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Lindsay Lohan

Dawn Holland is

Lying for MONEY

1/22/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan believes fired Betty Ford staffer Dawn Holland is lying and scheming against her in a shameless attempt to exploit the actress for a quick payday ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... Lohan was fuming when she learned Dawn picked up a new lawyer -- insisting the move is an "obvious" sign Dawn wants money ... from either a settlement or through a civil suit.

We're told Lindsay is still very confident the D.A. will not press charges against her -- no matter what Dawn decides to do -- because LiLo doesn't believe she did anything wrong.


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Daddy, there is a fire over there ... will you go put it out with a promise to pay but never coming though?

Who wouldn't be pissed if Michael Lohan promised to pay and then kicked?

No matter who is right or wrong on this ... Lohans will always say it is not them ... that they did nothing wrong ... it is always someone else's fault.

One thing is for sure..... everyone reaps what they sow. Incluing us TMZ posters. Therefore, let's all learn some lessons here and apply them to our own lives.

End of sermon.

1338 days ago


These photos both look like "before" shots for hair club for men - ladies are missing 1-2" inches of worries - Monday the rivco da is looking forward to holland's tapes...

1338 days ago


Lindsay is a grown woman, why is mommy and daddy still changing her diapers?

1338 days ago


The Octomom is a much better mother than Dina.

We should have a vote, "Who is the better mother Dina Lohan or the Octomom?"

Actually the Octomom should be whipping bad girl Lindsay!

1338 days ago


Lohan always thinks that she doesn't do anything wrong.
She thinks that everyone is out to get her, no matter what. She thinks she is above the law and she can do whatever she wants.

The DA needs to go after her and make her serve some real jail time.
Anyone else did what she has done, then they would under the jail and be not seen or heard from ever again.

1338 days ago


How can you compare one tweeker to another tweeker, Pookie?

1338 days ago


Strange that with a the medical privacy laws that this nurse or aid would be allowed to run her mouth about anything concerning the treatment of anyone and still expect to have a job anywhere.

1338 days ago


#47 ernie,

It was a JOKE, you fool!

1337 days ago

Harvey's Momma    

LiLo continually flips the middle finger to the justice system. She violates probation and then high-tails it to Betty Ford to avoid jail. She goes out drinking at night, and then gets caught trying to sneak back into Betty Ford. The woman at BF who caught her ultimately loses her job. Judge, it's time to sit LiLo in a jail cell for 6 months. Give her time to think about things, and how she's living her life. Right now, the whole thing is a joke.

1337 days ago


Who is Lohan kidding. She doesn't "believe" she did anything wrong. yeah, ya did and got away with it again. It will catch up to her.

1337 days ago

Just Me    

See, there she is, scratching her head again.

1337 days ago

george fudge!    

LL has no credibility, anything she says or claims to have done, nobody believes her.
She is a joke that is all. Hurry up and die by OD, that's all that's left and what the public is waiting for.

1337 days ago


With Lindsey on this one.

1337 days ago


DrHarwicke, your opinion is foolish,offensive and gross. I really hate reading comments like yours - they just show your own biases, and add nothing to the discussion.

1337 days ago


It doesn't really matter if Lindsay is never prosecuted for this. She is still in full-on addict mode and will re-offend. And not only that but 90% of America dislikes her intensely. They aren't going to purchase anything associated with her. She killed her own brand through her spoiled, childish actions. Dina/Jill/Michael/Ali/etc. can cheer her on indefinitely but she's done.

1337 days ago
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