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Sarah Palin -- My Stalker Is VERY Dangerous

1/19/2011 5:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin believes her stalker still poses a very serious threat ... and now she's begging a judge to NOT lift the restraining order against him because she's afraid he'll attack her family.


Sarah just filed new legal documents in Alaska ... in which she explains how she and her BFF Kristan Cole are "fearful" of what could happen if Shawn Christy is allowed to travel to Alaska ... as he claims he intends to do in the near future.

The papers were filed in response to Christy's recent attempts to dissolve the restraining order that was placed against him in October after several "threatening messages" geared towards Sarah surfaced online.

Now, Sarah claims she is still scared -- insisting Christy has continued to demonstrate "menacing behavior" and "poses a risk of serious physical harm or injury to Ms. Cole and the Palins."

As we previously reported, Christy -- who lives in Pennsylvania --  believes Sarah randomly began to send him "ominous" text messages last year ... despite the fact they've never met.

The judge is expected to make a ruling on the matter in the next few days.


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Why are the lefty wingnuts still denying the obvious reality that all sane people of the world already realize? The shooter in Arizona was a radical leftist headcase if there ever was one. He was heavily influenced by leftwing Hollywood. He hates God. Hates Christians. Hates Bush. Believes Bush was behind 9/11. Listens to radical leftist punk bands. Watches far-left, kook conspiracy theorist propaganda films like Michael Moore. Loves drugs and burns the American flag.

Yep, this skidmark sounds like 90% of any college-age male you'd encounter that voted for the Kenyan Muslim we currently have in office destroying this country.

Project all you want libtard quacks, but you know this disgusting shooter is one of your own.

Just another crazed Commie with a gun.

1342 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Come on Sarah Piglin. Where are your so-called gun skills now?
This is for your survival not for shooting an unsuspecting moose or animal in the backwoods of Alaska. Show us what you got, Mama Retard.

1342 days ago


its so funny how these bloggers personally attack sarah palin..if these same words were directed at obama, the fbi would already be at your doors.. she is NOT all are just parroting the left hype. she ran a state successfully! its more that jr senator obama has done..he has run up the debt to redistribute my wealth . he has no clue about economics, or the constitution.. this is NOT a socialistic country! i would like to KEEP the fruits of my labor! god bless america!

1342 days ago


Palin has been more savagely attacked then any other political figure in history, and it's sad to see so many obamabots here simply repeating leftwing talking points about her. The good news is that the more the left throws at the more her influence appears to grow. The Hope and Change bus has left the station and the millions of morons who were duped into voting for the chicago machine thug were left behind. If Palin were to become our next president, watching the libtards' heads explode would be freakin awesome.

1342 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

67: HAHAHA!!! Dream on person. She is not going to be President. What kind of fantasyland are you living in.

1342 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

66: Do you even know what 'Socialism' is or are you just repeating what you hear on media? Not even the media states what true socialism is. It is their own definition for political purposes.

1342 days ago


Maybe now she will appreciate how the politicians she targeted in the crosshairs feel.

1342 days ago


I want a restraining order against Sarah Palin then. She is always displaying menacing behavior. She should be contained to Alaska.

1342 days ago


"Why must TMZ be part of the unwarranted attack on this woman?

Posted at 12:33 AM on Jan 19, 2011 by Cartman"

Cartman, don't trivialize this! It's not just an unwarranted attack on her, it's a full on BLOOD LIBEL remember? /snicker ;)

Why must this woman be a part of so many unwarranted attacks on others? And now here she is whining about the "blood libel" that's being committed against her? Well what does she think she has been doing to her political opponents for the last 2 years? Rationally discussing politics on a national stage? LMFAO!

Face it buddy. Sarah and Harvey Levin/TMZ are in the same business. They sling as much sh*t and gossip as they can at people to make a quick buck for themselves. They just practice their craft in different arenas, Hollywood/Entertainment vs. Washington DC/Politics. Otherwise they are very much alike.

Sarah Palin deserves no more or less respect then Harvey Levin deserves. They're both lowlifes who exploit others negatively for their own personal enrichment, consequences be damned. They both have their victims. The right to free speech doesn't come without a cost and it has it's victims (alive and dead).

1342 days ago


"Sarah is a novelty. She is smart, pretty, strong and everything most women wish they were. She scares the pants off of the weak and light minded."

LOL The weak and light minded are the only ones who are intimidated by an opinionated, self centered, vitriolic and small minded woman like Sarah Palin. Everyone else sees her for what she is, the political equivalent of a REALITY TV star, like Snooki. What a joke she is.

She has no political future whatsoever. She will never amount to anything more then a vitriolic hate mongering pundit sitting on the sidelines and exploiting polictics to make a quick buck for herself. She's nothing but a political TV reality star. She's the Harvey Levin of political punditry. Harvey couldn't cut it as a Lawyer so he started slinging low brow gossip about others to make a buck. Sarah could cut in it politics so SHE QUIT HER JOB AS GOVERNOR and started slinging political mud to make a fast buck.

Harvey Levin and Sarah Palin have a lot in common. They're both lowlifes who've resorted to exploiting others to make a fast buck. Sarah Palin may have legions of loyal followers... but they are the same kind of small minded kind of people who are loyal followers of Harvey and TMZ's gossip. They're hardly a force to be reckoned with! lmao

1342 days ago



1342 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Some Americans make me laugh with their protecting and fighting for this imbecile lady with the same old "We are not a socialist country' nonsense.
The fact is America is already and has been a Socialist country through selective blindness. If you own anything that says 'MADE IN CHINA' you are supporting Socialism. 100% of you will. Now get over that argument Palin sheep.

1342 days ago


It would be safer to elect Homer Simpson as President of the Ubited States before sara palin.

1342 days ago


OMG did he like put a sniper site on a map where she lives?? Poor Sarah, always the victim.

1342 days ago

Queen of the smash and grab    

Awww, Come on Sarah....What's the matter honey? Don't you want to be in this guys crosshairs? Are you afraid he's going to RELOAD or something. You stupid Bitch. Go away already, and take that fat daughter of yours with you. Media Whores. Ugh.

1342 days ago
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