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The Travoltas -- Puppy Love in the Wake of Tragedy

1/19/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have two furry and freakin' adorable new family members -- a pair of puppies they got a few months after the family tragically lost two other dogs in a freak accident.

Travolta Dogs

Kelly and daughter Ella Blue picked up male and female Goldendoodles -- Audi and Charlie -- in September of last year.

We're told the Travoltas spent an extra $2,200 to send the litter mates to four weeks of boot camp -- where they learned basic commands ... and the most awesome ability to ring a bell when they need to go potty.

Puppies rule!



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How about adopting from a shelter?? Noooo they had to get "designer dogs." LAME

1318 days ago

go home!    

HAHA i came to look at the comments just to see how many *******s would have to come on with their PC "get your dog from a shelter" crap. Stop being so self righteous and let people get whatever dog they want, wherever they want. Instead of judging others, why dont you go out today and rescue the dogs you think they should have got at the shelter? Judgmental, liberal, PC @sses. That is what's wrong with the world today, people just can't live their lives without some know-it-all telling them how they should have done it better. GMAFB.

1318 days ago


i DO have a rescue dog, dumb****. Stop judging ME and go screw yourself.

1318 days ago


@ go home!

and you're not doing the same? you're an idiot and you're the reason why the world and mainly this country is going to ****s.

1318 days ago


Awww. Such cute dogs!!!!

1318 days ago


Travolta KIDS and PETS Beware....keep a sharp eye over your shoulder, you too, CAN BE REPLACED in a snap of the fingers.

1318 days ago


Great way to support the overpopulution of pets in America by buying a dog. Did they bother to think about all the pets in shelters & at rescue groups that need a home? ADOPT NEVER BUY!

1318 days ago


It's not nice to make comments about something you no nothing about....

1318 days ago


Why does TMZ have their watermark on this photo???? I know the owner of this photo. I saw it long before it was on this site!

1318 days ago


People who make ugly comments about how people live their lives should have the same judgement placed on them....There's a fine line between freedom of speech and hatred and slander! Apparently it's ok to blur it! Total lack of a conscience.

1318 days ago

K in Texas    

When was this picture taken? Was it just recently or was it back in September when they picked up the dogs? If it was in September, where is Kelly's pregnant belly?

1318 days ago


If you're looking to get a dog or cat, please adopt from the local animal shelter or adoption club. There are great animals out there you can save from certain euthanasia.

1318 days ago


Why bother adopting and saving a pet's life when you can pay an arm and a leg to a breeder for a glorified mutt!

1318 days ago


Their other dogs were killed because of negligence. Their daughter looks a tad overweight. I haven't read anything about him suing the National Enquirer for all the gay stories. He and his wife creep me out.

1318 days ago


Whats the difference if you buy a dog at a store or at the pound? They both need a home with love. I dont think their frauds what a stupid comment. Why are people making such negative comments to people that has had such a tremendous loss. Anybody that has lost a loved one or a pet knows DAM well nothing will ever replace them. Losing a child is something you dont get over but learn to accept and cope. I think they are doing great an now they have a new baby.

1318 days ago
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