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Oksana's Ex-Bodyguard Sides With Mel Gibson

1/20/2011 3:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The person who knows more about Oksana Grigorieva's claims against Mel Gibson than anyone tells TMZ ... Oksana is grossly exaggerating or downright lying about the alleged domestic violence incident.

Kristian Herzog

Kristian Herzog -- who served as Oksana's bodyguard until recently -- tells TMZ, Oksana admitted to him Mel never punched her, as she claimed to authorities.  Rather, Herzog says Oksana told him Mel slapped her, and that's it.  As TMZ first reported, Mel admitted slapping Oksana because he says she was shaking baby Lucia wildly.

Herzog -- who has been subpoenaed by Mel's lawyers in the custody war  -- tells us Oksana admitted to him that she secretly taped Mel Gibson "to pressure Mel to pay her money."  Oksana is currently being investigated by the L.A. County Sheriff's Department for alleged extortion.

Herzog -- who was privy to virtually every conversation Oksana had with her lawyers -- claims he had a sexual relationship with Oksana -- she denies it. 

Herzog -- who runs The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills -- calls Oksana a "sexual sorceress."

Oksana's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, had no comment.



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Her "rear love" was not that inspiring to Gibson according to her recent claim of him beating her up in bed to get aroused. She might be good when she wants or needs something but withdraw as soon as she reaches her accomplishment. Indeed, a woman of great accomplishments.

1306 days ago

Byron Green    

from what I hear on the grape vine when she takes get false teeth out she gives a reasonable blow job for 25 cents.

1306 days ago


So Mel paid the bodyguard to discredit his ex-girlfriend.

1306 days ago

tired of celeb gold diggers    

Well people if you take the time out to look at his website you will see him all snuggly with OXY. He had a couple of pictures up there of him and her. I think they got her for extortion. I can guarantee 10000% on this.

Also Team Mel, don't be stupid. You should not have to pay her lawyer bills because you and her are not married and you did not sign anything stating you agreed to take care of her legal bills. Let her pay those bills.

1306 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

I seriously think they're all nuts!

Herzog's information is only going to go to the highest bidder, Toxana, being broke, isn't the obvious choice.

Mel has more money and more stature... well that and the only people in Toxy's corner are her lawyers (which might change when they all realize they won't be getting paid), and the feminist twits who think that becase a woman cries abuse she's CLEARLY telling the truth.

Herzog is just, well trash to be honest. And Toxana is even more of a self-depricating moron than I originally thought. If you're going to lie about something, then tell the truth to an employee right before you fire them? you're just leaving yourself to hang, no one's going to cut you down, no one cares about you anymore

1306 days ago

emery demech    

Gibson let his penis think for him hooking up with this vile woman. She planned her future with Gibson's money.

1306 days ago

Dr Richard Davis    

A update from TEAM Kris !

Hi ALL thank you for the 100's kind words in this comments area and for the emails wishing Kris well and all of your kind words, Azlee, Fuddyduudy(how do u write in BOLD), Midwest, Sky, Fidel's niece, Dian M, Jasna, queen_uni 1, and forgive us if we have missed anyone.

To Answer a Few of your Questions:

1. Kris is donating AT LEAST 50% of any and all monies made by Kris from the Book & Movie rights to his life story to the U.S. Veteran members and Family members of U.S. Veterans killed in combat of The Bodyguard Group , The Bodyguard Group of Beverly Hills, The Bodyguard Group of Las Vegas and

2. Kris has never been paid a penny by Mel, O.G. or anyone involved in these cases.

3. Kris, per his Attorneys, has no comment on anything else about these cases, until his Book is published and his deal is complete for the Book & Movie rights to Kris's life story, again this is to raise the money for U.S. Veterans.

4. Kris interviews, we do not have all the exact times YET, Kris's Interviews on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN & More will be coming out the 2 days before, day before, day of and day after his Depo with Mel Gibson & his Attorneys (Yes Mel Gibson will be there) on Feb 4. 9:00 am at his Attorneys office at:

Kolodny & Anteau
9100 Wilshire Boulevard
9th Floor, West Tower
Beverly Hills, California 90212


1303 days ago


This is not a big surprise. My spidey senses were tingling when she started 'leaking' the (edited in her favor) phone conversations to the media. She's a ho.

1302 days ago


I hope that M.G. walks away a Happy man, The whole country turned thier backs on him (With the media leading the way), for what we now know was a pack of lies. The problem is that M.G. has convictions that he lives by and the rat bastard press can't let him be. they have to cut him down so that thier lives don't feel so empty.

1302 days ago

Dr Richard Davis    

Facebook page for:
Kris Bodyguard Herzog
"Kris Bodyguard Herzog"

1302 days ago

It's ashame that people have intervein in someone's private life, why can't people deal with their own the behind door he say she say it is a private matter let it stay that way.It is their private matter it needs to stay that way..

1294 days ago


1289 days ago


Wait a minute. He was being paid by the rich and powerful Mel Gibson and now he comes out on Mel's side? duh

1284 days ago


I knew from the beginning she was behind all this!! 40 year old women don't accidently get pregnant! She is a poor excuse for a women and a Mother! I feel for Mel and always felt that any anger he expressed was justified. He has 8 children and not 1 has ever said anything about abuse or his temper. She's a Russian and I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her!

1282 days ago
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