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Jesse James and Kat Von D -- 'She Said Yes'

1/20/2011 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Jesse tells us, "I would gladly go through all I have been through again, if in the end I could have Katherine."

Jesse James
is officially engaged to his tattooed girlfriend Kat Von D ... seven months after his divorce from Sandra Bullock became final.

Jesse James and Kat Von D Engaged

James told, "So honored that [Kat] said 'yes.' Growing old with her is going to be a f----n' blast!"  TMZ got in touch with Jesse to ask if he was engaged, and he said, "F**k yeah!"

Last night, Kat was sporting a GIANT ring on her wedding finger during an event at an art gallery in L.A. ... the same ring she's been sporting since September.  But when we asked if the jewelry was an "engagement ring" ... Kat's lips were sealed.




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Great match. S*** bag and disgusting whore.

1349 days ago


WOW!! how many of you people even know them?? You get so angry and uptight over them... live and let live... Oh and for the man who calls jesus a myth... " Judge not yet ye be Judged" Have a great day!!! :)

1349 days ago


for all of you who said Sandra knew what she was getting into, don't know Jack. Jesse James is a chameleon who changes color to fit his social situation. Note that when with Sandra, or to woo Sandra, he came off as this soft sensitive guy who had a hard past and only pretended to be a bad ass. God only knows why he chose her as his victim, but it is apparent he is more comfortable with porn, tatted, white trashy, motorcycle gals, which Sandra definitely is not. Jesse is just a big Jerk and his nasty gals are just as bad.

1349 days ago

aubrey bowles    

Wooooooooooooow what a bunch of loser comments !!!!!!! This match actually makes sence you fuktards. Her a tattoo artist a bit off the wall I admit, him a biker and lovewr of tatts. What crystal ball do you all look into to percieve this is automatic failure ???????? Oh that`s right you do not have one toss pots. For once ghet out of the basement you live in and take in some fresh air stanger things have happened I gi=ve this opne a shot. BTW before you cast stones you may wanna look in the mirror you are not perfect nor is anyone knob jockeys !!!!

1349 days ago

Tattooed Lady who has been married 16+yrs    

He is an old man who has NOTHING else going for him and is trying to be young again. She is a disgusting tart of a woman and is using him as a 'shock' value for her audience.

Sandra Bullock is SO much beyond this man in class and everything about her that she shouldn't even be phased by this disgusting and vial mockery of what her relationship w/ Jesse seemed to be to him.

This is typical for the entertainment people who think they can do no wrong, are above the law in every respect and seem to have absolutely no moral values whatsoever for the sanctity of a relationship whether it be marriage or just a BF/GF type of thing.

Very very sad. This relationship will not last long enough for them to make it to the altar.

1349 days ago


How long until he cheats on her?? I thought she was smarter than that.

1349 days ago

Scatter Brain    

Kat is going to bw one scary old lady with tattoos on her wrinkles.
Actually she is one scary looking freak now.
Actually, they are both freaks!

1349 days ago


He messed up a relationship with Sandra Bullock for this chick. What a goober. Well least he has his own money.

1349 days ago

mike maynard    


1349 days ago


That hand is disgusting!

1349 days ago



1349 days ago


VIle couple -deserve each other
congrats Sandra for getting rid of this s***
i hope they don't make babies
we don't need any more disgusting people in the world

1349 days ago


#107...You do realize that outsiders dont destroy a marriage...****ty marriages destroy a marriage. Sometimes another person can just shed light on how UNHAPPY you really has nothing to do with cheating.

1349 days ago


2 words "WHO CARES"

1349 days ago


They make a good match, they are both weird! That ring looks terrible over those tat's on her fingers, ugly!!!

1349 days ago
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