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'American Idol' Judges

Who'd You Rather?

1/20/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last night's "American Idol" premiere made us wonder if Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were missed or did Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler up the show's game?



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I could only watch it for about 5 is just not the same..the chemistry between the judges is gone. Simon kept that show going. I do wish all contestants good luck...just not interested in the show anymore :(

Jennifer Lopez, you cannot be afraid to say "No" is not realistic to say Yes to everyone. If a contestant cannot competitively sing (and make it)...please don't drag it out & give them false is better that people hear the truth early on.
You are only making it worst for them.
Remember, entertainment is a BUSINESS!!!

Even though I'm not watching, I would like to wish All the American Idol Contestants Good Luck!!! :)

1280 days ago


They should have cast Gene Simmons as the new male Idol judge. The guy is extremely intelligent, has a quick wit, and is sarcastic. Gene understands human psychology, and really knows how to analyze people, as he evaluates, and eviscerates them. He doesn't like people fooling with him, or wasting his time, and easily puts them in their places, immediately, and is a laugh riot, while being perfectly intimidating, and yet charming, and well spoken, at the same time. The man is a genius, and a great musician, who really knows the music business, and talent, and would have made the perfect Idol judge to bring some credibility to the show, and to bring the kind of charisma to the show that Simon had, while, having the same "villain that you love to hate" (because you love him so much), kind of aura. People loved Simon, due to the fact that they always wondered what he'd say and do next, to offend, and who'd he'd insult. They loved to boo him, as a part of the institution--all in fun of course, but he gave the show drama in that way, and Steven Tyler, just doesn't have that edge. Tyler is playing the nice guy here, as well as Randy, and JLO-- robbing the show of tension, surprise, and the aforementioned drama that made the show a hit, and you need personality conflicts to make that happen--not this instant love fest among the judges and contestants, or even Ryan.

1280 days ago



1280 days ago


As America sits on it's collective, ever-broadening bottom watching this ridiculous excuse for entertainment, the rest of the world is falling apart. Good job America, you've allowed bright sparkly things to distract you from the royal screwing you're getting. Enjoy it.

Posted at 1:26 PM on Jan 20, 2011 by bjorn2020

So I assume the "collective, ever-broadening bottom" would apply to you as well. You speak of Americans being distracted by bright spakly things while America is falling apart and yet here you are on the web-site that will certainly pull America back together and solve all of the world's problem. Good job bjorn!

1280 days ago


Steven Tyler was fantastic-couldn't resist breaking into song at times (loved that) and he seems to have a natural sense of who can sing. J. Lo seemed to always be looking to him for his opinion. Also, steven was not inappropriate at all with the girls-tried to be supportive and yes, he appreciates beauty, but inappropriate? No way!

1280 days ago


Jennifer, Steven, and Randy are the PERFECT team. Very good choices in judges. I'm excited for this season.

Simon & Paula who?

1280 days ago


I love Steven Tyler and I love Aerosmith, but SOMEBODY HAS TO BE THE HARSH JUDGE and you'd think this guy could be a little more edgy. If one of them doesn't step up and be a little Simon-esque this show WILL tank. On the other hand I DO prefer Jennifer Lopez to Paula because she's coherent and sober which is a nice change.

1280 days ago


Simon, Randy and Paula had great chemistry. The current panel is just 3 people who are judging a competition. I think the end is near.

1280 days ago


i only watch the auditions but simon,randy,and paula were the original people and just like movie got to keep the same people through the whole thing or nobody will watch matter who you are nobody is simon. he added his own personality to the show and he was known for being the hardest judge to get past.. need to go back to the old times...

1280 days ago


I recorded American Idol on my DVR (digital video recorder) last night. J.Lo and Steven Tyler are my favoirte judges on American Idol. I saw J.Lo live-in-concert at Staples Center on Friday,October 19th,2007. I saw Aerosmith live-in-concet on Thursday,January 27th,1988 at the LA Forum. And will watch American Idol tonight. From George William Gockel.

1280 days ago


Wow, guys. I'm so glad you could decide that JLo was a good judge after one two hour pre-taped show. I'm so glad. *claps in an clearly unglad manner*

I miss Paula.

1280 days ago

Silky Sienna    

I prefer SImon, of course, over Tyler. But I'll give J Lo a'll be nice to watch a sober judge for a change. Though Paula was very encouraging, an Ellen was fun. Jersey Rocks! Read upcoming post on famous Jerseyans at Hollowood Times:

1280 days ago

Leigh Reed    

Nice new judge/people (TG for Randy)....American Idol will go down the tubes now (no pun).

1280 days ago


None are hot but I wonder what does Steven Tyler look like without the ridiculously thick black wig and what does JLo look like without the hair extensions? We'd all have a good laugh.

1280 days ago


Sorry, I meant "brown wig". Why is he wearing pink lipstick on the show? Or is it fuschia? With all the rumors and jokes about Ryan on the show, it's funny Steven is the one wearing lipstick. Does he have a big endorsement deal with some lipstick and wig company? Oh, and it was really strange when out of nowhere and for no reason he tried to sing a few notes for a few seconds and sounded like a cat being hurt or scared in a catfight. He's one weird-looking and sounding dude.

1280 days ago
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