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NHL Star Accused of Punching Woman in Nightclub

1/22/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Toronto Maple Leafs all-star Mike Komisarek is on thin ice with the LAPD -- after the hockey player allegedly punched a woman in the face at an L.A. nightclub earlier this month ... TMZ has learned.


Law enforcement sources tell us ... the 28-year-old defensive powerhouse was named in a police report filed by a woman who claims the whole thing went down after Komisarek decided to lift her up in the air at a Hollywood nightclub.

We're told the woman claims she demanded Komisarek put her down -- but he refused -- so she slapped him in the face.

The woman claims Komisarek immediately set her down ... and then punched her in the face, causing her to bleed. 

The woman claims Komisarek left the club ... so she went to the cops. We're told investigators are hoping to speak with the NHL star as soon as they get the chance.

So far, no comment from Komisarek's camp.

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Here, watch Komisarek get his ass kicked by Loooch!

1339 days ago

Mike L    

So let me get this straight, he picked here up, he refused her request to put her down, so she slapped him? Then he hit her? What is wrong with this guys head? Playing without the helmet again? He ****ed up twice.

Guys like this are why I rarely go out. Because if I would have seen this occur, I would have beaten him down. Stupid boneheaded thug.

1339 days ago


I wish the true story came out when it was reported by TMZ...But that fails to happen when heresay and unreliable journalism take priority of the facts.

The true story is Mike and some of his teammates were in the resturant/nightclub when this group of women approached them after finding out they were "Professional Athletes" and probably could buy them drinks etc..They hung around and the guys/girls were having fun...Mike picked the girl up to remove her from his "space" after she became intoxicated and annoying...she slapped him, and when he put her down she tried to slap him again but he tried to block the slap and straight armed her and pushed her in the face (But that is considered a Punch eh?) nothing came of this that night, no bouncers got involved because it wasnt an issue. Mike and the guys left the bar and that is when the girl obviously pissed/drunk decided to get revenge because that is what Americans do when it doesn't go their way so she makes up a story and goes to the police. Mike leads all Maple Leafs players with charitable appearances, time for kids hockey development and has a wonderful wife/family. Not to say he is 100% perfect, but the truth will come out and I am sure all the women who already convicted him will not come back on here and say sorry....and that girl made the acquisations will not be charged for slander.

1339 days ago


A four minute penalty should do it. Assuming that he did in fact draw blood. Otherwise, 2 minutes. She should get 2 minutes also for instigating.

1339 days ago

They are crayz!!    


It's 2011, if you hit a man first, for any reason, you should be prepared to be struck back.

Now, personally I would never hit a girl, but here is a heads up : some guys will, if they are hit first

dont be so shocked

1339 days ago


A defensive powerhouse? Are you sure it was Mike Komisarek?

1339 days ago

keeping it real    


1339 days ago


Hey, men and women are equal right? The stupid bitch hit him, so he hit her back. Woman can do anything a man can right? She can get her ass kicked just like he can. For all we know, being in a night club, maybe he couldn't hear her over the music or whatever. This country is one big contradiction. You want to be equal, but you bitch about chivalry being dead. You want me to treat you equally? Don't hit me in the ****ing face and I won't return the favor.

1339 days ago


Men shouldn't hit women or lift them up when they don't want you to.

If you have a girlfriend who slaps or hits you then dump her. Hitting her makes you the loser.

Komisarek is a punk loser and I would say it to his face. Then again I am also 6'4" and not a female.

1339 days ago


Dollar for dollar, Komisarek is the worst player in the NHL. He gets $4.5M annually and is terrible. The Maple Leafs organization has no class -- one player was arrested DURING THE OLYMPICS for a bar fight, and Toronto now has him on the top line. Most teams would cut ties over something like that. Not Toronto, though, so Komisarek has nothing to worry about.

1339 days ago


This is ridiculous - he probably managed to find the only crazy Canadian in the bar who is looking to become famous and can actually recognize hockey players, used that to start a conversation with him and then goes and makes some story up to get her name in the news & some money...I mean really - who gives out their last name at a bar, and even if he did Komisarek is not an easy last name to remember. But even if it did happen, that girl hit him too so I'd be suing this girl for assault. At least get rid of the stupid double standard that it's ok for girls to hit guys. Hitting a person isn't acceptable behaviour for anyone.

1339 days ago


The best part of this story is that Komisarek is called an `NHL Star` and ``defensive powerhouse``. I guess nobody in LA really does watch hockey.

1339 days ago


Seems by her own words its ok to slap people. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander. They assaulted each other yay the lawyers win!,,lol

1339 days ago


Toronto Maple Leafs
- Last in hockey
- First in disgusting acts of abuse.

1339 days ago


I hope for Komi's sake if he get's charged she gets charged too.. at least he can pay his lawyer bills ... Can she???

1339 days ago
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