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Kelsey to Kayte: Does February Work for You?

1/21/2011 8:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer will marry his fiancée sometime during the last two weeks in February ... if the judge in his divorce case ends his marriage to Camille Grammer on Wednesday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kelsey will not tie the knot before Valentine's Day, because he's doing his play, "La Cage Aux Folles," until February 13. 

We're told Kelsey wants a few days to chill after his play ends, but he will marry Kayte Walsh before the end of February.

Of course, Kelsey's plan is predicated on the judge in his divorce case granting the decree next Wednesday. As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce now, leaving property settlement issues for a later date. Camille is objecting to giving Kelsey a divorce before the assets are divided.


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Exactly...the only reason she gets along with DD is, she pays her wages and DD cow-tows to her every need. They are not equals. Camille could never get along with a woman she perceived to be her equal. Fist of all, she would never admit to any woman being her equal, and she does NOT celebrate women, she tears them down to make herself feel superior. Catty is her middle name.

1378 days ago


I hope she's ready for diaper duty?!

1378 days ago


"Kelsey once said, speaking of his marriage, that after 13 years, at the end of the day, all one could really hope for, is that you are with someone who is kind."

You mean "KIND of freaky in the sack".

Yes they way he treated his wife and children was very kind. Not really the person you should be quoting in regards to kindness, respect or class. He should of practiced what he preached. He called his family "stuff to take care of". Then again he's a hard line republican: Do as I say not I as I do as they spew lies in graceful tones.

1378 days ago


What is the urge in urgency???? What is she Knocked up?

1378 days ago


first of all, kelsey grammar is NOT a great guy. he is a cheating alcoholic...second of all, he is a lousy father and husband. kelsey and his childlike wife to be kayte look father and daughter. he is bifurcating his divorce, as he is so very insecure, he needs, i mean NEEDS. to get divorced from camille NOW, marry kayte IMMEDIATELY after, as he cannot be alone....he must get rid of camille immediately as she is mad at him, and marry kayte because she loves him. he is a sicko..then, later, he will settle their community property..i hope he cant do this..but, bet he will be able to...this relationship will end up as all his others..he will get bored with her, and cheat...and dump her for another...that he will have been with before dumping her...kayte, you are one young, dumb blonde. kelsey, you are one insecure, cheatin' alcoholic, and disrespectful to women. what a couple....

1378 days ago


I'm betting that after 11 years of no sex with Camille, he found a girl that would let him dress up in her clothes since Camille confirmed on Stern's show that he's a cross dresser. This new one is willing to put up with it, so he's out the door on his 3rd marriage....They all suck.

1378 days ago


Just a couple more things he has in common with Tom Cruise- brought out. This Kayte reminds me of the original actress that played "Becky" on Roseanne.

1378 days ago


He should stay married to Camielle and just get him a sister wife. Their house is so big they would never see each other.

1378 days ago


What's the rush? Is Kelsey in that big of a hurry to get into his wedding dress?

1378 days ago


Look at the nose on her gross but then look at him. Something must be wrong with her(besides her face)to marry this OLD guy. I don't care how much money he has.

1378 days ago


What a stank group Kelsey and crew. Spencer the source. Wacko's.

Can you smell a dirty RAT? Wow Spencer shame on you. Kelsey you put you daughter up to it or did she do it on her own? High road my ass!

Life & Style exclusive: Spencer Grammer engaged!

Camille Grammer: The most hated Housewife ever?

1378 days ago


His ridiculous, desperate need to remarry immediately is pathetic. No matter what you think of Camille, he cheated, he left, and now he wants to be free to marry before settling the mess he asked for. Instant gratification is what a child expects. I hope the judge makes him wait until all the divorce issues are settled. Is he worried she'll change her mind? More likely, he'll change his. OOH, something shinier over there!

1378 days ago


If this was Hugh Hefner's current story - as it has been over and over with 3 or 4 girls at a time 18 years old!

Where are the bashers then?

Please, I think KG let CG play out who she really is on RHOBH.

The only lives I feel sorry for is their son and daughter.

No one knows how Camille really was behind closed doors. You could see the kids have more affection with their Dad than Mom.

That speaks volume right there.

1378 days ago


His 4th wife. She'll be number FOUR. This guy has MAJOR issues and is a serial marrier. This young chick has even more issues for being involved with this messed up fool. Divorce # 4 within a year! Cause he'll divorce her to marry # five! His poor kids having that no-role model nut for a dad.

1378 days ago


Yeah- he likes his salad tossed this chick must deliver the scrambled eggs too.

1378 days ago
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