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Celebrity Math: Jesse James Lovers Edition

1/20/2011 5:00 PM PST BY Johnny Lopez

With his engagement to Kat Von D, Jesse James may have finally found the formula to a happy marriage.



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Me, Bitches    

"Bombshell" picked the wrong nickname for herself, (I assume she picked it, because anyone that can see or smell her certainly wouldn't have) it should be "Ditchpig".

1317 days ago


As a classy, real job holding, tattoo-less, rational, responsible, committed and faithful, wife and mother and grandmother, who considers herself to be far superior to these couple of nasty ladies.....

My heart aches, and I cringe evrey time someone puts up a picture a Sandra next to these two low-lifes. Like there is ANY comparison? I think about how I would feel in her shoes....since I believe Sandra to be all that I believe I am. We rock in our 40's, ladies you'll love being this age!

I know it must make her nuts! All she has worked for, all she has accomplished, worked to be respected, carries herself with the utmost class and dignity, just a great person clearly.....and she has to be put up on some tabloid crap becasue Jesse is a pig!

Makes me want to hunt him down and call him a knucklehead while I pimp slap him!!!! Then just walk away....ahhhh, dreams.

1317 days ago


first, Sandra...bangs? really? second, i think Kat used to be a man, and thirdly...poor, poor jilted Bombshell. what's a tattooed, home-wrecking skank to do when replaced by one of her own?

1317 days ago


match made in Heaven they are both gross!

1317 days ago


hahah sandra looks the best . she doesnt look like a freak show like the other 2

1317 days ago


jesse is just another guy who thought he could have his cake and eat it too. kat better keep an eye on him. then agin she has known him for years so she knows what he is. sandra is WAY TOO GOOD FOR WHITE TRASH JESSE JAMES.kat is just as bad as jesse they two of a kind TRASH

1317 days ago


Fussy math. Not even close. Lavin, what is with you. Your show is the only one that is up for Jesse and all his garbage. Leave Sandra alone. Jesse is using you to put some hurt on Sandra because she did not take him back. Read that MATH!!!!!

1312 days ago


Ex + whore = exorcist? Bag + douche = bag of douche.

1310 days ago


Sandra is a pretty woman don't get me wrong but Jesse seems to have a completely different personality and interests than her. I think in all fairness Kat is a very gorgeous woman and she's into the tattooed/alternative lifestyle just like him.. everyone deserves their happiness so maybe third time is the charm~!

1291 days ago
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