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Controversy Over FOX Show Canceling Joan Rivers

1/19/2011 4:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Joan Rivers has been canceled from a scheduled appearance on FOX & Friends -- she says it's all over a comment she made to TMZ blasting Sarah Palin ... but FOX denies that's the reason.

Joan Rivers Banned Fox and Friends
This weekend, Rivers said she partially blamed the Arizona shootings on Palin ... and then referred to Sarah as "stupid and a threat."

Rivers was scheduled to appear with daughter Melissa tomorrow on the show to promote her new show, "Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?"  River's rep tells us a producer called to say they gave her the chop because of Joan's comments.

But moments ago FOX responded ... they say the show was overbooked and the producer "mistakenly" canceled Joan's appearance instead of rescheduling it.

FOX insists it has nothing to do with Joan's comments.


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Home Skillet    

Sarah palin has all of you Liberal or should I say LIBELer dummies so scared! What exactly has she EVER said that is hateful? Please enlighten me...You who condemn her have obviously never actually listened to her.

Posted at 12:10 PM on Jan 19, 2011 by andi
Oh, Andi ... you are absolutely adorable. So innocent and naive. Hang onto that! Give a unicorn a kiss for me while you dance through your fairytale-land. So sweet! Cutest post of the day!

1373 days ago


Sarah Palin is a twit but I don't think she should be blamed for any shootings unless she was pulling the trigger. A lot of people are pro firearms, you can't blame them all either. I am NOT a fan of Sarah Palin at all but come on people, get a hobby or a job or something! You can't really blame someone else for a person's actions, we're adults who make our own decision or so I the way people are acting it would seem I am wrong and others control our minds and bodies. Get over it people!!!!

1373 days ago


Sarah Palin is not to blame for the shootings and this discourse is getting idiotic! How about when Obama claims about political opponents "They bring a knife...we bring a gun". Is Obama to blame too? Of course not. And if Plastic Rivers wants to make such insane statements placing blame, I hope she is banned from more than just Fox.

1373 days ago


Joan Rivers looks like lamb-chop the puppet.....only lamb chop is cuter :) Okay, cheap shot, but had to say it. Now I will be a grown up.......the left is always blaming everyone else instead of looking at the real person/people to blame. Did it ever occur to anyone to blame the person who actually did the action?

1373 days ago


sarah palin IS stupid. and she and her idiot ******ger friends are a threat. i love joan. i'm glad she is speaking the truth about this woman.

1373 days ago


Good for FOX!! That retard needs to go away...I see the libtards are in full force today....

1373 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

56: Your true racist Tea Party Inbred brain shows nicely. Now brush your last remaining tooth and watch me moonwalk in my cage now.

1373 days ago


#15 You might want to look into who did that study. Tides Foundation ring a bell?

Hey Joan, Just appoint Melissa to the board of one of your businesses. She'll have the facade of a job and it would spare us all the embarrassment of rejecting her, again.

1373 days ago


Why do you punish free speech in your country America?
Sarah made stupid comments. She should be pulled from politics for that unless she can explain what her comments meant if they weren't about "shooting" "crosshairs" etc. And to be fair, Obama should take blame as well for his campagn comments. You can't punish "the people" for saying you were out of line! Stop acting like a communist RED society! Start acting like a free country! These people make you look nuts to other countries! Remember its "We the People!" I do not think it takes people from other countries to tell you that! It is like a victim in an abusive relationship, you just make excuses for your other half and bash the people telling you to wake up!

1373 days ago


Joan you are a very miserable human being. I always wondered why your husband did what he did, maybe I have my answer.

1373 days ago


Free speech doesn't have anything to do with who FOX invites or doesn't invite on their shows. I love that cop-out excuse. Also, I agree with previous posters, the only person responsible for that shooting is the shooter. Pointing fingers and further dividing the country is not how to prevent this kind of violence from happening.

1373 days ago


Joan, getting banned from Fox is a compliment. When they go to the extreme lengths they do to support Sarah Palin, it's better to avoid them entirely.

1373 days ago

Where's the Justice?    

Love you, Joan. You're better off without FOX. The whole nation would be better off without FOX. And **** SP. SP is a disgrace to this nation and her redneck fans are people who watch NASCAR, show off their gun collection where others show off their college degrees and feed their kids McDonalds cos it's American Ya'll. I'm with you all the way Joan, and always have been.

1373 days ago


Fox's banning Joan is an assault on free speech? Give me a break! The "right" to freedom of speech is the privilege to speak your mind without the risk of *government* censor or incarceration. ...And the last I checked, Joan Rivers was free as a bird to keep flapping those big lips of hers all she wants regarding Sarah Palin.

Joan's right to freedom of speech doesn't force Fox News to provide her with a pulpit.

1373 days ago

Taylor Dadson    

Haha serves the ugly hag right. She had no right to blame the AZ shooting on Sarah Palin. And this is what she gets for saying stupid bigoted stuff.

1373 days ago
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