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Lindsay's Accuser

Wanted For Sit-Down

with D.A.

1/21/2011 5:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Riverside County D.A. wants to take another run at Lindsay Lohan's accuser -- Dawn Holland -- in light of TMZ's report that Dawn made a $10,000 deal with LiLo ... law enforcement sources tell us.

As we first reported, sources tell us the plan was for Lindsay and Dawn to pose together for photos -- and for Dawn to make $10 grand off the sale of the pics.

We're told the district attorney will now extend an invitation to Holland to speak with them about the alleged assault incident at the Betty Ford Center. Up to this point Holland has refused to cooperate with investigators.

The D.A.'s Office refused to comment because it's an ongoing investigation.


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The people running Betty Ford look like fools
rehab cant work if the facility is enabling
the addicts

1341 days ago


The D.A didn't even want Lindsay to be on probation after she ****ed up when she failed the drug tests when she only had to stay clean for 67 days.
So if she goes in on Feb 25th and is in full compliance she well really everyone will be glad to get her out of the system.

Posted at 1:13 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by Nicole

Last I heard her probation isn't over until much later this year, maybe late August? She will go on unsupervised probation in Feb and won't have to drug test anymore but it's not over. She still has several months of angel-like behavior to get through. Don't know if she's still forbidden to drink or not but I'm betting she'll find a way to screw it up again.

1341 days ago


this woman need to get charged with perjury for lying to an officer,,,and lindsay should be charged with bribery....its all out there and her accountants wouldnt pay this betty ford tramp of an employee....enough of this pathetic lil slut......god make her go away...make her whole damn family go away..between this and that junkie pedophile mj....tmz seems to be kissing their asses given all the publicity they give these a dead pedophile and the other a future dead druggie slut!

1341 days ago



She has made that statement through her lawyer and signed a declaration to that effect. Do a search on TMZ, i believe they even have a copy of her declaration.

1341 days ago


@gloday1 - who do you think was on the other end of the phone screaming in order to get "off the hook" again? Lohan could have faced ... and still can face ... a violation of probation and 6 months in jail.

Don't think for a minute Michael Lohan wasn't trying to save the day for darling Lindsay.

Six months in jail? I'd say he tried to make a move and couldn't come through .. and the whole thing blew up.

WHY.. did this happen in the first place?

Who caused the problem in the first place?

Who should be held accountable for her actions?


1341 days ago


I dont recall Holland making any public statements claiming that no crime has occurred.

Posted at 1:17 PM on Jan 21, 2011 by Holly

Exactly! I've not seen a single statement from her saying that the incident never occurred. If that's what she meant to say then why was Dawn still wearing the bracelet? It occurred and Dawn abruptly changed her mind about pressing charges and now we know why. Now LL's enablers want us to believe that some stranger came in and negotiated an extortion deal without anyone in LL's camp knowing about it and then squashed the deal when the did find out. However, this is exactly the kind of thing that LL would pull. Get Dawn to not cooperate and string her along and then give her the FU in the end. That's exactly what LL would do.

1341 days ago


This Dawn person is nothing more than an extortionist, it's a shakedown of Lindsay, nothing more. She should probably prosecuted for blackmail. And she might yet.

1341 days ago


@ Orain ... shake down because of who? There would be no shake down if LL would have just done what she was there to do.

But ... nope.... off she goes into the wild blue younder .. .doing whatever ... and dragging people down with her... including Holland ... who certainly did not think up Lohan's behavior.

Whatever happens will happen ... and this will all come out in the wash.

No one is immune from consquences for their actions.

It is just a matter of time before something else will spring its ugly head in this day to day Lohan saga.

And you know what?

Who really cares anymore?


1341 days ago


So according to Michael Lohans email to Radar, I was right the whole time by saying Holland attacked Lindsay first. I believe Holland hurt her hand by assaulting Lindsay in the right shoulder area.

1341 days ago


It is indeed a shakedown. The money issue for pics is a seperate matter, and a civil one. This does not pertain as to why Dawn keeps flip-flopping on why she will or won't press charges, HOWEVER it does show that there is intent to either hand over money or face charges AKA EXTORTION.

LiLo needs to call this lady's bluff. Face the music but don't hand over a freaken dime!

1341 days ago


Whats truly funny here is that Micheal Lohan thinks that his daughter is a major star that is worth money. Who would pay 10 grand for a picture of this skank with another skank,maybe if they were smoking crack...give it up Lohans your losers!!!

1341 days ago


OMG, Michael's explanation on ROL is incredibly lame. So lame.
The idea that someone at BF just attacked Lindsay in the presence of security when she came in late is preposterous. I mean really, this "story" is just going beyond ridiculous. He was just going to financially help out someone who attacked his daughter?

Poor Chapman and Lou Taylor. Poor Lindsay. Really, how is she ever going to get out from under this mountain of crapola.

1341 days ago


Well, it's also a crime to pay someone to obstruct justice in a criminal case. So now it's at a standstill. Dawn was duped and LL didn't pay and the attorneys can't pursue it legally. But it doesn't make the crime go away and the DA still has to make a decision. Trust me, Dawn will talk if charges are brought and there is all the other evidence that the police had access to but we didn't get to see, probably including video. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

1341 days ago


Oh and as for "extortion". You can't extort a person unless they are GUILTY.

1341 days ago


GAWD. LET IT GO. The whole lot of you! Seriously NO ONE cares!!! If Lindsey does, then pay her or whatever, apologize. If that worker does, then press charges. If the DA does, then press charges. Otherwise, after they spoke, or paid that lady money and she spoke and wrote a letter stating no charges - just end this thing, please. I love TMZ but I am so SICK of stories about Lindsey - especially this one.

1341 days ago
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