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Controversy Over FOX Show Canceling Joan Rivers

1/19/2011 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers has been canceled from a scheduled appearance on FOX & Friends -- she says it's all over a comment she made to TMZ blasting Sarah Palin ... but FOX denies that's the reason.

Joan Rivers Banned Fox and Friends
This weekend, Rivers said she partially blamed the Arizona shootings on Palin ... and then referred to Sarah as "stupid and a threat."

Rivers was scheduled to appear with daughter Melissa tomorrow on the show to promote her new show, "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?"  River's rep tells us a producer called to say they gave her the chop because of Joan's comments.

But moments ago FOX responded ... they say the show was overbooked and the producer "mistakenly" canceled Joan's appearance instead of rescheduling it.

FOX insists it has nothing to do with Joan's comments.


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Plastic Face--and her joined at the Hip mel GOOD BYE you S...!

1332 days ago

henry vincent    

who would want to be on that commie fox with the top clown O'reilly and his pet monkey glen beck.

1331 days ago


I change channels when Joan comes on, any time any station.

1331 days ago

VT Farmer    

When I'm in the mood to see how wide a mouth can open and how pop garbage can come out, I listen to Joan Rivers. When I want to hear how much blame one person can heap on others, saying they are playing the blame game, I listen to Sara Palin. So...for such an ill-informed person such as myself, one can figure that I don't listen to either too closely, for too long, without getting turned off. Why not have Oprah Winfrey interview each for a ratings war?

1330 days ago


Hmmmm,Joan Rivers calling Sarah Palin stupid? Sarah successfully ran the largest state in the U.S., all Joan has run during her lifetime is her mouth. FOX News bias? I guess MSNBC, Jon Stewart, CNN, ABC, , CBS, PBS,etc. are the "objective" news organizations. The leftest weirdos need to go hug a tree, eat some tofu, play a Ravi Shanker CD and chill out! Calling the FOX and Friends hosts "stupid" is from obvious lack of knowledge of their academic backgrounds, sorry but I still value a degree from Stanford U. That's Gretchen's, for starters, so from which institute of higher learning did Joan graduate? Sorry, Honorary Degress don't count!

1330 days ago

emery demech    

For once Joan is right about Palin, who needs enemies of the state

1330 days ago


It is about time that Hollywood idiots are held responsible for some of the hateful things they say while on the air without any proof whatso ever of it's truthfulness and Rivers ahs been one of the worst to spout out lies and stories. I think her skin is too tight from all of her surgeries that she can no longer think.

1330 days ago


Rivers shows total ignorance in her remarks. I won't be watching her new show or buying products from her sponsors.

1330 days ago

Maya Penyon    

Uninformed, KP (#15) REALLY?!? Our wonderful liberal media always standing up for everyone's rights: the right to gay marriage, the right to Muslims to practice their faith anywhere and any way they choose, the right for illegal aliens to use tax-paying American resources without ever making a dime contribution, the right of any loud-mouthed, bleeding-heart liberal like Joy Behar to run her fat mouth ad nauseum! Yeah, you are always standing up for "right", that is unless it comes in the form of politics . . . then you call them a bigot, racist, stupid fool and accuse them of masterminding the actions of a deeply disturbed man with a gun. Uninformed. I think we can see who is uninformed, KP.

1327 days ago


Joan is like the high school girl who knew all the gossip, added viciousness to it, and spread it around to anyone who would listen.
Sarah is a leader. Obvious differences.

1318 days ago


Joan Rivers cancelled again. What a surprise. What Rivers spews fourth spews back.

Rivers is right about Palin.

1317 days ago


I like Joan a lot, but do not care for her new show with Melissa. She is great on Fashion Police and her stand-up is great. I do not care for Sarah Palin either. She should be taking care of her family instead of traveling all over for her personal gain.

1317 days ago

Ruth Meyer    

Joan Rivers is a dressed up bully. People who call another individual "stupid and a threat" are commenting on their own I.Q. and behavior.

1316 days ago

huskys rule     

I have to say that Joan Rivers has no business making fun of anyone…EVER. She should have left her face alone. And she has the nerve to make fun of other people who can’t make an expression because their face is too tight. She needs a real reality check and a good look in the mirror.

964 days ago
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