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'Sister Wives' Fam -- Break Down in Las Vegas

1/20/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has officially moved the family to VEGAS, BABY ... baby, wife, wife, wife, wife, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid and kid.


TMZ has learned Kody and crew moved into their new temporary rental home in Sin City late Tuesday ... but it wasn't an easy journey. 

Average travel time from the Brown's home in Lehi, Utah to Vegas is roughly 6 hours ... but Kody's caravan took 30 HOURS to complete the 397 mile voyage.

We're told the gang was slowed down by "multiple car issues" -- including EIGHT blown tires!!!

As we previously reported -- Kody and the rest of his polygamist family moved to Nevada to "explore new job opportunities" ... but it's unclear what kind of career moves they're looking to make.


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Polygamy is constitutionally illegal in the state of Nevada. It's not like it's a secrect, they had their own reality show? When is someone going to arrest these gluttons for punishment?

1379 days ago


Utah Nevada..... polygamy is still a felony...

1379 days ago


They sure do have themselves a REAL man... one who can't keep a car running. If they are all supposed to operate and be one big happy family, why is it that their old house was broken into different apartments? doesn't a family unit all eat together etc? they still kept separate families - only one jerk heading each one. he should be in jail. The adults might be dumb enough to elect that lifestyle - but the kids didn't get to chose.

1379 days ago


all four of his wives have been monogamous for almost 20 years. they have children, they work, they are happy in their family orientated lives..........yet there are people on here making sick comments about them. what do the men on here respect and want in a wife..........someone who refuses to have their children, lays around the house all day and refuses to work, and who screws around on them?? i certainly would not be happy if i knew my 'significant other' was making rude comments about women who are living lives according to their religious beliefs.

1375 days ago


I live in Vegas, we have almost 15% unemployment. SO you came here to take a job from a local resident??? GO HOME CODY and take your family with you. Glad you aren't in my neighborhood, my property value has crashed enough!! That house isn't that large, how many people do you think you can cram in one house anyway? Vegas doesn't need the media circus that follows you.

1373 days ago


They probably moved to Nevada to avoid legal problems re their lifestyle. The first 3 wives seem grounded and mature and they all make for an interesting TV show.

1372 days ago

cew co    

good luck on your new adventures
vegas is great place to live and work and raise family

1372 days ago


LoLoLoL! par3princess1999 (# 49.) Wait until they try to settle in, and find out that pologamy is illegal in Vegas! LoLoLoL!

1369 days ago


Is Vegas ready for Kody & his Pologamy family?? Where else but the Sin City could they possibly populate more adequately? Maybe they could move in with Mr. Las Vegas, Wayne Newton!!! He's got a mansion that might hold the clan! Or, well, they could do a Vegas act with Terry Fator, the Ventriloquist! He's always got a stageful of dummies! LoL! If you'd gather up the "19 Kids & Counting" family, Donny & Marie Osmond & their families, AND Kody & the Pologomists - wow, would that desert town ever revive "CIRCUS, CIRCUS"!!!

1369 days ago


People, quit being so ugly. Did you ever think that this 'family' might have it right? How wonderful that the wifes actually care and respect each other. With the divorce rate as it is, maybe man is not meant to be monogomous, ever think of that?
Shame on people that call these women whores. Should we label all the movie stars who choose to have babies without husbands whores? What makes them any different? What is Charlie Sheen, a male whore? Do we really have to throw ugly judgement labels on people???????

1369 days ago


So typical that folks would condemn a man who tells women upfront that one is not enough. The women know all of this before the get involved...

1369 days ago


"I was meeting
with Merril Jessop, his daughter RuIeen and her
mother, his wife Lydia. She entered mto the
covenants to help in the establishment of Zion and
to live the fulness of the United Order. Then I
informed her that the Lord wanted her
married to Mike Emack."

From the legal file on convict Mike Emack, the polygamist child molester in texas, this file is at texasflds . wordpress . com

What people often dont realize is the effect this lifestyle has on the children, who all too often end up becoming victims.

There is a reason its a felony, folks, and no these ARENT legal law abiding people. I'm surprised they moved into a regular neighborhood, that wont last long.

1368 days ago


He is just a selfish attention wanting Boy. He couldn't make a living if he tried.

1368 days ago


This is fron Utah: went to cosco today and seen 6 sister wife's and their husband.The one had a 900.00 grocery bill she put on a EBT card. Well needless to say all of them had EBT cards. And after picking my mouth up off the floor I couldn't believe it was over 5400.00 in food..polygamy is against the law right.

1366 days ago


What new job opportunities? I live in Vegas and have been unemployed for almost a year. We're #1 in unemployment and foreclosures. WTF? Why would anyone in their right mind move here?

1365 days ago
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