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The Travoltas -- Puppy Love in the Wake of Tragedy

1/19/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta and Kelly Preston have two furry and freakin' adorable new family members -- a pair of puppies they got a few months after the family tragically lost two other dogs in a freak accident.

Travolta Dogs

Kelly and daughter Ella Blue picked up male and female Goldendoodles -- Audi and Charlie -- in September of last year.

We're told the Travoltas spent an extra $2,200 to send the litter mates to four weeks of boot camp -- where they learned basic commands ... and the most awesome ability to ring a bell when they need to go potty.

Puppies rule!



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Why do people have to make negative comments to a family that has been through termendous loss. Does it make you feel better about yourself. Who does that? I know they did not have a baby to replace their beloved son. or new dogs to replace the old. I have 2 dogs i got from a pet store and frankly if somebody dont like it they can kiss my ass. Who made it law you have to get your dog at the pound.

1338 days ago


I agree No. 7. My son got both his dogs from a shelter and they are the most wonderful, sweet pets. If more celebrities got pets from shelters, it might influence others to do the same. Shelters are losing out while breeders keep churning out their designer dogs for profit.

1338 days ago

spelling police    

@ go home - If you knew anything about any of us, you would know that rescuing a dog would be considered conservative! Self righteous? I think not - we already rescued our share of dogs that we could responsibly own at this time. We encourage others to do the same because countless animals are dying because of breeders like this one making designer puppies for PROFIT... When was the last time you walked into a shelter? I dare you to walk through one without meeting eyes with an abandoned, battered, mal-nutritioned or just plain lonely animal waiting to be loved and taken care of. Wonder how you would feel after that visit. Lots of them never live to see that love. They are pointlessly killed because of overcrowding in shelters.

1338 days ago


I agree that they should have adopted 2 neglected dogs from a local shelter but they must thing their too good for that and they need designer dogs! They should be ashamed of themselves!
Please everyone adopt a dog from a shelter, they are the most loving and appreciative dogs you will ever own!

1338 days ago


anni - I agree - if you can't be a part of your dog's training, you shouldn't have one!

1338 days ago


I'm disgusted that the Travoltas opted for dogs from a breeder when there are beautiful shelter dogs being put down every single day. Unbelievably ignorant.

I bet they declaw their cats too.

I just lost all respect for these people. Well, even more than I already had, with his wig and boyfriends and the Scientology nonsense.

1338 days ago

spelling police    

@ Linda, you are correct in saying people are mean natured when they pick on this family for all it's tragedies! I have to disagree with you regarding the "difference" between animals in pet stores vs. shelters. I agree that they all need to be loved, but if LESS people chose stores and breeders to get their pets, there would be LESS pets in the shelters... PLUS irresponsible pet owners who impulsively BUY pets end up abandoning these pets and where do they end up??? YOU GUESSED IT, A SHELTER! You can't return a pet to the pet store...SAD!

1338 days ago


Why all the hate because they adopted dogs from a breeder? If they specifically wanted Goldendoodles (investigate breeds before adopting to find the best match for you and your family) maybe they had to go to a breeder. These are high dollar dogs and aren't usually found in "the pound." I have 4 Chihuahuas because that's the breed I love. 2 are from breeders, 2 are from the pound. Everybody's happy.

1338 days ago

Tammy LM    

Ok first of all to those pimping this "breeder" get a life. This is not a responsible "breeder". It's a damn puppy mill/ commercial kennel. They've got over two dozen breeder dogs on their property. How much freakin time do you think there is in a 24 hr day to take care of and socialize all those dogs? This is just another dog breeder breeding DESIGNER MUTT BREEDS for the pet trade. They are breeding MUTTS. Goldendoodles are not a breed. They are a designer mutt. It's a cross between two pure breds. Labradoodles, Yorkie-Poos, Maltie-Poos, Chi-Poms, Shi-Poos, Dorkies, Peke-Poos... etc. They're all nothing but mutts. And the pounds are FULL OF THEM! And they adopt them out for way less than two grand a piece. You can adopt a Golden Retriever Poodle mix anywhere for less than two hundred bucks. And it's the SAME DOG as these. The only thing breeders like this do is make muts for profit. They capitolize on the designer pet trade and the gullibility of the public thinking this is some way cool designer dog that is made hypoallergenic when it's NOT. Poodles are just as non shedding and hypoallergenic as mixing them with anything else. There are plenty of non dander shedding dogs out there that people with allergies can have and you don't have to create these new breeds out of mongrels to load up the pet stores and the dog pounds. This is not a responsible breeder because a ethical responsible breeder wouldn't be cross breeding purebred dogs.
These people collect breeding dogs and have anywhere from two to five litters on the ground at all times. That is not responsible. And it's flat out disgusting that the Travoltas are buying puppies from people like this. And before anyone thinks I'm one of those PETA jerks, I'm not!
No one said they had to set and example and be politically correct and let the public and fanatics dictate what kind of dog to have as a family pet. But if they're so hell bent on having one of these designer mutts, they should have gone to a rescue or a pound and adopted the SAME BREED of dog. But no...they went to a COMMERCIAL KENNEL. Any dog breeder that has over a dozen breeding dogs on their property and has over 20 puppies turning out a year IS a kennel in it for the money. NOT the quality of the dogs. If you want QUALITY DOGS, then you don't mix the pure breds in the first place. They churn out these pups for thousands of dollars a piece and they don't care. John and Kelly ought to be ashamed. Flat out ashamed. Damn, why don't they just go ahead and go to a pet store while they're at at? What they did was just as bad as that.

1338 days ago

Tammy LM    

Why all the hate because they adopted dogs from a breeder? If they specifically wanted Goldendoodles (investigate breeds before adopting to find the best match for you and your family) maybe they had to go to a breeder. These are high dollar dogs and aren't usually found in "the pound." I have 4 Chihuahuas because that's the breed I love. 2 are from breeders, 2 are from the pound. Everybody's happy.


OK, first off this is a hard to find dog breed. They normally call them Poodle retriever mixes or Half poodle half Golden retriever. The pet store market came up with the name "GoldenDoodle" because it makes it sound like a new one word breed all on it's own. In reality these are mutts. It's nothing but a common poodle bred to a common run of the mill Golden Retreiver. Just like Labradoodles are so rare and expensive too. It's nothing but a typical Poodle Lab mix. The classifieds twenty years ago were full of them. The pounds still are today. Only now the ads in the papers have changed to say the same thing the pet store windows say. Goldendoodles! Malti-Poos! Chi-Poms! and Labradoodles! There's nothing rare about these dogs.... But the price.

1338 days ago

Get a Life!!    

Wow you took that much time out of your day to post about a breeder!!! No one knows if someone bought these puppies for them. Also they do have two rescue dogs they travel with often. Do you know all the charities they do? We live in a world today where we are haters ugly people who have nothing better to do with there time. You people get off on stuff like this get your blood pressure up!! Come on it is none of your business how they live there life!! Why don't you all get one and try to be happy!!!! They are wonderful people who are very blessed in life.

1338 days ago


is it only me but i see so much of john in ella blue. she looks so much like him.. its kinda creepy:).. but congrats on the new baby and the new puppies...

1338 days ago


Any of you guys have real jobs?

1338 days ago


VERY dissappointing to see celebrities (or ANYONE) buy dogs from a breeder. I feel so sorry for the actual dogs that have to be raped and forced to give birth.... all so their OWNER can make a dollar. It is nothing more than slavery!! There are SO many dogs (and cats) that are put down (murdered) in shelters across the county, but breeders keep breeding and ignorant people keep buying them!

1338 days ago


Oh how cute. I hated hearing the news about their poor dogs that got run over at the airport. How in the world did that happen anyways. I have heard one too many horror stories about dogs and airport mishaps!

1338 days ago
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