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Lindsay Lohan Made Photo Deal With Betty Ford Chick

1/21/2011 1:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made a secret deal to meet with Dawn Holland -- the Betty Ford Center worker Lindsay allegedly attacked -- and the plan was that a photog would take pictures of the two together, sell them and Dawn would pocket the cash ... sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Photo Deal
The plan -- hatched BEFORE Dawn decided not to pursue criminal charges against Lindsay -- was that Dawn would make $10,000 from the sale of the photos.

Sources connected with the deal tell us the point was not for Dawn to get money in exchange for dropping her case -- but rather for Lindsay to "help her out."

Sources say the deal fell apart when Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, put the kibosh on the plan.

Dawn was pissed, felt Lindsay was "disrespecting" her, got a new lawyer and may pursue the battery case.


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this is not acceptable

lindsay just lost my vote when she runs for president

unless she runs topless

1340 days ago


the black chick looks like she is standing in front of a big pot plant:)

1340 days ago


Bety Ford Center hires previous addicts because they have a very good take on what addicts go through.

Therefore, villifying Holland serves no purpose. The center knew her background when they hired her.

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan displayed the typical behavior of an addict who does not want help.
Stop blaming the staff.

1340 days ago


Dawn, Dawn, Dawn, did you REALLY think you were going to get money off the Lohans? Lying is their shtick, and you played right in!

1340 days ago


Good, Lindsay goes away and hopefully this bitch gets nailed for hindering prosecution or whatever charge they can come up with. I'm sure she lied to many different parties.

1340 days ago


Well, duh, we knew something had happened to shut the woman up. And to the person up there talking about Dawn's character...uh...what kind of character (assuming she even has any left) does Lindsay have? I would believ 10,000 Dawn's over Lindsay any day. Little miz I-get-out-of-everything has no character at all and she has proven that over and over again. Have to wonder how much money she gave the baby stoller people to not cause her grief or how much did she really have to pay the people she kidnapped and stole their suv when she was high on coke and alcohol terrifying and chasing down her assistant's mom.

1340 days ago


Isn't it interesting that the deal falls through right after they drop the charges due to not enough evidence without Dawn's testimony?

1340 days ago


@ Nicole .... I am convinced even more you do not have a clue to what you are talking about....

Here is what you said: "Everyone knows she should have maxed out in July but now shes only got 35 days until she completes probation. On February 25th her probation will be made unsupervised and she will have zero obligations."


1340 days ago


Isn't it a shame how weathered Lindsay's skin looks? All the drugs, drinking and cigarettes have really prematurely aged her - she used to look good...

1340 days ago


Yeah since July all of the testing, inpatient/outpatient rehab etc has been mandatory.
After Feb 25th she will still be on probation but just informally and she won't have to do anything because she has completed all of her probation requirements.

1340 days ago


Lindsay really needs professional management that are not relatives. What a dogf*ck.

1340 days ago


@ Nicole ..... Unsupervised probation is not an obligation?

Keeping her life on track is not an obligation?

Staying clean is not an obligation?

Do you think just because you are checking off the days on a calendar means Linsday Lohan is going to continue to walk the staight and narrow after your magical date of supervised probation completion?

The real obligation she has is to herself... and God.

1340 days ago


This is a lesson learned for all of us normal people out here when dealing with these kinds of people - DON'T sign ANYTHING saying you won't press forward with something until you have the MONEY IN YOUR POCKET. They'll screw you everytime.

1340 days ago


Way to go Dawn, now no one will believe anything you have to say. You have given Lindsay's team a great case of reasonable doubt changing your story every other day. You fell for one of the oldest tricks in the book; thanks to your greed and belief that you would make some easy money by recanting. I can't believe that someone would believe pics with Lohan would be worth much anyway; really dumb on your part. BTW, did you get this agreement in writing?

Now, not only are you out of a job, labeled a liar and an unreliable source, but you managed to let the Lohans get one over on you and YOU may be the one left to face charges; how ironic.

Now you are left without even a pot to piss in while Lindsay comes out of this looking none the worse; she's actually starting to look a bit better than you. LOL Great going.

1340 days ago


Have you all forgotten what Dawn Holland said? "no offense was committed, she will not cooperate with any investigation, wanted to congratulate Lindsay on her efforts in rehab, wishes Lindsay well" go back and look! All of this AFTER she sold the report and malicious story to TMZ and mostly before Lindsay was released from rehab. Is she now going to say she didn't mean it and was waiting for a payoff? LOL

There is no way she can now go back and proceed with the battery charge because Lindsay refused to have some photos taken with her, this would confirm Holland wanted the payday. Don't forget she is also under investigation and could go to jail for selling her the report which breached medical laws.

1340 days ago
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