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Nicki Minaj

Tickled Pink

1/20/2011 10:20 AM PST BY Johnny Lopez

Taking time out from singing on everyone and their mother's record, pop tart Nicki Minaj showed off her cotton candy wig as she left a London hotel on Thursday.


The 26-year-old is giving Lady Gaga a run for her absurd outfit money.


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"here is a fundamental difference between Lady Gaga's brand of outrageous and Nicki's. Gaga usually looks "classy"-crazy. Minaj usually looks "bat-sh*t" crazy. Gaga's is a more refined, higher-end crazy and Nicki looks like she made her clothes in crazy Home-Ec class. But, each lady is raking in the dough, so in the end I guess the lesson is, "Look crazy. They do and they're rich.""

No, there is no difference.. they both look ridiculous sorry.

Is Gaga's Meat suit classy? hell the **** no...

a meat suit?

she went to the butcher shop and order meat to put on her b ody

no. there is no difference here

1372 days ago


OK, I have never heard of this person, but I think she looks cute!

1372 days ago

Chun LI    

#15 LOL

1372 days ago


At least Gaga doesn't look like a cow. That outfit makes her hips and thighs look HUGE. MOOOOOOO!

1372 days ago


for all you people that wonder why white people run their mouths,
listen to the lyrics these morons put out
you have no arguement

1372 days ago


Why is it that people that are semi-decent looking (this chick/Lady Gaga/Kate Perry) can't sing at all, but really want to make it to holiday - so they put on their creepy clothes/makeup/whatever. They can't sing, so the only way they can bring attention to themselves are with their weird clothes.

I am not intrigued by any of those 3 - they suck at singing (just like everyone on AI)

1372 days ago


She looks like Gumby

1372 days ago


She looks like MR. Bill OHHHHH NOOOOOO!

1372 days ago


it looks like cotton candy haha

1372 days ago


My first thought was... "Looks like cotton candy on her head!". I read the comments and really... she is no worse or no better than Lady Gaga who is a mess herself.. I don't consider Gaga to be "classy" in the least. They both do what they do to "shock" when they really just come off looking moronic.. equally!

1372 days ago


Why do these popstars always break out the uber-whack outfits in London? Aside from the meat ensemble, I seem to recall seeing Gaga's really over the top stuff there as well.

I guess it makes a statement, and that statement is "I'm so f-ing successful that I can dump bucketloads of cash on outfits that make me look like a complete idiot and it won't put a dent in my lifestyle."

1372 days ago


Is this the same person that was the DJ in the movie "Fifth Element"?

1372 days ago

mike maynard    

she looks like patti labelle's afterbirth.

1372 days ago


She looks cute. It does remind me of the Jetsons cartoon somehow.

1372 days ago

Oval Beach    

You know...that would be a great outfit if it were say...oh I don't know...OCTOBER 31st!!!! But only an idiot...especially an idiot with a ghetto name like that would dress that way while in London and be caught in action with a camera for ALL the world to see. My apologies to the international community for our couture challenged Nicki Minaj

1372 days ago
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