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Katherine Jackson: AEG Was Reckless with MJ's Life

1/21/2011 4:01 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson has just filed legal docs claiming AEG was well aware ... there were life-threatening activities going down at Michael Jackson's house ... yet the company turned a blind eye.

Katherine Jackson AEG
Katherine is challenging AEG's motion to dismiss the wrongful death lawsuit against the company.

In her docs, Katherine says AEG retained Dr. Conrad Murray for an "exorbitant salary of $150,000 monthly," and in return Murray agreed to "get Jackson to attend rehearsals and perform."

Katherine's lawyers claim it should have been obvious to AEG when Murray requested CPR equipment at MJ's home that "the medical treatments being administered risked stopping Jackson's heart and breathing." 

Katherine's lawyer continues, "This is hardly the type of risk expected in an ordinary house visit from a family doctor."

The lawyers claim, "AEG should have known that the course of treatment being administered by Dr. Murray was unorthodox and unsafe."


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To LC4Michael - Hi sweetie. I got your e-mail, and I have tried at the very least 5 times to send you the pictures, and I keep getting a failure notice for some reason. I do not understand why. Try e-mailing me again. And perhaps I can get it to go through, hopefully. I know you will love the pic's. Thank you.

1308 days ago


To LC4Michael & Cherwood & mymjj5 - I don't know how make a link for youtube and that, I've tried - and it never works for me for some reason. But I ran across a photo video of Michael and would like to share it with you.

The name of the video is called "A Whole Lot of Kisses For Michael Jackson" by dontxevenxtriip. This is the link for it:

Anyways, I hope that you ladies will enjoy seeing it. Michael looks so Geogorous in those pictures!! Enjoy Ladies!

1308 days ago


Hi Pegasus! You probably have my email by now but I have to say again THANK YOU! for the pics. Had never seen those before. OMG! I am speechless!

1308 days ago


To LC4Michael - You are most welcomed! I knew that you and the others would love the pictures of Michael! I swear, Adonis himself would be pea green with envy if he were standing next to Michael. Michael is so GORGEOUS!!!!! And what a Body! And to think that all that marvelous looking outside contains a heart and mind of an Angel - talk about PERFECTION!!

Anyways, I am so glad that you are enjoying the pictures. If I come across any more I will send them to you if you want, your choice, think about it.

1307 days ago


Anyways, I am so glad that you are enjoying the pictures. If I come across any more I will send them to you if you want, your choice, think about it.

Posted at 12:05 AM on Jan 29, 2011 by Pegasus

Oh yeah, keep em coming!:)

1306 days ago


kill them

1306 days ago


No, Katherine Jackson is RIGHT! And you people are SO WRONG, it really hurts to think how you want to dismiss The King of Pop and blame him for what the doctor did TO him! Michael wanted to live. This is why he hired a "responsible" doctor like Murray to watch over him.

Yes, he had problems but I don't hear anybody else on here putting down the losers Charlie Sheen a Lindsay Lohan for their EXCESSIVE drugging and partying and addictions. Michael only wanted to SLEEP and he wanted relief from PAIN. He was not 'partying' people!

It's sad to read how all of you hypocrites are so easily swayed against this wonderful man who never hurt a fly and his loving mother and family members. You are so quick to criticize the family dynamics and relationships and yet The Jacksons have done nothing to YOU! Everything negative you state here about MJ and his family is ASSUMPTIONS and the people on this forum are cruel, uninformed, nasty and unfair.

You should think: what if it was MY OWN son, father, or brother? Wouldn't I want to get to the BOTTOM of this and JUSTIFIABLY wamt all involved to be responsible for my loved one's UNTIMELY death? Michael was attempting to cope and the ones he turned to for guidance FAILED HIM and KILLED him.

It was not his fault that he died that day. He did not commit suicide from intentionally good timing it to the point of overdosing on drugs. If he was YOUR relative, I think you'd all be more SYMPATHETIC. As it is, YOU HAVE NO HEART! Shame on you! I hope his 3 beautiful CHILDREN don't ever read your cold, uncaring words on this forum. THINK OF THEM!

1301 days ago


I wish you good luck.I am sure by now most people know of what happened on 6/20 2009. KO sais that murray said "horrible" things to Michael, was rude and disrespectful.Present there were also AEG bigwigs.

1299 days ago


I think she is completely right suing AEG because before of the shows doctor Murray hadn't worked for MJ. It's like this, companies just want workers to work. Probably he told them he wouldn't be able to perform all those shows and AEG didn't care and told him, "find a way'. When MJ died doctor Murray had been working for him just six months which means that before this MJ hadn't taking propofol or if he had, he had stopped.

1297 days ago

JugEars McKenyan Sr..    

"Katherine Jackson: AEG Was Reckless with MJ's Life " Everyone else: "Jacko went wacko with his OWN LIFE MOMMA MJ". :(

919 days ago
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