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Kelsey and Camille Grammer Strike Deal

2/7/2011 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer and soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer have struck a deal which will allow Kelsey to get a quickie divorce and marry his girlfriend.

Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel, and Camille's attorney Neal Hersh, told the judge this AM that they have reached a deal, so the judge can grant the final divorce now and issues of property and money will be resolved at a later date.

But there was a little snag.  Neither party had signed the settlement papers, so the judge said she couldn't enter the divorce decree just yet.

The parties agreed to submit the signed settlement by Thursday.  Sources tell us it will take a week or two after that for the decree to be entered.

So it's still possible for Kelsey to execute his plan ... to marry GF Kayte Walsh by the end of the month.

BTW, the parties agreed that Kelsey will post a $2 million bond for the next 18 months, to protect Camille's interest in Kelsey's pension.


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Law Lover    

Kelsey is foolish.

1324 days ago


He has already booked the wedding, so let's see if Camille drags her heels getting the papers signed in time. I wouldn't put it past her to not meet the deadline for his wedding date plans.

1324 days ago


This guy keeps repeating his mistakes. He keeps dumping his current wife for another newer model; he pays off the old model so he can move forward with the new one. And, Camille is money oriented; that's all she's in it for. She's become another stereotypical BH housewife; does nothing, contributes no money, yet demands a ridiculous amount of monthly cash which she'll spend on nails, hair, beauty treatments & plastic surgery. What a pathetic pair; they really deserve each other...

1324 days ago


Nick's wife had better look out. Camille will be wanting and needing to cry on his shoulder. She is a self centered ugly horse face bitch.
And Kelsey money can't buy you happiness or love. How you shamed your family is disspicable. Total trash you and your whore ****.

1324 days ago


Kelsey Grammer is the dumbest man on the planet. He steps out of one bad deal and right into another.

Kayte is smart. She knows his age and medical history but more to the point, she knows he won't make her sign a pre-nup either making this little short lived marriage certainly worth it to her.

Stupid azz. He takes the cake in that dept.

1324 days ago


Camille this is the first step towards your freedom from the clearly mindless and hurtful Kelsey Grammer. Don't look back .It will only remind you of the pain, sorrow and humility your family had to experience because of your creepy soon to be ex-husband. Congrats to you . Protect your kids from the sick wacko. Too bad the courts will grant him some shared custody. He will probably disappear once his photo-ops are no longer necessary and his new wife controls his mind. Stay strong. May God bless you and your children.

1324 days ago

Ben 1965    

its just money right poor guy looking for love they got him good

1324 days ago


i would have paid however much to get rid of her - i'd have given every penny i made to make her my legal ex-wife.

if you're kelsey grammer - you're always going to be kelsey grammer and you can get a new series and have your moment of happy with your new 20 something and move on.

camille will always be camille - living off kelsey's money but never ever being able to make a dime of her own. i don't care who says what about what she invested or her success at his wallet -

she would not be where she is today finacially or famous for being famous except for kelsey.

good job, kelsey. better luck with #4.

and camille, karma is a bitch. you met kelsey when he was already engaged to someone else so don't play victim or innocent unknown. you're trash and you will always be trash.

go back to your escort career and your porn stardom. you were good at those.

1324 days ago


She got suckered.

1324 days ago


DON'T sign Camille!

1324 days ago


Has anyone wonder why Kelsey wants to marry so quickly? I think this new bimbo has something on him and any bets she won't sign a pre-nup. Camille didn't sign one, she was being interviewed by someone and they asked her. Some ting is fishy here, I think this new girl has found out Kelsey likes men and she said marry me or else. If you have never watched Fraiser, watch it and tell me Kelsey is not gay. He can never get a date and on Cheers he was divorced and was never with any woman, anything he plays on he never has a woman. Think about it. I say Camille DO NOT sign anything till money is in hand...

1324 days ago

Joe Camel    

How will they sell their property? All of the houses are filled with poop from Camille.

Remember the episode of Drew Carey where he farts every time he takes a step? That's the sound track for Camille's life.

1324 days ago


Sounds like Kelsey's girlfriend is pregos. I don't know why they are in such a hurry to marry. It's rush, rush, rush. The only reason someone would do that is because they are pregnant and don't want anyone to know. ha!

1324 days ago

norm p    

Camille this is just the beginning to free yourself from that vile hurtful man. Keep the pressure on to make sure you and your children are protected. Don't look back .It will only remind you of the pain and sorrow he has caused your family. Protect your children from their sick wacko father. It's unfortunate that the court will award him some shared custody. He will probably disappear once he does not need them for photo-ops. I'm sure the new wife won't want too much of the kids despite what mindless kelsey says. Anyway stay strong ,stay focused and get everything you are entitled to. Life will be beautiful without the slug absentee husband and father. A big congratulations to you. You deserve it. You earned it.

1324 days ago


Why the big rush to get married to Kayte Walsh since she lost her baby? - If one views the pictures between Kelsey, 55, and Walsh, 29, there appears to be a visual mismatch between the two. This is why I suspect Kayte Walsh is gold digging Kelsey for a bum rush non-prenuptual marrage to his remaining 60 million. - If love is love, kelsey would not have to get married at all since there would be mutual trush between lovers, however, the picture of Kayte, and Kelsey says it all. -Friends of Kelsey should waken him up so this phony marrage can be stopped. I feel Kelsey is being played for a sucker.

1324 days ago
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