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Kelsey to Kayte: Does February Work for You?

1/21/2011 8:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer will marry his fiancée sometime during the last two weeks in February ... if the judge in his divorce case ends his marriage to Camille Grammer on Wednesday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kelsey will not tie the knot before Valentine's Day, because he's doing his play, "La Cage Aux Folles," until February 13. 

We're told Kelsey wants a few days to chill after his play ends, but he will marry Kayte Walsh before the end of February.

Of course, Kelsey's plan is predicated on the judge in his divorce case granting the decree next Wednesday. As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce now, leaving property settlement issues for a later date. Camille is objecting to giving Kelsey a divorce before the assets are divided.


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Mary Ann    

The home wrecker must be an alien, and needs a card to stay in the U.S, thus the quickie wedding.

1370 days ago


Good God, both are unattractive people-can you imagine the shnaz on that bastard child???

1370 days ago


Mid. Life. Crisis.

1370 days ago


I guess someone likes to be married............

1370 days ago


He looks like he is her grandfather.

1370 days ago


1370 days ago


Kelsey is a huge disappointment. He's seems kind of sick up there. Have you seen how he goes around smiling and how he was kissing Camille backstage at his show.....spookey......**** everyone gets bored sometimes in their relationship you don't just move and to something new!!! Everyone would be ditching their kids and spouse like big loser dirtbags...And damn either he has a fantasy of a young girl or something cuz yuck she's not cute and she looks like 12 yrs. old.

Camille bitchy or not is waaayyyy hotter than this one....See women don't do everything men want in bed, they use you upside inside backward forward and then bye-bye....but don't be a prude either....Men are crazy no??

1370 days ago


Ewwww she does look like his grand daughter, yuck to the young one, I guess money is most important to most but omg grampa's age.. never

1370 days ago


It is what it is and everyday it happens at even the Simpleton’s home - they just don't make TMZ.

Sad but true.

TMZ needs to put together a list of cradle robbers.

Too bad Camille's psychic friend didn't clue her in sooner.

When you choose not to birth your own children with your own admittance of keeping your body and then have 4 nannies to raise them - do you people not realize what a red flag that is?

And then you go on tv and kiss Nick the way she does and looks at him the way she does?

Anyway, in the end all Camille talks about is what, how and who she was and wasn't in the in the marriage and then in one infamous line, mentions the children and how she has to explain everything to them.

Um....Camille, you ask your nannies about your children and they are upstairs?

1370 days ago

Jeff Becker    

I have to admit they are a great looking father/daughter. He has older kidney stones than her. He has older liver spots than her. Keep it going people........

1370 days ago


Their noses are exactly alike!!!

1370 days ago


she's probably pregnant

1370 days ago


My sister is a flight attendent who cheated on her husband. She says this is inevitable in this business. So exactly what is he expecting out of this? Love? Or just the free mile high flights he'll be eligable since he married a stewardess. Words fail me as to why he would leave a tall, slender, beauty for this plain looking child that will do the same thing again. My sis says that famous people are always hitting on her and her crew. This is as old as peanut butter. What is he thinking? Pay her for a piece when she's in town on her job but don't wreck everything at home FFS.
Look at Mel. Isn't that lesson enough? The novelty of the I can get a baby to f*ck me wears off very quickly. Camille stuck it out, why can't you?

1370 days ago


The noses, those eyes, that smile........geeze, she looks like his daughter!!! It is creepy - he has fallen in love with himself or a younger version of himself. Yuck!

1370 days ago


Kelsey is a selfish, self-absorbed actor. His fiance is a fool. Camille, I don't know you or love you, but this is crap. (Howard Stern fan, by the by) Have heard both Kelsey and Camille on Howard; Kelsey has issues, and needs to see a professional. He is less interested in his wife (wives) once they give birth to children.

1370 days ago
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