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Kelsey to Kayte: Does February Work for You?

1/21/2011 8:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer will marry his fiancée sometime during the last two weeks in February ... if the judge in his divorce case ends his marriage to Camille Grammer on Wednesday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kelsey will not tie the knot before Valentine's Day, because he's doing his play, "La Cage Aux Folles," until February 13. 

We're told Kelsey wants a few days to chill after his play ends, but he will marry Kayte Walsh before the end of February.

Of course, Kelsey's plan is predicated on the judge in his divorce case granting the decree next Wednesday. As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce now, leaving property settlement issues for a later date. Camille is objecting to giving Kelsey a divorce before the assets are divided.


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I think she is cute as a button. Seems down to earth. I do think Kelsey is a serial monogamist but this is the way of Hollywood. Camille seems awfully self absorbed and I hope Kayte is what he needs. I do think not having a prenuptial is insanity given his history and his earning potential days are dwindling. He needs to consider that (although he won't).

1369 days ago

the truth    

if i were him i would want a divorce from that wacky Camille as soon as possible. i don't care what she has done to her but shes is the gold digger ! i hate that woman. shes ugly but thinks shes pretty. she lies during interviews. the only way people know her is because who's shes married too.
just because she helped him out doesn't mean he has to stay with her and he also doesn't owe her the world either cuz of that.if that's the way she thinks then she has more problems then what i though!
i wonder if the new girl is preggo ?maybe thats why he wants to marry so fast ..who knows but get away from that nasty X of yours.

1369 days ago


Kelsey are you the biggest idiot in the planet???? Give it a rest! Katye - this jerk is no husband - he's just a rebound jerk - Get a life - forget banging this old sod - he's no husband for a life - he's a jerk!

1369 days ago


Boosting his EGO.... This gal looks like his daugheter. Disgusting!

1369 days ago



1369 days ago

Mary Ann    

Don't worry, the home wrecker will have fake boobs, botoxed lips, cheek implants in no time.

1369 days ago


He looks like he's posing with his grand daughter. Even though Camille is a ditz, after seeing what a fake, phoney Kelsey was during the last episode faking like everyting was fine, I'll never look at him as anything but a liar now. I think his scheme was to get Camille to do the housewives show knowing folks wouldn't like her, then the world would say, "no wonder poor Kelsey got out!" Plan backfired Kelsey.

1369 days ago


This is an open letter about Celsey and Chamille Grahammer,
Men, like Celsey, if you can call them men, which most women do not. Dogs like you give all the other good men a bad rap. He is a spineless dog to cheat on his wife and put her out like Thursday’s garbage instead of telling her face to face, he had fallen out of love with her and wanted a divorce, before he started dating, which makes it an affair. I can only shutter to think what that child will think of his or her father when they are an adult. Most couples do fall in and out of love when they have been together that long but they figure it out and get things going again. If you love someone and have a job such as Celsey’s, you know it will happen sometime and even a few times the longer they are together. It is not that you are not in love with the other, it is just that you have grown apart hazards of their line of work, due to the hours and it happens everyday to people of all incomes, all types of occupations. He of all people should and does know this. It happens every week or month with actors and singers and their fans also. The only difference is, fans know it is better to hang in there and work things out. He selfishly chose to go to New York without his wife and children,
I as, I am sure thousands of viewers saw the body language he had in the very beginning, when the show first started and again when the girls went to New York to see the show and Chamille went back stage to see her husband. He was so rude an cold to her, he acted like a school kid not wanting anyone to see them together and she is/was his wife. I wonder if this was premeditated?
She gave you the best years of her life, put up with all your crap (problems) and you, a spineless dog just put her out and did not even have the decency to fly out and let her know ahead of time, he let her walk right into the kill zone, like only a self absorbed selfish dog would do and had the door man deliver the bomb! What an butt head! That is not some thing a true man, nor a person of good character would do to someone they loved out of respect for her and especially the mother of their children.
He acted like Tom Cruise, Nichole did not know that there was even a problem, when Tom asked for a divorce. Tom did it because you can control a woman who is in her 20’s but not in the thirties or older, plus depending on the Prenup, Like Tom did with Nichole because he held her back for so long and he had to end the marriage before a certain date or he would have to pay more money if they divorced after a certain number of years. It is usually written in the nup, i.e. after 10 years or 15 years. etc as Tom Cruises did, if I am remembering it correctly, plus Tom calls himself a Christian???? I don‘t think so!! It is a sin! And I don’t want to hear but she is pregnant! So what, if you were that careless and actually believed that she was “on the pill” or “ oh, don‘t worry, I can‘t get pregnant“, those are one of the oldest tricks in the book that gold diggers and status climbers use. Celsey or any man does not have to divorce their wife because the mistress/tramp got pregnant. He and Chamille could have gotten through this and could have gotten joint custody and paid a smaller amount of child support.
Most people think they are so much in love the first 3 weeks to 3 months, then the true person starts to come out and then it hits them, they felt that way only because it was new and exciting, just as it was and is for every one who dates, sometimes it might feel more intense only because they are cheating and the fear factor comes into play, which makes it more thrilling and exciting but only for a very short season. For some reason the, what if someone sees us and the better half finds out (that is why it is called “their better half“, they are not out cheating). Now the thrill is really hippined but just as fast as it rose, it also will fall and how can you trust the other, if they cheated with you, what’s not to say, they would cheat on you, take you to the cleaners and move on to the next.
Face it, a twenty something only has a few things on her mind when hooking up with such an older man, it is called money and lime light. It will fall apart as fast as it came together once she has gotten what she wanted out of the relationship. A very nice life with and more so with out the guy she hocked, lined and sinkered, but with all the money, the cover shots with the new baby and maybe even, Playboy. I think Celsy’s head was up his butt and he pooped his brains out.
Your children will never forgive you and you have crushed their world now an their adult world, along with trust issues for their dating and married lives. Your soon to be new child will grow up and you will have dayzafo, playing with the kids, having a pillow fight after work and asking if it is time for a drink. Carma will catch up with you and your going to hit a new low.
Chamille should get half of everything she helped work on, even if she just took messages for you on a possible projects even if it is ten years down the road, plus half of everything she has helped you with the entire time you were married.
May God have Mercy on your soul Celsey and may he bless your soon to be ex and your two beautiful children who you abanned and had someone else put them out on the curb like Thursday’s garbage for you, like their mother, they, did not deserve this.
Hopefully, the judge will rule in Chamille’s favor and she will get to continue her work she did with you trying to get a new show on TV, i.e. the nick at night, a possible show and she will get half of, along with everything you have thought of and worked on with you. Your lucky you live in CA and not the south, where the person can sue if their partner cheats on them.
We need to start a new award for Hollywood and sports, “The Dog’s Club“, CELSEY, awarded and deserves to be the President of the Dog’s club. Guess you do fit in with the New Yorkers, all the liars and cheaters in business, you get the prize and title for the “Dog’s club“, the trophy should be a fake pile of poop.LOL

Sorry to the public, but I never pegged him a cheater and a liar. I can never watch a rerun of anything he was in and any new projects he might get, the same as I and tens of thousands who could not watch anything with Tom Cruise was in. Respect is lost and then fans lose that and can not with a good consence watch any thing you are in, even reruns from years past. You let us all down, like sports, when an athlete does something wrong, you don’t want your child looking up to him or her, so you just don’t allow it in your home and explain why.
Those of us who watch them and make them stars, should make them answer to their fans like an athlete does, when they fall off of their pedestal but they would just be wasting our time. They would really have to tell an even bigger lie to us, only b/c their boss says they have to and then we would be on the receiving end of that lie even more.
Best of luck and God’s Grace an Mercy to Chamille, her children and any woman or man who finds them selves in such a waste of a messed up situation

1369 days ago


this is the right time for a good friend to talk to him: everybody likes pretty young girls but he's way too excited and in rush. I mean.. have fun of course but don't lose your mind. Worried that the young girl will go away? she won't, trust me... she won't. They'll stay until you marry them. Do I have to tell you? Look around, don't you see?

1369 days ago


Kayte is marrying a stupid old man. She's banking on no pre-nup-after all he didn't get one before. He's also not all that healthy and she could end up with the entire pie.

Honestly, who'd be dying to marry this freak? As for Kayte, I look at that face smiling and I just want to run her over. These A-hole young women who just help themselves to someone else's husband make me ill. And here is the stupid part: He fell for it!

1369 days ago


Uhm...Tammy #121 ??

Writing a full page (novella) about the life and times of a couple of white trash,"celebrities" like the Grammers? I'm a little worried about your mental health....just sayin'

1369 days ago


WHY the he//LL is she marrying him for???? She is to cute to be with such an old fugly guy. She needs a hot model

1369 days ago


will he be wearing the dress?

1369 days ago


Hard body meets Sagging body. Kelsey's a fool & she sees $$$$.

1369 days ago


Kelsey seems to have an un-healed emotional issue.

1369 days ago
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