broke women so I know

by giving it the illusion of a valued sales discount; whereby pretentious women like you Michelle,

You're pretentious because you have more disposable income than I could ever dream of and Im threatened by independent women who could afford pricey things I clearly cannot. So I need to bring out a classic stereotype so I can sleep at night even though I make peanuts

will buy it, show off and tell your friends, who also may have champagne taste and but beer budgets.

If I could buy anything that costs $400.oo I would show it off and tell MY FRIENDS because Im a loser!
I have no idea what it would feel like to pay $400 bucks for kicks so I can only imagine. I am poor

1338 days ago


i really like watching Taylor get CROSS EYED POUTty on VH1. Whenever things she didn't understand turn out the way she wanted them to for Her. What A Hiccup.

1338 days ago


DEAR GOD PEOPLE. it all comes down to your income, what you value in life, & the fact that the average american middle-class woman on a budget spends about 30-50 bucks on a new pair of heels. it's usually a good value for looks & money if you're a wise shopper when it comes to styling yourself. quit sniping or you're all no better than miss crazy pants up there. u like what u like. go with it! that's all i have to say.

1337 days ago


EWWW I never did Like her she's so discusting and UGLY. she needs more than makeup to cover that ugly mug LOL

1336 days ago


More proof that all of America's heroes have serious personality disorders.

1334 days ago

Chrisine Masoner    

kelly was not busted for steeling boots and makeup she was in trouble for traffic violations. she was arrested for the warrant and the warrant only.this is a ridiculous story. i have been best friends with her for 16 if not longer years. she has never stolen anything in her life. like you said, she is from a very wealthy family so why would she steal anything from anyone???? Also lets get real here, she is the most BEAUTIFUL girl inside and out! Gorgous and Flawless, and She has a huge heart, and her intenstions are always kind and genuine, and if it wasn’t for her i don’t know where i personally be in life. She has always been there for me and her son, no matter what AND she still is! Calling her HEARTLESS when She did the most "selfless" and "unselfish" thing possible for her child! She made a heartbreaking and life altering descision for that little boy because she loves him MORE than she loves herself OR anyone else! She didn't make the best decsion for her, but she did for her child! Not to mention what a bunch kind of sick person brings an innocent 6 year old child into this nonsense! Get it together, seriously because this whole story and the majority of these comments are also rediculous, full of lies, and jealousy! This girl is admired by many and hated by some, but no one even knows her enough to hate on her besides the fact that your hearts are filled with jealousy and envey! So by giving her son to an amazing family he is the happiest, and smartest, most loved, and highly athletic little 6 year old on the face of this planet! Plus his adoptive parents seriously love Taylor to death, and she gets to sees her son all the time! They drop him off at her house and she spends weekends with her child, she didn't just drop him off somewhere and just leave him with some family! BUT not that it's any of your damn business in the first place, so grow the eff up and possibly go read a book or something you illiterate bitches slash BONITA or whatever your name is! Shouldn't you be trying to add a few more jerseys to your sexual roster right now? Because everyone knows that your just a groupie #1, and #2 you brag about dating multipul proffessional athletes at one time?!?!?!? Instead of lying on my bestfriend, why don't you go put another FAKE ring on your left finger and say your engaged to "another" NBA player, LOL what a joke! Yes, you are the slut here not my best friend! Because She is far from a whore, LOL I mean she can count on pretty much ONE hand how many sexual encounters she has had, and thats much more than I can say for the lying Skank who made up all of these lies about Tay in the first place! I love her like a sister! She would give anyone the designer shirt right off of her back if they needed it! and not to mention i have seen her clothes, shoe, and makeup collection BTW... lol, she could honestly be running a store from her bedroom! She gives me all her clothes that don’t fit or she no longer wants, and tons a make-up she doesn’t need, or isn't using! And yes, its all Mac or makeup from the Sophora store. You name it, and Taylor owns it! and these are not my oppinions, these are the straight facts for real! this story is ridiculous and i find incredibly insulting to not just my bestfriend but to me to!!!! Just that someone would even intentionally lie about this and about her. NOW since I'm definitely the only person here telling the truth and stating the REAL facts i figure some of you may want to contact me with any questions that you might have! So if you want to get ahold of me, then feel freee to just hit me up on facebook! You can find my FB page using my Email, or by my name. So here you go( Christine Masoner & my email is ) PS. WTF, honestly I cant imagine how any of you can even sleep at night, resting your dirty heads on your pillows knowing that you are slandering a good girls name with all these lies?!?!?! BUT mostly for the horrible person who started these rumors in the first place - Carolyn, May God have mercy on your soul girlfriend!

~Christine Masoner

1332 days ago

Chrisine Masoner    

Also Carolyn your attempt to try and gain FAME off of Taylor is hilarious! LOL, wow its funny that the first place you run to tell your lies and fake story full of rumors would have been TMZ! Thats Kinda smart tho, I'll give you credit for that sleazzzzz bag :) knowingly make up lies about a Celebrity that you befriended as a FAN aka GROUPIE, and then set her up by lying about her and the belongings u claim she had stolen which in REALITY there were never any stolen idems taken from you to begin with, and dam sure never taken by my bestfriend! Your wana be Kat Stacks attempt to get famous off of Taylor is just your desperate ass crawling to a very new low there sweetheart! I just wanted to add that, because its apparent that thos were and are your intentions! Ewww, u are a dirty little liar BONITA! Pss. your far from beautiful and that is the real truth, so I would just stick with using your Legal name Carolyn and forget about the Bonita sweetie pie (If anyone has seen this girl, you would agree faster than me that she is VERY un attractive) I'm just giving you sum genuine REAL advice from woman to woman, your making an even bigger ass out of yourself by telling people that your name is BONITA, haha #WOW!


Christine Masoner

1332 days ago
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