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Zsa Zsa's Famous Mansion on Sale ... For $28 Million!!!!!

1/19/2011 2:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor and Prince Frederic von Anhalt have decided to sell their legendary Bel Air mansion ... for a bargain basement price of 28 MILLION DOLLARS!!!

Zsa Zsa Gabor Mansion

Zee Prince tells us the MASSIVE estate was originally built by Howard Hughes in the '50s and Elvis lived in the pad for roughly 4 years while he was filming movies in L.A.

According to Prince, the home is roughly 8,000 square feet .... with 26 total rooms.

So why are Zsa Zsa and Prince moving?? PFVA says the couple decided that maintaining the property has become, "too much of a headache" because of their age and ongoing health problems ... and figured it's finally time to move on. 

Plus, Prince tells us, he's "sick and f**king tired of paying $30,000 a month ... because we only use two rooms in the house."

We're told the plan is to put the mansion on the market for $25-$28 million and move into a $1.5 million dollar condo in Westwood ... something "Zsa Zsa always wanted." 

Check out the pics -- it's pretty freakin' awesome!


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So many freakin pics of the pool & outside, Seriously? I thought I was gonna see Marble tile and golden toilets for cryin out loud, this pictorial sucks TMZ

1350 days ago


As the wife of a paver, I just told my husband to come look at her crappy driveway. It's got to be the original asphalt. That will need to be removed and replaced with concrete (most cities now require concrete). And only shots of the pool? Sheesh, I'll bet the inside hasn't been redecorated in decades.


1349 days ago


$30,000 PER MONTH ??

WHY ??

I'm shocked they bought this mansion via mortgage instead of a lump-sum payment.


1349 days ago


She and her husband just can't afford it anymore; nor do they need it. He's paying $30,000 a month on it and they're only using two rooms. It isn't worth it.

So it looks like Zsa Zsa will be spending her last days in a condominium. But either way, get well soon, Zsa Zsa dahlink!

1348 days ago


It was originally Howard Hughes' house. Then Elvis lived there for four years while he was making movies. Zsa Zsa bought it in the 1970's; after Elvis died. She was married to that divorce lawyer at the time. She and Prince Frederic got married in 1986.

1348 days ago


I just adore a pent house view......... I know , that was Eva :)

1348 days ago


Author of posting #4. Do you realize that Zsa Zsa Gabor had nothing to do with Green Acres.

1344 days ago


Let's see. $28,000,000.00 for the home,
L.A. County transfer tax about 4.5% = $1,260...,000
Escrow fees about $500,000
Having Zsa Zsa and her husband as a near squatter tenants for the rest of their lives.
If Zsa Zsa outlives her husband, she might want marry the new home owner and the new home owner will be left homeless.

I just fail to see the bargain here.

1344 days ago

Barbara Yobs    

You are printing erroneous information. If anyone did some real research they would find there were only 2 owners to this property. My grandparents, Gwladys and John b Zurlo built this home in 1955. They lived there for a few years then rented the property to Howard Hughes for 10 years in the 60's. At no time did Howard Hughes own the property. Ms Gabor purchased this property from my grandparents in the early 1970's. She did not purchase it from the Elvis Presley estate. Please print the truth - future buyers will not be pleased if they purchase hype and it is not true.

1344 days ago


The back part of the house by the pool looks like the back doors of Home Depot

1212 days ago


Why do they tell us this like any of us can afford to buy this mansion who cares?

1211 days ago


I had the pleasure of meeting ZsaZsa in a Diner in Ma. She was the most pleasant gentle lady of great culture I ever meet. I was 10 years old.
She was a very funny person who seat in a Diner having coffee and talking with us common people, is that a suck up person? Its what the papers put out to make money and how they paint you makes the conclusion how you they view you.

ZsaZsa was raised with High Old fashion Eurpean standards that Americans do not understand. She was funny, human and is not a bitch as she is played off. She just has high standards how a lady should be treated. She went to the Best broading schools for her time, she was well educated and cultured in multi-lanugages. She lived in high society in Europe that is not understand here in the USA. She was used to be treated as a lady.
She never went to bed with any man without marriage, where I am standing up for her standards on that. She was Actress Internationally, who made good money and invested in Beauty Lines that many people do not realize. She had her own money. She was a lady who was spirited and spoke her mind. She could wear a pair of heels and still clean a house,cook and meal and be a lady at the same time. Where is that standard today. Please know your information before you kick someone down.

Today females order out and have their kids infront of the DVD, I understand USA females and Eurpean females because I have too lived overseas. Do not judge ZsaZsa poorly she worked hard, and she can cook, clean, and will clean the toilet if required. But, at her age she may even surprise you what she can do, remember Hungarian females are known to be great fighter for their families and speak their minds very openly.

1211 days ago


Quit your whining.... take a looksee on the inside !! Sheesh!!

1210 days ago


Quit your whining ... Here look inside !! sheesh....

1210 days ago
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