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Oksana Grigorieva on Ex-Bodyguard: 'He's a Liar'

1/21/2011 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We asked Oksana Grigorieva point blank this morning -- what she thinks about her former bodyguard taking Mel Gibson's side in the alleged assault case ... and calling her a "sexual sorceress."

Oksana said, "He's a liar."

Unclear if she was referring to the sorceress stuff.


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Ox the lying liarfaced liarhead with extra lying on top! Would love to see TMZ do a clip of all these spliced together.

Oksana Grigorieva on Ex-Bodyguard: 'He's a Liar'

Oksana -- Mel Gibson Is a Liar!
7/23/2010 12:01 PM PDT by TMZ Staff

Short, sweet, and to the point -- Oksana Grigorieva flat out called Mel Gibson a liar this morning.

Oksana Grigorieva and her lawyer just lashed out at her former bodyguard, claiming he's a liar andclaims that he had an intimate relationship with her are "ridiculous." video that goes with this article "Liar, liar face, liar head with a little extra lying on top" LOL

1338 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Oksana's Lies
1. I don't give a damn about the money.
2. I'm a good mother.
3. I did not sign the long contract in May because i did not know it would give Mel unsupervised visitation with Lucia.
4. I dint leak the tapes
5. My sister destroyed tapes long time ago.
6. Mel is a liar!
7. I didn't know anything about Herzog [his record]. I'm withdrawing any communication with him."
8. I was married one time.
9. There was nothing for me.
10. I didn't understand the agreement. Nobody explained to me.
11. My first husband was a drug addict.
12. I was a model.
13. I have not had fair or equal legal representation
14. There were 15 lawyers pressuring me to sign, they threatened me.
15. "I loved u so much" (addressed to MG).
16. I didn't know I could get money for recordings.
17. I didn't know the May mediation would give me money.
18. This is only about protecting the baby.
19. I am only doing this to let people know Mel is a bully.
20. He promised to take care of me forever.
22. I ran out to the police.
23. I had just got home, I was in my jammies, and I was barefoot.
24. I got a concussion but never had an MRI, only an X-Ray.
25. Mel isn't paying me any child support.
26. I was scared for my life, my childrens lives.
27. He won't commit suicide he is Catholic, scared of hell, but he would kill us.
28. He pulled a gun out of his shorts.
29. He threw Alexander onto a coffee table/chair and broke it, everyone saw it.
30. He turned the baby into a conehead when he went out to smoke, I don't know if he went out to smoke, but I say it anyhow, I was with baby 24/7 because I was breastfeeding but I wasn’t there then.
31. He was choking me with his arm I mean his hands while I was still holding the baby while 3 people(Jimmy, the nanny, Alexander)were witnessing..Oh and he had a gun too while doing this.
32. 2 centimeters to the left or right and the baby would be dead. (her head is only 1 cm wide.)
33. I e-mailed my attorney about the abuse that night.
34. Mel punched me in my mouth...punched me twice in my mouth and my temple...he repeatedly punched me (per
35. I only played the tape for my one "lower" (email to Mel).
36. I only gave the tape to my "lowers" (per people interview).
37. I gave the tapes to my sister (people interview).
38. I went to the therapist with the tapes
39. I am broke, living off credit cards, Mel is not paying child support
40. I only taped you for us (she forgets to talk about all the “lowers” she has been going to)
41. I never knew Hertzog was a felon.
42. I never refused to stop Herzog being around Lucia with a gun.
43. I never knew Hertzog had a gun!
44. Mel beat me and beat me and beat me (People interview).
45. The (now deceased) nanny saw Mel threaten us all with a gun (earlier the nanny allegedly went home and wasn't there at all)
46. My tits are not fake.
47. I didn't ask Herzog to threaten VK to lie or die (despite VK recording the threat lol)
48. I suffer from battered women's syndrome and that's why I never reported any dv
49. Alexander saw it all
50. Alexander saw nothing he was under the bed
51. The dentist saw my bruises (despite fact dentist's staff say there were no bruises ) and I applied make up to cover it but dint wash it off for photo.
52. Mel knocked my teeth out
53. Mel abused his kids, and his daughter with Robyn
54. Mel beat Robyn
55. Mel said he never in his life loved any woman but me
56. Jimmy knows what I went through he was with us 24/7
57. Mel was going to hurt or kill Harvey
58. Mel is trivializing DV.
59. Mel punched the baby.
60. Mel threw a tv at one of his kids and Robyn saw it.
61. I am not a whore.
62. Mel is not taking care of the baby, she comes home agitated with a cold and disturbed sleep patterns.
63. I need a new home with better security.
64. I have no money for my son's birthday gift.
65. Mel is trying to ruin me and my good name
66. I made a $100,000 a year before Mel
67. He made me stop working
68. Lucia and I are accustomed to his lifestyle
69. Mel has all his PR people out to ruin me
70. Mel throws something more out every day to ruin me
71. Mel is a danger to Lucia
72. Mel punched me in the face, the punch hit the baby, it was nothing, but there was blood everywhere.
73. I never sent a copy of THIS tape to my sister in Russia lol!!
74. Hint, hint, It's all my sister's fault lol!
75. I've done extremely well, but nobody asked you to spend so much money on the videos and everything.
76. You didn't give me a penny
77. I don't care if you don't spend another penny …
78. I don't give a damn about my music
79. I'm not the one to threaten.
80. I'll pay her myself, I found her, she's my dentist's ex-babysitter
81. I am not a user
82. I am not a thief
83. I am not a liar
84. I am not a golddigger
85. I feel sorry for Mel
86. Tony the bodyguard/chauffeur who works for Mel was there he saw it all, well I think he was there, I'm sure I heard he was there, IF he was there he would have known all about it !
87. I studied AND TAUGHT at the Royal College of Music in London?
88. I graduated from Saransk Music School.
89. I graduated from Kiev Music College.
90. I studied and taught at Trinity College of Music in London?
91. I worked as an INTERIOR DESIGNER in England.
92. I developed and secured a music patent.
93. Tim Dalton abused me (via email to Mel). Timothy Dalton beat me (via her mother's lips)
94. Tim Dalton did not abuse me.
95. Mel stole my music I wrote and won't give it back (despite the c.d's having been returned and legal waiver of rights to her music by Mel in August!)
96. Mel is a terrible father
97. I spent $100,000 on groceries cooking for Mel's ARMY and $17,000 in presents, Mel was mad about it.
98. I am a concert pianist (not ONE concert ever played)
99. I am a world renowned concert pianist (can't be a 'world renowned one' when you never played ONE.)
100.There are rats in Lucia's bedroom in the new 2.4 mil dollar mansion
101. Asks the Court to strip Mel of his parental rights, and in the People article she wants him to be a part of Lucia's life.
102. Sorrel Trope didn't quit -- I fired him.
103. To radaronline; " I made the tapes because I was fearful for my life".
104. "I don't want Mel's money, but my attorney told me I would get nothing".
105. "I am religious".
106. "I am not angry".
107. "I forgive Mel, I just want him to stand up and be a man" (while I destroy him).
108. "Mel is fighting dirty".
109. "I never even asked for money"
110. "I walked away from the Agreement because I didn't see the provision where Mel was to get 50/50 child support".
111. "My first husband was a drug dealer".
112."I can support myself and always have".
113. Mel hit Tommy
114. Robyn lied in her deposition
115. Mel hated his mother
116. I was sterile and couldn't get pregnant
117. Mel threw a chair at me and it went through a glass door
118. 'Mel is jealous of my career'
119. I was a Super Model (via bios--not a photo spread to be found of her other than the pink undies which were NOT professional modeling: they were amature porn photos taken by a no one.)
120. Dalton supports her
121. Lucia needs $50,000/month to survive.
122. Mel promised to treat her like a trophy wife (?!) not a closet gf...
123. Hannah and Robyn were plotting against Lucia
124. Oksana wasn't stalking Robyn
125. Mel gave her nothing and did nothing for her career
126. Don’t forget the lie of omission: she did NOT tell the judge who put the restraining order on Mel that a custody agreement was in place.
127. He kept spitting all over my face till it was covered in saliva.
128. "So many young people come to my concerts (in America)."
129. Mel’s lawyers threatened my dentist and he changed his story. (Pravda)
130. I wanted to sort everything out peacefully. (Pravda)
131. The tapes were meant solely for court. (Pravda)
132. “I’m so scared! He put a gun to my head and threatened me”! (Pravda)
133. I had my appendix removed without anaesthesia.
134. I recorded all the tapes in one night.
135. "I thank God and his immaculate interception”.
136. Mel said that he wanted to have a ‘love baby’
137. Mel gets angry for no specific reason (Mel had plenty of reason to be angry at Ox)
138. I want Gibson to be well.
139. I’m standing up to a bully who is very rich and famous
140. For the sake of Lucia, I really want him to be well.
141. Herzog was Lucia's bodyguard.
142. Herzog was never around Lucia (per TMZ video interview).
143. I've never had a bad word said about me in my entire life
144. "...I very much love ballet and always wanted to do it as a child. But my career pretty much ended when I WAS SIX WHEN I WAS HAND-PICKED TO BE TAKEN TO KIROV BALLET [in St Petersburg], which in late ’70s/early ’80s kind of Soviet era meant you were literally taken away from your parents. It means you don’t see your parents much… twice a year or so. But if your parents don’t live in St Petersburg it’s quite difficult. So, my mother decided that I should continue to follow in the footsteps of my parents who are music teachers..." ------- ( there is a 1977 do***entary film about the Kirov Ballet school -OG would have been 7 years of age when the film was released. At that time the Kirov took ONLY TWENTY new students each year, and they were aged 10 to 12!)
145. Re interview on Feb 18: INTERVIEWER knew the correct name for who was DISTRIBUTING her CD, BUT Oksana continues to call it ICON RECORDS. And ICON RECORDS at the time she was doing this cd was owned by a CANADIAN company.
146. her father fought Nazis in World War II (lkl) (her father is about 65 to 70 years old and the WWII ended in 1945 in Russia. If you do the math, it means that her father was about 5 years old when the war ended.)
147. I never had relations with Herzog, we never slept!
148. Mel clenched his fist and winked in depo
149. Herzog is lying about boinking me and doesn't have video
150. Herzog was calling all the shots when I screwed up my case so badly, not me!
151. Mama Jeanne's article...she said she bought the material and paid to have Ox's wedding dress sewn (along with the wedding and setting the pair up in an apartment as Ox's parents had no money)but yet, Ludmilla brags of Oksana's sewing skills
152 Ox lied about taking Lucia to the Dr. She took Lucia to see her regular Dr., the pediatrician, on Jan 7th, the day after the big blowout.
153. I'm working with Peace Over Violence--oh no I'm not!
154. My teeth I mean veneers ****tered into a thousand pieces after landing on my shirt
155. I called my mother after 8 pm in Russia waking her up because it was the middle of the night there to tell her I was leaving Mel. (impossible with the time difference)
156. I literally, physically ripped the batteries out of my iphone so he couldn't call me. (you can't take the batteries out of an iphone)
157. We were at his house, which was "our house" at that time. (it was never her or their house--it was Mel's house.)
158. I never accused Dalton of beating me bad.
159. William G - Mel's son - was a witness to Mel's violence
160.... Hannah and Robyn leaked my dirty secrets to the tabloids
161. Robyn and Hannah were plotting against me
162. I left Mel. He didn't dump me.
163. Mel wanted me to write the scores for his new movie.
164. I converted to be Roman Catholic for Mel (it was to deceive Mel and try to get him back)
165. Mel was jealous of other men.
166. People who know him said he was at his best when we were together (rather the opposite)
167. The first time I spoke out publicly was on the Larry King Show
168. I don't know who leaked the 2,000 do***ents to the press (former lawyers with Herzog).
169. Mel needs meds.
170. Mel was on [extreme] meds.
171. I am not addicted to hillbilly heroin (oxycodone)
172. My close relatives were WWII heroes who fought the Nazi's.
173. Dan Horowitz is my lower not my lover
174. Lucia isn't right after visiting Mel's house and is frequently sick upon return
175. Lucia sleeps in another wing of Mel's house, alone, and only the nanny takes care of her.
176. Mel wouldn't let me leave the house (Oksana refused to leave Mel's house).
177. I have a Patent for teaching music technique to children.
178. I was a Music teacher in London.
179. I was out gunned by Mel's lawyers (LKS)
180. Mel's career is over
181. Mel beat me during sex.
183. TD wanted me to sign a per-nupt: No he didn't in UK pre-nupts are not legal.
184. TD and Ox did not have a marriage contract. Also not legal in UK since the middle ages.

This list is a composite made by all Team Mel members. All the lists are.


1338 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

don't think Herzog's depos or testimony is going to be worth spit when all is said and done. He shot himself in the foot when he managed two felony convictions and jail time. Horkhisbitz is going to have a field day with this one.

Posted at 11:39 AM on Jan 21, 2011 by Majestik

Even if his testimony isn't worth spit he would still have information that ony he and OxSanity may know, that could be a tipping point... I think OxSanity and HorrorDitz are quaking in their shoes...hence the silence from them both...I don't think they want to rattle the cage too much

1338 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Who do you think is crazier Octomom or Oksana?
They both kind of look alike and claim to be broke.

1338 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Majestik: Herzog says he had the evidence.

1338 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

666 - goldcoast
Black Widow Spider
CherNookie --Shirley Holmes
Creature from the black lagoon,
Deadbeat Sponge
Drama Queen
Dysfunctional P*ssy - Mel (and he oughta know!)
Evil Witch of Saransk
Extortionist Sorceress - ohreally
Face like a slapped arse - Debbie
Glum C*nt -Mel
Grig Troll
Insana - brainchild
Lying Wh*re - Mel
Lying, liarfaced, liarhead with extra lying on top (TMZ gets credit for that one), lying in a bed of lies
Ms. Chernobyl
Nucking Futs piano player --MAC
octomom's twin
Ok$$$ana Grego-LIER-va - Fidel's Niece
Okslut - Hahaha.
Ole Greedy
Ole Greedy - Sincerity
Ox - Sam
Ox Face - Sam
Ox$anity Givadacashova
Oxamata Hari
Oxssoho Fakesana
Oxy Face - Sam
Oxymoron - Majestik.
Perjuring, Nuck Futs, Lying, Liarfaced, Liarhead with extra lying on top - Diane++++
Piano Player - MAC
Poxy Doxy - Middleagedcrazy
Poxy Doxy Oxy
Prohodimki - Mama Jeanne, first mother in law -- means opportunist. person who is taking advantage of a situation, low class person.
Russina Dumbbell - Just Saying
Skankarific Oxykins the Sc*mqueen -Sam
The beast - Mama Jeanne, first mother in law
The Grig Troll - SayWhat
The Lying Evil Witch of Saransk - Fidel's Niece
The Ox -Sam
Tox - Patty
Vampira Givedacashova
Whoaxy - Maria A.
Witch of Saransk

1338 days ago


Ox doesn't care. She's getting away with everything. Very comfortable I might add.

1338 days ago


Not to worry Ox will get another lawyer and send Gibson the bill.

1338 days ago


Oh hey gang - don't be dissing Ozzy now.
He's much prettier.

Le Snicker.

1338 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

OxSanity's russian heart beats only to the sound of dollar signs....

1338 days ago


hey there marysika! (sp?)

1338 days ago

Shuffle Demon    

OxSanity is practically yanking on Mel’s wallet.... she will probably show up in court with a pick axe and gold dust on her shoulders.... “Vhat? Dis? I vas, how you say, gardening.”

1338 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Why didn't TMZ tell us where they 'caught' her and why she was there?

1338 days ago


Sam you have to add "Sexual Sorceress" to the names list and credit Herzog ; )

1338 days ago


Wonder what the Extortionist has hiding under that awful wig??? Oh yeah, she's BALD. Bare and bald just like her miserable lying, conniving, malicious soul. Empty of redeeming qualities.
It is a real plesaure to see justice prevail.
Squirm, you miserable, wicked succubus!!!

1338 days ago
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