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Katherine Jackson: AEG Was Reckless with MJ's Life

1/21/2011 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has just filed legal docs claiming AEG was well aware ... there were life-threatening activities going down at Michael Jackson's house ... yet the company turned a blind eye.

Katherine Jackson AEG
Katherine is challenging AEG's motion to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

In her docs, Katherine says AEG retained Dr. Conrad Murray for an "exorbitant salary of $150,000 monthly," and in return Murray agreed to "get Jackson to attend rehearsals and perform."

Katherine's lawyers claim it should have been obvious to AEG when Murray requested CPR equipment at MJ's home that "the medical treatments being administered risked stopping Jackson's heart and breathing." 

Katherine's lawyer continues, "This is hardly the type of risk expected in an ordinary house visit from a family doctor."

The lawyers claim, "AEG should have known that the course of treatment being administered by Dr. Murray was unorthodox and unsafe."


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I really do feel for the family here but they need to face up to their own responsibilities in Michael's life and death. They knew what was going on, they knew how drug dependent he was and how frail he was becoming.They have all said they were concerned for his well being but they did nothing and now desperately want to place blame everywhere but within their own ranks.

I don't think it is an issue of greed with Katherine. I think she needs to be protected from not only s*** like Howard Mann, but from Joe and the likes of her own sons who can't pay their child support and expect Katherine to take care of them. I believe Katherine is a woman who has been intimidated and controlled by the men around her all her life and does not have the ability to protect herself from their demands. Even her daughters don't seem to be able to stand up to Joe and their brothers. The Estate really needs to make a move, putting a stop to Howard Mann and evicting the daughter in law with six kids from two of the brothers is a good start. I suspect the reason the Estate has not made a move against Katherine is that she needs and wants their help but is afraid to say it publically for fear of family backlash. If Joe beat his kids you know he beat his wife as well.

1334 days ago


The Jackson family is pointing blame at everyone but themselves.
Sorry, Katherine, but as Michael, where were you in all this mess? If you're going to sue everyone who had anything to do with Michael in this period, shouldn't you then sue yourself?
Aren't you also to blame? You were his mother and you failed him. Look in the mirror while you're looking at people to blame for his death!

1334 days ago


I am so tired of hearing about this MJ case and who all is to blame. Well heads up to everyone who blames someone. The blame squarely belongs to MJ himself. He was a drug addict and he knew the risks but he continued to do his risky behavior. If Dr. Murray had not done it then MJ would have another doctor to do it instead. MJ is to blame for his own death. Get over it and move on. No one made him do it.

1334 days ago


A doctor doesn't make 150K a month to be a legit doctor. He was hired to be Jacko's private drug dealer and nothing more. And it's not like this doesn't happen all the time in Hollywood. On movie sets, it's not uncommon for the big A-listers to have their 'doctor' stop by.

Question is if it's really AEG's fault. Jacko was the one in the world of financial hurt trying to make a quick buck on this tour. Sure AEG was profiting from Jacko's financial situation, but the people in Jacko's inner circle can't pretend they didn't know what Dr Murray was hired to do or the fact Jacko had a serious prescription drug addiction? Seems like the family enabled Jacko all these years and now wants to blame everyone but themselves.

1334 days ago


I have a feeling that Katherine wasn't too worried about AEG working her son too hard as long as there was the promise of money coming in.She's no better than the doctors,lawyers,brothers,sisters,father etc.Except that she is his MOTHER.Shame on all of them.

1334 days ago


AEG is not responsible for Michael Jackson's death because they did not order Dr. Murray to administer propofol to Michael Jackson. They told Dr. Murray to ensure his patient is fit enough to attend the TII rehearsals everyday.Why wasn't Katherine Jackson or Latoya Jackson or one of the brothers at the house too to make sure Michael Jackson was in good hands?

1334 days ago


When is Michael Jacksons family going to wake up and smell the coffee. Michael did this to him self. All he was, was a drug addict. He was taking those drug long before Dr. Murray came into the picture.

1334 days ago


Right on, Katherine, AEG is totally to blame!!!!

Why in the heck did they hire a cardiologist for Michael if they didn't know what the heck Michael was doing for sleep???

They didn’t care about Michael, he was their ‘cash cow’!!!

Sue their mofo a.s.s.e.s.!!!

1334 days ago


blaming everyone but themselves...where where the jacksons at to get him the help he needed??

1334 days ago


Whose drinking the koolaid? The Jackson family had no clue of what was going on in his life? He was so fraile, give me a break- the guy did it to himself, his family sat a watched because they did not want to get cut off from the money train. If it was your brother would you not do something about his drug addiction.

1334 days ago


WOW just reading a few of these comments makes it obvious that to change the world we must first EDUCATE some adults - their offspring don't stand a chance in this world. Bias uninformed opinions based on lies and prejudice being spuged out of their articulating fingers. Michael Jackson is not an addict, is not a child molestor, he is very handsome and a wonderful human being and his children are fortunate to have him for their father rather than some adults commenting here.

1334 days ago

nusox n draws    

a man runs his own life

1334 days ago


AEG is partly to blame for pushing Michael to do 50 shows. Michael only wanted to do 10, but they tried to force him to do 50. He went to bed one night knowing he had 10 concerts to prepare for and woke up the next day with 50 concerts to prepare for. AEG put too much pressure on Michael, which probably led to his insomnia problems kicking back in again.

1334 days ago

kathy ought to be ashamed to call Michael's mother a b****h.

1334 days ago


Nobody knows the whole story here. We only get what TMZ and other tabloid media want us to hear and see. So don't be so quick to pass judgement on Mrs. Jackson or her family!

Posted at 11:32 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by LC4Michael

Yes, I agree with u. There are a lotta unanswered questions & AEG ought to know something about it. Find it hard to believe that they didn't know anything was wrong with MJ. KJ, go to the bottom of this. Go Katherine Go.

1334 days ago
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