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'American Idol' Judges

Who'd You Rather?

1/20/2011 4:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Last night's "American Idol" premiere made us wonder if Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell were missed or did Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler up the show's game?



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J. Lo is a breath of fresh air over dopey airhead Paula and self-important Kara. Ellen was just plain out of her element.
Thank goodness the nasty, disrespectful Simon is gone!

1372 days ago


I love the new panel of judges. I was so tired of watching cranky Simon. I think Steven Tyler is going to be the breakout star judge here. Love J-Lo too.

1372 days ago


Iknow only who JLo is and that she's an extremely sucessful singer and quite pretty but after seeing her last night on Idol and the outrageous sensitivity she oozed, I love this lady.

1372 days ago


Paula a big fat loser??? I don't think so! Paula is a beautiful woman! She's smart, brilliant and she wouldn't be where she is if she wasn't! So, whomever said she was a big fat loser - take a look at yourself in the mirror and if you are in the position she is- loved by millions of people and making the money she is even then you don't have a right to judge her or anyone else!!
Jealousy and envy is a disease, get help.

1372 days ago

Vernon P. Alarcon    

This POS show has turned into a bigger joke than it ever was. Waste of airtime!

1372 days ago


It's interesting. Astrologically speaking, they replaced two air signs (Simon = Libra & Paula = Gemini) with two fire signs (Steven = Aries & J-Lo = Leo). So the energy will definitely be different. It will be louder and Steven & J-Lo will definitely want more attention. They will keep it entertaining, though.

1371 days ago


Jo-Lo is Ok, but I'm no fan of hers.
Steven Tyler is a creep.
Randy is the same.
Not going to watch anymore.....Simon WAS the show.

1371 days ago


I feel as if they're trying to recreate a show that was once successful. Sadly, they just look bad now. And I also think it was a bad career move for J.Lo and Steven, because Simon and Randy were unknown to the eyes of the public, and Paula was "off the radar" for a long time, so it didnt really matter; They (J.Lo and Steven) are still current artists, and it looks very degrading!
Nothing against none of them... Just maybe their managers!

1368 days ago

Michael Michael Motorcycle    

J Lo, or J Low. Sorry she's talented but I have a long memory and I remember September 12, 2001, Blabbing her mouth to make lots of money about being from "da block" but she was on the first flight OUT OF NY when other stars from California were flying IN to let us NYers know we are not alone after the attacks. Jenny from the Block can kiss this NYer's a$$ for all I care. I seriously was not going to watch Idol this year but it had become a tradition of sorts the last few years so she aint raining on my parade. Love Steven Tyler and think its odd to see Randy playing the "bad guy" replacement for Simon.
J Low is righ down there with Hanoi Jane Fonda on my despicable women list. :-p blecch!!!

1366 days ago


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season so far, Steven Tyler is just amazing, funny, cool. Last year was the worst year and had the worst winner. Lee Who sold even less cd's than previous runner ups, the worst Idol sales eva

1366 days ago


Steven Tyler or Simon? Well....Tyler IS a singer and has been around longer AND is NOT so rude that the contestants are humiliated! Simon was just as flirty! c'mon! Tyler is a REAL man and also isn't afraid to show his empathy and has feelings.
J Lo...sweet and down to earth seems to relate somehow to these folks!....Randy,same old same old. A bit more reserved because of the other two judges. Dawg!

1364 days ago


To #49 "Zip" -- Gene Simmons, didn't know you posted here! Couldn't be anymore obvious. I watched the first night for a few minutes and that's all I could stand. Steve Tyler acts like he is looking through the young girls' clothes and is ready to jump out of his chair to offer them candy. Also he is VERY hard on the eyes..JLo..well?? She's no Paula and without Simon, it's just not AI anymore. I'm GLAD Kara is gone. That firing by AI was probably the only sensible thing they've done. I already miss watching, but as long as Steven Tyler is there looking like he is ready to jump the young girls, having daughters myself, I have no stomach to put up with that every week..and so it goes..........

1358 days ago

the Nood    

I think that Steve Tyler is a child molester. Posted at 2:10 PM on Jan 20, 2011 by Deborah. Wow, just wow. That you can say that about someone just by what they say to the contestants is mind blowing. I think most men, given that we are talking about a man, in his position would act the same way. Yep, your brother(s), your father and even your boyfriend/husband/partner. Just because they don't do it in front of you doesn't mean they don't do it. Let's be honest, the contestants know if they are going to wear revealing clothes they are going to have more of a chance getting to Hollywood. Because Simon said yes to bikini girl because she was so talented, get real.

1358 days ago

the Nood    

Just to clarify when I said given that we are talking about a man, I meant given we are talking about Steven Tyler not 'man' in general.

1358 days ago


Ok J-Lo Vs. Paula is like uber easy to pick! I love J-lo! shes my favorite :)
As for the male judges.. Ugh thats hard.. I love Simon for his cruel honesty and tough love but I also love Steven Tyler for just being awesome!
I wish I could pick both!

1358 days ago
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