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Sarah Palin -- My Stalker Is VERY Dangerous

1/19/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin believes her stalker still poses a very serious threat ... and now she's begging a judge to NOT lift the restraining order against him because she's afraid he'll attack her family.


Sarah just filed new legal documents in Alaska ... in which she explains how she and her BFF Kristan Cole are "fearful" of what could happen if Shawn Christy is allowed to travel to Alaska ... as he claims he intends to do in the near future.

The papers were filed in response to Christy's recent attempts to dissolve the restraining order that was placed against him in October after several "threatening messages" geared towards Sarah surfaced online.

Now, Sarah claims she is still scared -- insisting Christy has continued to demonstrate "menacing behavior" and "poses a risk of serious physical harm or injury to Ms. Cole and the Palins."

As we previously reported, Christy -- who lives in Pennsylvania --  believes Sarah randomly began to send him "ominous" text messages last year ... despite the fact they've never met.

The judge is expected to make a ruling on the matter in the next few days.


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I know I speak for a lot of people when I say I hope he finds her!!!!! Oh woo is me poor Sarah....... nothing but white trash

1373 days ago


Hey no 137 ? A dedicated Christian. You better watch out she has a Big God. Christian????? How... that her husband is in a messy sex scandal right now or that she had a affair with her hubby's business partner ?? Maybe it's her daughters that she taught christian ways too... go on the net and tell people to STFU or shack up and get knocked up at 16 in her own home....such values .The people in Alaska know the real Palins and what trash the whole family are....

1373 days ago

mark b    

I decided to make myself listen to Palin the last time she spoke promising myself to form no knee jerk reactions. My IQ fell 20 points

1373 days ago


Sarah 'Annie Oakley-Bunyon" Palin, you have been stalking the USA for 3 years now. Perhaps if you went away so would your imaginary stalker.

1373 days ago


One of the things you have to say is, "I'm scared" to get a restraining order on someone. I pitty that person if they invade Palin's space. Palin has done nothing wrong. She is a threat to the left and the far left will do anything and everything to discredit her. But it's not going to work. You want hate listen to MSNBC. KEITH IS A REAL SICKCO.

1373 days ago


whats up with all the obama hate? at least he's not marginally retarded. palin has shown that she is time and time again. somebody needs to get rid of her... and bush. seriously all the fingers pointing at obama need to be pointed back at bush, palin, and every other greedy republican.

1373 days ago

Frank Wojtkiewicz    

I think Sarah is one great american and she says it as it is. THE only people that are looking for someone to blame with out any comon sence will try to blame the good people that in this united states that are trying to keep our freedoms. The politions that have NO answers are the ones that cast blame on anyone lets try and fiX the problems instead of looking to blame anybody else.

1373 days ago


The only way Sarah Palin will go away is if the media ignores her. I only hope her stalker is as good a shot as she professes to be! The ignorant, gun toting, red necks are your constiutants.... I guess in your lowlife world this is the best you can do!

1373 days ago


Well she put herself and her family out there did'nt she...prostituted herself and them (DWTS)...What's the matter SARAH...Does all that money not seem SO GREEN after all...What she really has to ask herself is ...WHAT DID SHE DO TO PROVOKE THIS GUY....You know...Really dig down deep and try to understand why he would possible want her hurt....THEN SHE BETTER START PRAYING HIS BULLIT CLIP DOES NOT HAVE 31 SHELLS IN IT....DON'T RETREAT..RELOAD I BELIEVE WAS HER LINE IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY....THAT MAY BE EXACTLY WHAT HE HAS IN MINE

1373 days ago


She puts herself out there, she's got the bucks to buy security, now. All part of the victim persona she projects these days..I wish her good luck and no harm, but she's a mess.

1373 days ago


She so dum she doesn't realize that her stalker is in her mirror

1373 days ago

big t    


1373 days ago


You people are disgusting and should be ashamed of yourselves. What would your reaction be if you saw such violent, hateful things written about our President?

1373 days ago


The alleged stalker is nowhere near as dangerous as this dim-witted dangerous, VERY dangerous, airheaded bimbo. Does she have ANY credibility at all? Answer...NO!!

1373 days ago


She's the queen of hate speech, threatening , and her infamous cross hairs fed the mind of a lunatic in Arizona. Ask Gabby Giffords about that. Now she's a victim of the the mess she created with false accusations and libelous vitriol. $arah Palin is a media whore whose claim to fame is being a half-term governor and a failed vice-presidential candidate. She has managed to keep her fifteen minutes alive by spewing hatred and creating a wave of negativity in America. She's not smart. She's not informed, She doesn't possess an ounce of class. She'd like to believe that she has a stalker because it feeds into the drama that sells reality tv. Get over yourself, Palin - no one cares.

1372 days ago
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