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'Sister Wives' Fam -- Break Down in Las Vegas

1/20/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has officially moved the family to VEGAS, BABY ... baby, wife, wife, wife, wife, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid and kid.


TMZ has learned Kody and crew moved into their new temporary rental home in Sin City late Tuesday ... but it wasn't an easy journey. 

Average travel time from the Brown's home in Lehi, Utah to Vegas is roughly 6 hours ... but Kody's caravan took 30 HOURS to complete the 397 mile voyage.

We're told the gang was slowed down by "multiple car issues" -- including EIGHT blown tires!!!

As we previously reported -- Kody and the rest of his polygamist family moved to Nevada to "explore new job opportunities" ... but it's unclear what kind of career moves they're looking to make.


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Why do we allow sh.. like them on Tv. We have so many reality shows that are so stupid... I know they are making money because stupid people watch it.. but it's teaching our kids thats it's ok to drink under age... do drugs, sleep with everything in a skirt and those that don't wear them. The realty show tells everyone to wear clothes that show everything you have, take nude pictures then cry because they show a nipple. People I think someone show stand up to these Tv wolves and try to stop this crap from airing. I hope this Kody Brown, will find NO welcome wagon in Las Vegas. And you can bet they were filming the whole way and laughing all the way to the bank.
This crap is where we have come....... Boy we have falling a long way in the crapper.

1321 days ago


My such wicked mouths! I don't agree with the Fundamentalist Mormons but they firmly believe and somewhere I read that there are 35,000 of these families in America. Why don't women have 4 or 5 husbands? We couldn't put up with that many!! Why would it be nice to be a sister wife? We would all share the problems one man can cause.
No I am happily married but goodness I wouldn't want more than 1 hubby. More wives so they could help me clean and cook since I am ill - sounds good at times. Just so I got to chose what we watch on tv.

Don't call these women whores. Meri has been with Kody 20 years and the other 2 16 years and now Robin in new. I don't see the wives getting paid for sex and I think that if you can't say something nice about someone maybe you shouldn't say it. What if people picked apart your lives and marriages? Think they would find nothing? No one would point out anything you did that the world shouldn't know about?

They had nice cars and a caravan would have worked better than a bus. Lets think of how we treat our kids and not start yelling to have these kids taken away from a family they love and are well treated in.

1320 days ago


Check out this website:
They Have tons of celeb photos of D-list reality stars like Kody Brown partying & making paid appearances at all the Las Vegas Nightclubs & hotspots. Kody Might as well stay out there.
That's the only town that would pay a dingling like that & his entourage to make a guest appearance.

1320 days ago


We don't need anymore reality morons here in Vegas -We have enough!

1320 days ago


@64 Bonnie (the clueless moron)

What part of "Polygamy is illegal in the U.S." escapes you? That means those kids are being raised by known FELONS, regardless of whether those felons are 'loving' or not. Just because you happen to be a mentally ill man-hater in no way justifies these losers' continued scoffing of the law, especially as they are doing so in front of the entire nation.

Just in case you really ARE retarded, and don't know it, polygamy is a 3rd degree felony.

To wit: "Most states base their polygamy laws on the Model Penal Code section 230.1, which provides that a person is guilty of the third-degree felony of polygamy if he or she marries or cohabits with more than one spouse at a time in purported exercise of the right of plural marriage."

Most of us would rather hear from the "wicked mouths" that post here, than from an uneducated and ignorant moron like you any day. I pity your kids, if you think "Sister Wives" is setting a good example for ANYBODY.

1318 days ago


You are posting about laws, really? You do realize that not too long ago it was illegal for a black to marry a white....and it was a felony crime. You do also realize that sodomy laws were felonies and a gay couple could be arrested for loving one another. These are CONSENTING LEGAL adults that are all fully aware of one another.

The funny thing is that polygamy has greater benefits for women than for men if you follow sociology.

1317 days ago


they can do what they want they work and live a quiet life raise kids who don`t seem to be getting in trouble how many people can say that and it is not like they did not know what they were getting into if u don`t like it don`t watch but we do live in america and it is still free here

1314 days ago

Christy ZZ    

I think what they have done is beautiful an powerful. There are plenty of people who choose to live poly!( myself included) People these days can be so ignorant and wont mind their own damn business! Its ok to teach a boy he can marry another boy or where a skirt to school... but a man can fall in love with two women and respect them BOTH enough to marry them! SAD!!

1313 days ago


To Jackie regarding her wondering if any women have 4-5 husbands at once. No we don't - we aren't that stupid lol!! Taking care of on big baby... ooops I meant man.... is plenty enough. In fact sometimes they are more bother than they're worth. Most things that men are good for - we can do better ourselves anyway so why bother with the added expense and work...

1311 days ago


Poor Korky! Got out of dodge before the charges come down? How is Nevada not going to charge you with the same thing? 3 vechicles and you have 8 blown tires? that is insane! wonder if he was driving the 2 seater with his favorite bride robin? i can't believe the wives do this! When Korky was courting Robin, he acted like he was a young man falling in love for the first time ever and was so excited. but Korky, you have 3 wives and almost 20 kids. It is time to stop. They are so brainwashed, they might as well since they are in Vegas, just go ahead and put in applications at the Mustang Ranch!

1309 days ago


It is not really our concern how another family lives it's life. It they are happy with this and it works for them so be it! I am sure that all of you who are badmouthing them and putting them down are not perfect in the yes of others either!!!! Dont get me wrong, that is not the life I choose for myself but I certainly do not put them down or call them "whores" and such just because their choices are not the same as mine!

1304 days ago


Most of u ppl are a joke!!!Mind your own business and take care of your own and leave them alone!I have one husband and 2 children and that works for me.Just because I choose NOT to live that way is my way but,the way they live works for them!Just because some ppl choose to live another way does not make them BAD PPL so be nice and leave them be....also if u have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all!mind your own and the world would be soooo much better to live...

1302 days ago


I don't understand what the big deal is. He is only married to ONE woman. The other three are not legally married so it's nothing more than him having one wife and three mistresses, he just, as well as the women want to live in one house and help each other out. I think what's going to hurt the children more are these rude comments about their parents. How would any of you feel if someone called your mother a whore?? I'm sure most if not all wouldn't like it at all. I know I wouldn't. I myself am married to one man and have been for 25 years and I have three wonderful sons, I wouldn't want that life style and for that reason I don't live that way. Who am I, or anyone else for that matter, to say how someone else lives their life. I personally believe that Kody is committing adultery and one of the ten commandments is "Thou shall not commit adultery". Kody is the one that will have to stand in judgement one day, and their is only one person that can pass judgement on him and that is God Himself. Until that time comes Mr. Brown can live his life any way he likes. That's just my opinion I don't expect any one to agree, I just wanted to put my two cents in. Have a blessed day.

1301 days ago


How these women sleep with this nasty man is beyond me. Can you imagine what a dirty d*** this guy has? These women are surely desperate. I'm so glad I don't live in Nevada or Utah, I would die if this sick group of people moved onto my street. Those poor wonder our government is broke.

1294 days ago


What is the difference between this man who openly has 4 sister-wives and a man who is cheating on one spouse with different women and having children by these different women. Absolutely nothing. At least this is out in the open and the women know what they are about compared to those wives who don't know anything.

And the nasty name calling just shows how bad people have become in this country. Do you think you are any better, don't think so. You are hiding behind the internet to say your nasty words.

1293 days ago
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