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'Sister Wives' Fam -- Break Down in Las Vegas

1/20/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown has officially moved the family to VEGAS, BABY ... baby, wife, wife, wife, wife, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid, kid and kid.


TMZ has learned Kody and crew moved into their new temporary rental home in Sin City late Tuesday ... but it wasn't an easy journey. 

Average travel time from the Brown's home in Lehi, Utah to Vegas is roughly 6 hours ... but Kody's caravan took 30 HOURS to complete the 397 mile voyage.

We're told the gang was slowed down by "multiple car issues" -- including EIGHT blown tires!!!

As we previously reported -- Kody and the rest of his polygamist family moved to Nevada to "explore new job opportunities" ... but it's unclear what kind of career moves they're looking to make.


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What kind of father drives a car like his and is fine with his wives driving complete sh*t?

1247 days ago


Each to their own.. They are consenting adults and the children are well adjusted decent kids. There is no child neglect or abuse.. Up until about 120 years ago for centuries this lifestyle was acceptable.. Its in the freakin Bible people!! I agree that children should not be forced into marriage.. There are plenty of bad examples of bad polygamy.. This family is not one of them!

1238 days ago


I'm 14 and 3 of there kids go to my school they are normal kids living normal lives and i support them completely... if theyre happy good for them...

1236 days ago


this is my first time watching the show and it goes to show you how clever sleazy mormons like kody are - they completely manipulate their public to sympathize with them while the 'other' side, the 'big bad' cops are going to 'split up the family' - GIVE ME A BREAK GUYS - this guy is 100% loo loo and you guys forget that they don't show what happens MOST OF THE TIME - only what they want people to see.... the women are a bunch of losers, this guy should be behind bars, I hope if any law enforcement is reading this they should be investigated even in Nevada - in fact - they need to form their own homeland somewhere near the Arctic circle - ugh - did i say they disgusted me?? :)

1126 days ago


One of the broads said they were only gonna be there a year and a half. Is this show gonna be turned into Polygamy Round the this douchebag move his brood from state to state, reapplying for welfare wherever they go? It would be one thing if this guy had money but he is piss poor and has fugly women. I guess his sperm works but damn he needs to be neutered.

1126 days ago


douche bag!!!! what he is doing to those children is a crime. worse media whore since palin

1125 days ago


what is it going to take for him to finally get what he deserves, he is breaking the law and laughing all the way to the bank. I don't care they are not good examples. That guy thinks of himself and its clear to see. He ran to Vegas to excape the law in Utah. Its against the law in all 50 states. this is a very poor example to show anyone. He says its to help change the law really when did you ever hear of breaking a law changes it?? There are ways to do it legal. But then again he doesn't understand that. In one show he said the police are to busy busting hookers on the strip to care about him. So he thinks people here like how is cuts this town and people down? Another show they said the woman went on the strip and showed them out making faces at the people that are working, get real again they were not on the strip it was downtown on Fremont street on a weekend. How or why do they called themselfs christians and lie about so much. They are hiding here don't they know we also have laws. For Kody we have police that look for outlaws they have caught more outlaws then anywhere else in the states. Bet you never looked that one up. They will have the show for as long as it takes to see him arrested. Thats what they want. He ran like a chicken from Utah after he keeps saying he is doing the show to change the law why did he run then. He is in it for the money and the tv show is in it to see him busted. The family won't have that money then what will happen to them? At least in Utah they had jobs, who quits jobs to move someplace that is also having a hard time like every place else. As far as consenting adults really they are breaking the law so what do we do, we go out and only break the laws we like?? how or what makes anyone think the children are happy here they aren't. polygamy is against the law am I the only one that gets that. so he is also teaching the children you can pick and choose what law you want to follow. The wives still were not working after months here. But they go to see land they are going to build each one a home on. So with this show I guess it does pay to be a outlaw. His time will come it always does.

962 days ago
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