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Kelsey to Kayte: Does February Work for You?

1/21/2011 8:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kelsey Grammer will marry his fiancée sometime during the last two weeks in February ... if the judge in his divorce case ends his marriage to Camille Grammer on Wednesday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Kelsey will not tie the knot before Valentine's Day, because he's doing his play, "La Cage Aux Folles," until February 13. 

We're told Kelsey wants a few days to chill after his play ends, but he will marry Kayte Walsh before the end of February.

Of course, Kelsey's plan is predicated on the judge in his divorce case granting the decree next Wednesday. As TMZ first reported, Kelsey wants the divorce now, leaving property settlement issues for a later date. Camille is objecting to giving Kelsey a divorce before the assets are divided.


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Kelsey said Camille & he would grow old together. I seem to remember Kelsey saying Camille saved his life. I think he had been using drugs or was in poor health. I guess he's not grateful anymore.

1278 days ago


how long until she's dumped for a newer model? does she think he won't do the same to her?

1278 days ago


She is fugly.

1278 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

What is she, 16 years old? I do not see what the appeal is; he must keep whatever appeal he has hidden; very well hidden!

This marriage won't work either; he's incapable of having a successful marriage, which is evident by his past relationships/marriages.

Kayte, you're making a BIG mistake! Don't do it! Money cannot make you happy, and that's what you're obviously smitten with!

1278 days ago


I thought this girl was his daughter before reading the headline.

1278 days ago


Her eyes are so dilated. Is she getting a crazy check every month from Uncle Sam? Homewrecker, she deserves Kelsey.

1278 days ago

Just Sayin    

He found someone who makes him feel like a young stud again, and she found someone who will make her rich enough to find a young stud next time around (cuz she ain't gonna get one with just her looks)......just sayin'

1278 days ago


Replacing his sister? Hopefully he didn't get his sister pregnant shortly after meeting her!

1278 days ago


the kid that kelsey is in a hurry to marry looks like a un-siliconed version of nut-job camille. i still feel bad for camille but there is no way she did not see this coming. he is her husband. she knew. why they dragged it on is beyond me. maybe for the kids that she had but did not really have.

- kelsey is an old fool. or he is just really trying to hurt camille in the worst way.
- camille is a passive-aggressive, manipulative hat-rack, who is a nobody with out being mrs grammer. now everone is laughing at her fool ass. Kissing other people's husbands and keeping these young male studly friends around. ha ha.
- that child that kelsey is marrying sees crumpled $100 bills when she sees "old-pack horse kelsey". the smell of $100 bills will cover the odor of old-mam.

In two years she will be saying to the live-in nurse, "Why does grandpa smell like that?".

1278 days ago


Is this true? How off in the head is he for making her do it? After I saw the toast scene on RHWOBH I wouldn't put it past him. That was so mean spirited, devious and heartless on his part.
"I'm particularly thrilled with all the love I've received from the British people." The stank banging him for his is a Brit.
He went from acclaimed actor to sleazeball in a jiff.
"Spencer has confirmed her engagement to Life & Style."

Interesting observation. The last two smear piece on Camille Grammer were first run by Life & Style. Spencer, Life & Style, hmmmm.

Seems like Spencer Grammer might just be the source behind the smear Camille stories. Just speculating but boy that's one hell on a coincidence. Jesus Kelsey having your daughter call in stories to smear your ex? How long can you go?

There's millions on venues for her to confirm she's engaged but I guess they got lazy and didn't think it through.

Way to take the high road.

1278 days ago


Let's hope Kayte isn't a narcistic bit*h like Camille.

1278 days ago

Rachel Rothechild    

He and is to be wife and his ex-wife are laughing all the way to the bank. I liked teh way he emotionally divorced his wife years ago and planned the planned the Beverly Housewives show for her while plugging the divorce for more publicity now a wedding. Man you cannot buy that kind of publicity. Good for you Kelsey and ypur female cohorts.

1278 days ago


This guy has a serious problem with wanting to be with young girls. Wasn't he arrested or investigated years ago for something to do with a teenager. He's really a little too creepy for me. I
don't know who is the bigger BIATCH here ....Kelsey or Camille. Actually I think Kelsey is a closet gay.

1278 days ago


Kelsey and kaykte look like two gnomes with only the elf caps missing. Kelsey is so excited he found someone from his own species. Clearly the morality of humankind does not apply to these underground cave dwellers. Marry her now before you both return to being toads.

1278 days ago


#144, you hit the nail on the head, so funny. He's in love with himself. She is NO beauty and probably can't believe how lucky she is to look like him. She knew that his wife didn't know that he was cheating with her - what an immoral selfish person.

1278 days ago
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