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Dana White -- Women Will Never Fight in The UFC

1/19/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The UFC has banned another substance -- estrogen -- because UFC honcho Dana White tells us he will "NEVER" allow a female fighter to step inside his octagon.

For the record, there are a TON of badass, tough-as-nails women fighters including Cris "Cyborg" Santos and Gina Carano ... but they both fight for the rival Strikeforce league.

So we gotta ask ...

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Hey lhartwell, who is laughing? The only laughing I see is Dana and his fighters laughing all the way to the bank.

In all seriousness you should grow up a little. That was a pretty infantile post.

1373 days ago



How have women ruined Nascar? There have been only a handful that have ever raced. Not too sure wht you mean by that. And Football? Really? WTF are you talking about. When did I miss a woman playing in the NFL?

1373 days ago



Thanks Artie help, I totally agree.

THIS has to be the biggest joke of a 'sport' EVER. Watching grown men poke each other in the d-ic-k inside a cage???!! Rolling around

Puke. Gee, I'm sooooo tough, watch me beat up this guy in a cage. OOOOHHHH, THIS make s me such a bad-a-s-s. Oh, look there is blood, I guess I'm the king of the cage now.

Really? THIS is all you have to do? Trust me BOYS, people are laughing at you. Get a real job, perhaps an education? This makes you foolish.

And....Women in the cage too? Nice, dat's class for ya!

Its bad enough the twenty-something crowd of gals has the morals of alley cats, and the brain cells it seems, as they are in fisticuffs outside the bar, swearing like truck drivers, double puke, but now we should slap gals in the arena with the likes of these knuckleheads.......

Just some more of the dumbing down of America....great.

Posted at 12:16 PM on Jan 19, 2011 by lhartwell"

Get off your high horse you ****. Stop acting like your so above the animal kingdom. I bet the thought of being related to primates just makes you insane doesn't it? You may think you're an intellectual but to me you're just a silly monkey trying way too hard to be special.

1373 days ago



Thank god, there's a man out there ballsy enough to say "NO!" to women joining that association. There is nothing wrong with that at all. I get so tired of women foisting themselves on any little group that happens to be all men. A woman CANNOT fight like the men can. If you want your own women's wrestling federation go for it. But letting women into certain groups means having to change the rules, the physical requirements, etc and that is not right. I'm sure I'm going to piss off a lot of women out there, but it's true. I think men ought to start playing the same game as women: maybe change "Daughters of the American Revolution" into "Sons and Daughters"...maybe it should just be "Scouts of America" instead of Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts...etc, etc. It's ridiculous.

Posted at 8:04 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by annie2"

stfu. Just because you're a weak **** does not mean all woman are weak ****s. Chris Cyborg would fold you up like origami and probably all the sexist insecure guys on here that don't want female MMA. I'm a guy and am 100% for female MMA. It's called equality.

1373 days ago


I enjoy watching the competition to see who the best man in the octagon is. I can speak only for myself here and say it's almost a vicarious thing. I do not enjoy seeing women beat up on each other but I do recognize that some possess the ability to fight and a lot of heart. But after watching the female division in strike force I believe that they are no where near as exciting as their male counterparts.

1373 days ago


Hmmph, he just doesn't want to watch men get beat up by the girls... Hehehehe

1373 days ago

g Velasco    

First of all there are many professional female mma fighters, many are champions in the smaller promotions such as StrikeForce, Princesses of Pain, Dream, and Bellator just to name a few.
Another thing is Dana White has never sat down or watched a female fight so how would he know how good us female mma fighters are? as far as i know from personal experience any man that thought women who couldn't fight changed their mind after seeing some of these women fight and i have had many of these narrow minded men come up to me after one of my fights telling me i changed their opinion on female mma. We get alot of respect from the male mma fighters, my husband is a 3 time mma champion. Dana white should consider adding female bouts to the card since we (female mma fighters) end up stealing the show and getting fight of the night honors. Yes women should be on ufc, we have earned our place there and will bring in lots of big bucks too.

1373 days ago


Another example of Dana talking out of both sides of his mouth... He DID offer a contract to Gina Carano over a year ago. She turned it down because she was contractually obligated to Strikeforce after Proelite's assets were sold to that company. I think once there's a viable pool of women (great fighters who are marketable) he'll be all over it. Right now, there are many girls who are gorgeous and marketable but are just beginning their fight training.

1372 days ago


the Octagon girl can fight each other!

1372 days ago


I saw this at http://wanttobelikeus.blogspot.com/

1372 days ago


There are not a "TON" of high-quality women fighters. Anyone who has followed MMA while half-sober knows this. The reason there is not a women's division in the UFC is the same reason there isn't a super-heavyweight division: not enough quality fighters in that cross-section. Moronic.

1372 days ago

Peta Vale    

With a name like Dana I suspect there's already a girl in the ring.

1372 days ago

Trooper Tom    

I wanna see Dana White wrestle

1372 days ago


I'm female, and I would not EVER watch women in the UFC. That's like having women in the NFL. I am all for women's rights, but there are certain sports that women would just ruin. And the UFC and NFL are those sports. It's not sexest for Dana White to not want females in the UFC. The UFC would lose alot of its supporters, and endorsements. I agree with Dana White completely!

1372 days ago


Women were not allowed in The Colliseum in Rome as gladiators. They belong carrying ring cards and feeding us grapes

1372 days ago
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