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Lindsay's Accuser

Wanted For Sit-Down

with D.A.

1/21/2011 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Riverside County D.A. wants to take another run at Lindsay Lohan's accuser -- Dawn Holland -- in light of TMZ's report that Dawn made a $10,000 deal with LiLo ... law enforcement sources tell us.

As we first reported, sources tell us the plan was for Lindsay and Dawn to pose together for photos -- and for Dawn to make $10 grand off the sale of the pics.

We're told the district attorney will now extend an invitation to Holland to speak with them about the alleged assault incident at the Betty Ford Center. Up to this point Holland has refused to cooperate with investigators.

The D.A.'s Office refused to comment because it's an ongoing investigation.


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What a mess. The fun part? Holland's got tape.

1282 days ago


Have them all take a lie detect test.Then you may get the truth from the guard,room mates, ex BF guy Adam,Dawn,Lindsay,BF,Michael and lawyers.This web of lies is helping who???? Just try telling the truth.They may be fooling the PD,LA police and making the courts look foolish. You can't change the past but you can change for the future and really that's all counts.If your going to tell the truth tell all the truth.All these addicts telling lies,making back door deals same game different drugs.

1282 days ago


Hey Media !! Don't buy the pictures!

If no one buys the pictures, she will turn againt Linsday for not fullfilling her illegal bribe, or blackmail.

1282 days ago


This is nothing. Any good lawyer is going to tear this girl dawn apart. She has recanted her story, got fired from her job for acting inappropriately, said she wouldn't cooperate, apparently signed a letter that she didn't want charges filed, now she wants money. If the police and DA are that bored, we have Enough real crime in south Florida that could keep you occupied for a while

1282 days ago


Remember how all of this started folks.

I am sure Miss Holland was just sitting there doing her job at the Betty Ford Ripoff Center .... when all of a sudden ... what happened?

Who did what? Who broke the rules? Who? Who?

Did Holland go looking for trouble or did trouble stop by and said hello?

Who caused the trouble in the first place?

Holland or Lohan?

Remember..... Lohan says and does whatever she damn well pleases ... and pisses on the rules since her first stint in a rehab. MY RULES. I WANNA SMOKE ... therefore, instead of detoxing .. she choses the Betty Ford Ripoff Center who... guess what? Allow their clients to smoke. That right there ladies and gentlemen is someone calling the shots to their own rehab ... and guess what? IT DOES NOT WORK.

1282 days ago


Umm, why hasn't anyone mentioned how much this story has EXTORTION written all over it? I'm not a LiLo fan...not for any peticular reason...just not my thing, but this is so obvious! Homegirl wants $10,000.00 or she will persue charges and cooperate. She was just laying and waiting to see if someone would throw her a free bone. Now that nobody has, she's gonna raise hell. This is why I don't like "her kind."

1282 days ago


Amanda ... please ...don't chase after a rabbit.

A smokescreen went up to try to coverup and/or make Lindsay' self-inflicted trouble go away. AGAIN.

If Miss Holland did what she did was because the situation presented itself ... and dear old Daddy Lohan added the fuel to the fire.

You can't blame Holland for what happened. She did what she did. Michael Lohan did what he did. And Lindsay Lohan did what she did. Did they all do it right? Hardly.

However, who ... who ... who.... who started this mess?

Did Holland come in late?

Did Holland thumb her nose at the rules?

The woman was in reaction to who? WHO? Herself?

Who caused this mess in the first place??? WHO?

1282 days ago


And the Betty Ford Ripoff Center gives our little starlet a glowing exit report??



1282 days ago


Look guys, some of you hate Lohan, ok, but don't let you're hate ignore the facts or maybe I should say lack of facts. There is no evidence Lindsay Lohan was involved in any payoff, you might think she was but thinking it doesn't make it true.

By his own admission Michael Lohan was involved and he tried to implicate Lindsays lawyer, well, that lie just smacked him in the face. How many other lies has he told? just sayin.

1282 days ago


Ernie, I don't have time to cha$e. I'm relaxing on my day off. Money $hould not be an i$$ue here. Either pre$$ charge$ or don't. The fact that money i$ the rea$on why thi$ lady is now having Second thought$, make$ it very apparent that it'$ becau$e $he'$ trying to extort. Very Tran$parent $ituation.

1282 days ago


@gloday1 - No one hates Lohan. She has brought all of this upon herself. Most want to see her get better. I doubt if anyone here really wants her to die .... not deep down in their hearts. They may do or say whatever ... but come on.... How many times does Lohan have to drag everyone around her down?

She makes choices ... she reaps what she sows.

Do you know anyone who is immune?

Michael Lohan trys to say the day ... AGAIN ... What more could a father do to try to save his daughter? Especially now that she began to talk to him?

Everyone is wrong on this one.... HOWEVER... the one where the resposiblity has to lie is on who?

WHO caused this mess in the first place?

1282 days ago


@ 75 Ernie

Calm down man. The facts as to what happened have not been released. If you are looking for someone to blame try Dawn Holland because we KNOW what she did. She sold a report containing confidential information and her story to TMZ for between $13,000 and $15,000. Had she not done that then Lindsay Lohan would have gone to Court. As it stands now, that won't happen.

1282 days ago


OMG...That stupid bitch had millionaire jailbird, hounded-by-media, Lindsay's dumb azz over a barrel and she made a deal for $10,000?!??!?? I was thinking she made a side deal for a few hundred-thousand, or possibly even a million...and that ignorant tramp does a deal for $10,00!!!! They both deserve jail time.

1282 days ago


I knew there had to be a backstory to why Ms. Holland did an about-turn so quickly. One day, she's pissed at Lindsay and plans to sue her, and the next day she's all peace and love? I wonder who came up with this plan to keep her quiet. I seems there was a very good reason for the police to keep hounding Ms. Holland for an interview. I would think that any agreement made to compensate Ms. Holland for photos she agreed to have taken with Li-Lo while she was under investigation for a probation violation might be considered as impeding an investigation and prosecutable, perhaps. More to come...

1282 days ago


Ernie, please don't tell me Michael Lohan tried to save the day regarding his daughter. All he's done is create more mess in her life. He should have stayed out of it, not create more drama and telling more lies. He's been found out, he lies ALL the time.

1282 days ago
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