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Lindsay Lohan Made Photo Deal With Betty Ford Chick

1/21/2011 1:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan made a secret deal to meet with Dawn Holland -- the Betty Ford Center worker Lindsay allegedly attacked -- and the plan was that a photog would take pictures of the two together, sell them and Dawn would pocket the cash ... sources familiar with the deal tell TMZ.

Lindsay Lohan Photo Deal
The plan -- hatched BEFORE Dawn decided not to pursue criminal charges against Lindsay -- was that Dawn would make $10,000 from the sale of the photos.

Sources connected with the deal tell us the point was not for Dawn to get money in exchange for dropping her case -- but rather for Lindsay to "help her out."

Sources say the deal fell apart when Lindsay's business manager, Lou Taylor, put the kibosh on the plan.

Dawn was pissed, felt Lindsay was "disrespecting" her, got a new lawyer and may pursue the battery case.


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I love how Dawn felt "disrespected". Funny how low lifes are always demanding that they are entitled to "respect" and get their panties in a bunch whe they feel they don't get it. Haha

1341 days ago


Lou Taylor is so right to nix this payment or other "arrangement." It can have alot of backfire potential.

1341 days ago

Ivan in Phoenix    

Lilo looks like she's pushing 40 in that pic. She wasted her youthful good looks on drugs and booze.

1341 days ago


Former Betty Ford Clinic worker Dawn Holland claimed Lindsay Lohan and two friends were drunk when security caught them trying to sneak back into rehab by jumping a wall. Dawn added that Lindsay assaulted her and threatened to press charges. Then all of a sudden she changed her mind. Now we know why.

Allegedly, someone directly related to Lindsay’s camp offered Dawn a $25,000 settlement to shut her up and keep her from pressing charges. The source tells Radar that Dawn wanted it up front but Lohan’s camp wanted to put the bribe on layaway.

Dawn wasn’t born last night so they “then agreed, in principle, for Lindsay to participate in a sit-down television interview with Dawn.” Dawn would then shop the interview to media outlets. When that plan never materialized, “Dawn fired her lawyer and engaged new legal counsel.”

Since Lindsay didn’t have $25,000, the next plan was to photograph the two together and then sell them to photo agencies. Dawn would keep all profits from the sale which were estimated to be $10,000. Sources say this wasn’t a bribe, it was just so Lindsay could “help her out.” The deal fell through when Lindsay’s business manager put a stop to it.

Dawn’s first mistake was thinking Lindsay had $25,000 to bribe her with. Her second mistake was not running far, far away when they asked for an installment plan. The next thing you’ll read is how Lindsay tried to pay off Dawn with leggings.

1341 days ago


Whoaaaaaaaaaaa folks, I kinda think this is Milo's doin. That guy has been talkin all week about Lilo and Dawn Holland meeting up. Milo also talked to Holland's previous lawyer Keith Davidson, that was according to Davidson. I'm thinkin Milo interfered and tried to set something up so he would get a cut of the $$$, he don't care about Lilo, just the dollars. I don't think Lilo knew anything bout it, when she found out, she called in Lou Taylor who said NO WAY, thats why Milo blasted Lou Taylor last week, she put an end to his scam.

Think about it, why would Lilo risk everything for a few pics worth $10,000 or less, it don't make sense. Holland already weakened her position by selling the report and story, had the battery case gone ahead, Lilo would have won, the witnesses back her and Hollands was proved to be a money obsessed idiot.

1341 days ago


@84, richardwww this isn't anybody else's doing. Why would LL "risk everything" by not taking the breathalyser as requested by security at BF?

1341 days ago


@83 Holly.

If you are going to quote the Radar report then quote the latest report. Dawn Holland said there was no deal for $25,000, it was just an idea. Also from what Radar say there is no evidence Lindsay knew anything about it. The plan was for Dawn Holland to drop the charges then to go after Lindsay for money. Go read and digest.

1341 days ago


Why is it this "Nicole" always shows up here offering such detail of Lindsay Lohan's life,and defending her to no end?

Like she knows everything right at the top of her head pertaining to Lindsay?

It's more than obvious someone hangs out here at TMZ all day from the Lohan family,defending Lindsay's every move..aka screw up.

Her career is dead,don't you realize that Nicole?

Nobody is interested in here anymore.

I wish this Lohan's would just go away.The only news they are is reality tv stupidity.

If it wasn't for TMZ..Lindsay would be long gone by now.

She can't sing,she's not that great of an actress,and her clothing line is BUST.Maybe she can do some TV commercials,and stick to that.

These Lohan's think they are Gods Gift to Hollywood.The truth of the matter they are the joke of the century.

1341 days ago



Supposedly refusing a breathalyser is not a proven fact, its an allegation.

1341 days ago


The story I copied is the most current

1341 days ago


Looks like the Lohan family is here in full force today using alias handles acting like devoted fans.

The Lohan strategy sure is good humor.

You have to love this family for it's determination.It's to bad they don't realize Lindsay's career is over.

No movie producer other than Vivid wants anything to do with here.

Nobody wants any product endorsed by Lindsay.

Nobody want to watch a movie seeing her face in it.

Nobody want to listen to her music.

Nobody wants anything to do with this family.

But here they are at TMZ 24/7 using alias handles,and grasping at straws trying to bring Lindsay back from the dead.

Let her lay in the gutter.She made her bed,now let her sleep in it.

1341 days ago


What a ****ing loser Lindsay is, thinking she can get away with this and anything else. She doesn't even have the money to pay Dawn HAHAHAHA GAME OVER LIDNSAY.

1341 days ago


This woman needs to be locked up. I wondered for a while why she changed her story so fast.

1341 days ago


Dina might have to wait a little longer for that coke and booze feast with her little princess

1341 days ago


@susan. Nothing "here" is a proven fact. That why there are investigations and legal proceedings. Everything "here" is entertainment.

1341 days ago
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