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Conrad Murray -- All Smiles

1/20/2011 8:04 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Wearing the same workout outfit from last week, Conrad Murray put on a happy face while enjoying a carefree lunch in Santa Monica on Thursday.

There are definite perks to having your medical license suspended.


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Love how nobody realises thats ari gold (jeremy piven) from entourage sitting at the table in the background

1337 days ago


The good doctor is going to get it in the neck because of the behaviour of a drug addled incompetent individual that was that spaced out he couldn't even see in a mirror what a joke he had become.I'll bet my last buck the fool woke up and gave himself the lethal dose of propofol.

1337 days ago



1337 days ago


Dr. Murder Smiles after killing Michael Jackson. He is thinking about how he is going to spend millions after writing at tell all lies book and won't have to worry about being in debt anymore.

1337 days ago


This time I agree with you. He is a womanizer of the worst kind, irresponsibly having children with different women and being married at the same time. I cannot imagine why his wife stays with him. I would think he has humiliated her enough.

And as for Ms. Alvarez - I have no clue what she is thinking either but she must have pretty low self-esteem to stay with him. I am sure she can do much, much better. Unless, of course, she thinks Murray will walk and write a tell-all that will bring him a lot of money, which she can then petition for child support.

Posted at 10:44 PM on Jan 20, 2011 by Deb

I hope he continues to be photographed and shot behaving like an uncaring selfish individual. Maybe people will see the real person. He cheated on his wife and had a ton of kids out of wedlock, and he spends money on himself while his babies' mamas are probably getting subsidies from the state to support them. He preys on the elderly and poor--who most likely receive Medicare--so he can rip-off the system through substandard care. Those people are sick and old, so when they die, no one takes a second look. He probably overly medicates them to keep them dependent on him so as to keep Medicare footing the bill. This "doctor" is a sham!
I understand the ignorant nature of some on this board like UnWell & Trish to hawk-up their stupidity to amuse themselves, but to defend such a person like Murray because of a misguided hatred for another, is subhuman.
Michael Jackson... through his charities and hands-on approach... has saved more lives than Murray has had patients throughout his time as a doctor. He was the largest contributor to charities and held the record for contributing to the most charities than anyone else in the world. But if that honor went to Jack Kevorkian or someone like that instead of Michael, Trish and her cronies would be singing his praises.
Humor is one thing on this board... but stupidity is a disease that a lot of people seem to have caught.

The good doctor is going to get it in the neck because of the behaviour of a drug addled incompetent individual that was that spaced out he couldn't even see in a mirror what a joke he had become.I'll bet my last buck the fool woke up and gave himself the lethal dose of propofol.

Posted at 12:47 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by Jmac


It's a shame you can't ascertain a PR ploy from the truth.
You should be embarrassed.
And you should stick to cartoons.
They make the plots simple for kids and people like you.

1337 days ago


Once again I would like to thank the good Doctor in enabling Michael to rest in peace at this point in his freaky life because if it was later and he saw what his self hate had physically done to him he would have really lost his mind.
Vitiligo my A$$. Pedo might be more like it. The world need more Dr Murrays.

1337 days ago


Oh yeah...@82 Jmac

No "JOKE" could have SOLD-OUT the O2 in London for 50 shows in less than 4 hours.
Maybe you need to look in the mirror... at yourself!

1337 days ago


Smirking on the Outside but really Crying on the Inside!!!

Trial date set for Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I bet that Quack won't be "Smiling" before the JUDGE and future JURORS!!!!

1337 days ago


I haven't read all comments, but my question is...was it relevant to list in the article that he was wearing the same workout outfit as last week? Do people outside of Hollywood and NYC realize that there are normal, everyday people who HAVE to wear outfits more than once? God forbid...right?!

Michael Jackson was a phenominal artist, and will go down in my personal book as one genius in the realm of music. All that being said...he was an adult. If Dr. Murray is the bad guy in this (even though Michael had to have known what he was doing was bad), we need to be seeking out all of those other doctors who supplied the drugs to all of the other overdoses that happened over the past few years, because they did close to exactly what Dr. Murray did to Michael.

1337 days ago


God, I just want to beat the crap out of him, sitting there all smug and happy and free when he has killed a man...and not just any man.

1337 days ago


MJJ JUSTICE LEAGUE 2009 is on the no FLY LIST.If you see a little bug flying around SWAT them.It,s ok they are not on any protected PETA list.Little pest are easy to see and hear,bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz splat ONE JUST HIT my screen.

1337 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i smell a genocide coverup trying to impersonate a rat. lol!!

1337 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'm sure dr murray knows exactly that black folks are very up on the ladder of white folk genocide and killing. espionage and whatnot. black people are just DUMB. pretending like they don't know anything about what dr conrat murray is all about. give me a freaking break. they don't call white folks 'crackers' for nothing. cuz they crack(le) when you incinerate them. right??! :DDDDDDDDD LOOOOOLLLLSSSSS FUNNY!!! :DDDDDDDDD

1337 days ago


this devil murray is really a ROTTEN SON OF BITCH!!! HE smiling right at the camera not to worry about his coming trial!!! What a nerve he has, he killed the most loving person on the planet this ******* IS ENJOING HIS LIFE!!What a piece of smelly **** HE IS! I really hate his guts and him! Go to hell dispicable trash!

1322 days ago


This man is smiling after murdering his patient, Michael Jackson, and causing his children and family to shed tears of sorrow.

Yo Go Dr. Murder. I'm betting sleeping for you is not a problem.

Ohhhhhh my mistake. After you write your book for the morbidly curious, I'm sure you'll keep smiling, especially since murdering a defenseless and kind man doesn't bother you all.

1312 days ago
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