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Kelsey and Camille Grammer Strike Deal

2/7/2011 2:17 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer and soon-to-be ex-wife Camille Grammer have struck a deal which will allow Kelsey to get a quickie divorce and marry his girlfriend.

Kelsey's lawyer, Lance Spiegel, and Camille's attorney Neal Hersh, told the judge this AM that they have reached a deal, so the judge can grant the final divorce now and issues of property and money will be resolved at a later date.

But there was a little snag.  Neither party had signed the settlement papers, so the judge said she couldn't enter the divorce decree just yet.

The parties agreed to submit the signed settlement by Thursday.  Sources tell us it will take a week or two after that for the decree to be entered.

So it's still possible for Kelsey to execute his plan ... to marry GF Kayte Walsh by the end of the month.

BTW, the parties agreed that Kelsey will post a $2 million bond for the next 18 months, to protect Camille's interest in Kelsey's pension.


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Mary Ann    

Camille is making a BIG MISTAKE here...doing this, she will lose leverage on a property settlement.

1320 days ago


Why is he in such a hurry to re-marry? Another marriage isn't going to take care of his problems. He needs a shrink. There must be a problem that he picks women of questionable reput to marry, then has to have another one lined up before he lets go of the last wife.

1320 days ago


Lucky bitch!

1320 days ago


The whole thing is just SAD! I watched Camile on BHHWS and she seemed like such a B-otch, and I kinda understood why Kelsey wanted to get away from her. But the way he did it was WRONG, and I actually felt myself feeling sorry for Camile (even if she does act like a b-otch most of the time). I didn't realize how badly Kelsey had been sneaking around on her. I can't imagine going to my apartment in NY only to be turned away by the doorman because some other woman was posing as "Mrs. Grammar"- OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!

Kelsey's a dumbarse for not having her sign a pre-nup. So you what? Camille will walk off with millions. The money won't heal her heart, but it will make life a LOT nicer! She's set for life. I wonder if Kelsey will have Cate sign a pre-nup? If he doesn't than he's really more of a moron that I thought he was.
He's stupid in the first place to jump back into marriage this soon. I mean...why can't he just live with Cate for awhile to see how it goes?

1320 days ago


Well, my opinion of Camille has changed greatly. Class act to let it go and let HIM move on to where ever he ends up. The best thing Camille can do for herself and her publicity is to move on herself and let it go.

IF Camille actually put Kelsey back on the road to riches when they first married, well, good for her. She may end up being the one who is actually set for life and Kelsey may just end up BK again and the new wife will ditch his ass and in the end, Camille will have the last (private) laugh.

Camille could be a really good person. I see it in her but she needs to let go of certain caddiness and show the world the class that she has underneath that childlike behavior she has shown as of late.

Be the big one Camille. In the end you will be happy you did.

1320 days ago


bottom line is if he didn't want her he should have just left her...duh! it's called "irreconcilable differences" and get it over with. people always want to be greedy and hold on til they get someone else knowing they don't want you. so now he must pay for the extra humiliation. he has money, he knew the deal when he was doing what he was doing. his credentials are incredible, he produces lots of good shows, so money wise he'll be fine. for him to get married w/out another prenup he's not worried about money. the world cares more about his money than him.

1320 days ago


If I were him, I would pay ANYTHING to get rid of that delusional pron star Camille. What will she tell her son about her porn movies when he grows up. FYI: show me a person's friends, and I can tell you a lot about them. Having that flithy monster Allison as your friend, well that says it all. She was salivating at the thought of one of these women's children being abducted and her denying them help. I thiink she is a fraud and as for Camille, no man will ever tough her again after seeing her performance on television. Hope it was worth it, because you are now at the bottom of the "pecking order" being a has-been wife.
O'm sure the children and Kelsey will be very happy with Kayte. What a beautiful bride she will make.

1320 days ago


Lori, Kelsey is an addict and had addictive behaviour, of course he is an ass too!

1320 days ago


Yep! It does seems like kelsy is jumpimg a bit to fast..Life is short maybe he'll be happier this time around..Who are we to say

1320 days ago


Totally sick of these two!!! Please go away!!!!!

1320 days ago

keith copley    



KC IN NYC.....

1320 days ago


Everyone is forgetting... it is CAMILLE who is the Financial Powerhouse.

CAMILLE is the one who made the top-notch investments in multiple real estate deal all over the U.S. which have soared in profits.


1320 days ago


Everyone is forgetting... it is CAMILLE who is the Financial Powerhouse.

CAMILLE is the one who made the top-notch investments in multiple real estate deal all over the U.S. which have soared in profits.


Posted at 12:39 AM on Feb 8, 2011 by US_DOJ_Gov


Please is this disgusting badly aging stripper pole dancing moves sack of s*h*i*t had an ounce of business savy she would be independently wealth in her OWN right. She was a trophy wife and now the trophy has wrinkles and its time for a fresh model. She is calculating, ugly (bug eyed) and self centered a-hole. Her mom actually HAD cancer and Camille cut her off in the show to complain about how tired she is because she underwent a battery of tests SCREENING for cancer. What kind of c*u*n*t sits there complaining to their mom who survived Cancer about being screened? She needs to burn in hell

1319 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hey. you should see her new boyfriend. he drives a totally awesome gardeners truck, lawn mower and all.

1319 days ago


they deserve each other , neither one has any talent and both are scary looking especially her, did she put a bag over her when they made love, he is no prize either. this marriage to his new girlfriend won,t last either, he doesn,t know how to keep married. i give the marriage one year, he is no prize.

1318 days ago
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