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Selena Gomez:

The Topless Photo

is FAKE!!!

1/19/2011 2:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Selena Gomez says the "topless" photo circulating on the Internet -- purporting to be her -- is fake ... and she is now on the attack.

Selena Gomez Leaked Pictures
Sources directly connected with Gomez tell TMZ Selena and company are furious that her reputation is being sullied by some perverts with Photoshop. 

We're told her lawyers are planning on taking action immediately.  Standard operating procedure is to fire off a cease and desist letter ... followed by a lawsuit.

UPDATE: Selena's people tell us, "The alleged photo of Selena Gomez is absolutely not her.  Selena’s family is pursuing all available remedies to deal with the offender.” 


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Turd Ferguson    

"As a pervert with Photoshop, I find these characterizations in poor taste and I feel extremely... sullied."


1341 days ago


If the image exists and you have seen it then why the fuss if it is not you?
If it's not Selena Gomez then how could her lawyer prevent any website from posting a photo of "NOT SELENA GOMEZ"?

Unless someone is lying and it really is her.
We are not as stupid as Disney.

1341 days ago


If I was a publicist my press release would say, "The photo that is supposed to feature a topless Selena Gomez is fake. Just look at it, the boobs are way too big and the photoshopper made her hands look like discolored flippers."

1341 days ago

Jerry Springer    

Did she already post tit pictures that she took? How much have they changed?

1341 days ago


Dear Internet:
You must immediately cease and desist forwarding this photo.
If you do not obey the consequences will never be the same!

1341 days ago


TMZ; Tasteless, Mindless Zombies. What a piece of **** site, and judging by the intelligence level of the discourse, populated 100% by Obama voters, the lowest form of s*** on earth.

1341 days ago


I believe her, Selena isn't the type. and if they were real where the hell is the photo?!

1341 days ago


i knew it was fake, selena is soo much better than that!

1341 days ago

Tony Bowler    

Whats the big deal, she 18 now.... And shes hot. Dont really see what she sees in her underage boyfriend and also nobody says anything about that...

1341 days ago


I agree with some, Justin leaked it. anyway Selena should not be ashamed of her body. she looks great.

1341 days ago


Ummm which fake nude photoshopped pic are we talking about, and is this really the first one she's come across? There are entire albums of fake pics of her out there. Very, very lewd hardcore pics. :) /snicker

1341 days ago


Selena.. selena.. selena.... now once again.. no maybe now for the 3rd time.. did i not tell you that selena gomez will be the next disney downfall victim??

she's 18.. no child porn there.. . either way.. its only a matter of time before she repeats the "vanessa hudgens" incident leaking pics out....

she's a good girl besides dating a younger boy/teen/young man.

i just hope she uses birth control if they're sexually active.

when an older chick dates a younger guy it shows her maturity level.. in that there are some issues (typical control freak/dominatrix).. hormones are raging!!!!!

justin you're in for one hell of a ride.. !enjoy!

1341 days ago


Imagine a belieber get busted and having to explain this to her parents. LOL. Embarrassing.

1341 days ago


There isn't a darn thing her lawyer can do about anyone making a fake photo of her due to 1st adementment rights of freedom of expression and there is nothing they can really do to any website posting it because she is 18 and freedom of the press is guaranteed by this same first admendment. We are allowed that freedom to post such a picture for news reporting purposes and commentary. As long as we don't use it in a manner that purposesly shows malice and intent to harm Sel's reputaion with it then her lawyer is just blowing smoke. We have gotten one of his cease and desist letters and told him how far he could shove it. Lawyers really need to go back to law school and actually pay attention to the subject matter because they are very lacking in their understanding of it apparently.

1341 days ago


What Reputation, she's an adult who's dating a minor.... if anything her reputation should be known as common street whore who uses men for publicity.

Selena's probably spent more time on her back then Miley and Demi Combined.

1341 days ago
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