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Regis Philbin

Quit Over Pay Cut

1/22/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Regis Philbin quit his show after execs told his agent they would cut his salary when his current contract expired ... sources tell TMZ. 

Sources connected with the show tell TMZ ... Regis' agent, Jim Griffin, was talking with execs from the ABC station group about a new contract for Regis when his current deal expired.  We're told the honchos made it clear ... Regis would be getting a pay cut, partly because the show is not performing as well as in the past ... and partly because he takes a lot of time off.

Sources say Reeg is currently pulling in between $18 and $20 million a year.

Regis, we're told, was angry at the offer and that was the trigger for his announcement this week that he's leaving the show.

TMZ first reported ... Regis told Kelly Ripa about his decision 15 minutes before they went on the air.  Initially we were told she was stunned but not angry.  Now we've learned she was furious -- partly because, as one source says, "She felt it showed a total lack of respect for her."

We're told the entire production team is angry at Regis because they feel he hurt the show by blindsiding everyone.

As for Regis' agent, Jim Griffin, Reeg fired him.  We're told Regis feels Griffin did not negotiate the upcoming deal effectively.


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Out of all the reasons that could have possibly been the case, this one is the last one I would ever have thought of.

How disappointing that Mr. Philbin, who is already paid an astronomical figure and who, I am assuming, does not exactly NEED the extra dough at this point in time, would not only quit a prominent and still viable position for him in terms of his notariety, but even more disarming, not show the loyal staff and Ms. Ripa the respect and class they deserved and he has always seemed to exhibit.

Well, it just reaffirms that a person's true character is revealed when they perceive their back is against the wall. We should all be so lucky to have this set of cards dealt to us, so I guess the "dishonor" to Mr. Philbin's ego was just too great that it disallowed him to think of others in a more commendable way.

I am not for anyone or anything insinuating that anyone should retire at a certain age. Life is to be lived as fully as one is blessed to choose, for as long as they wish. In my opinion, Mr. Philbin should have shown much more appreciation for all that was still on his plate, and at least leave with some air of graciousness intact instead of pure greed coloring the view.

If this is exactly what went down, I do not blame Ms. Ripa for feeling supremely offended by the timing of his notice to her. Whether he wants to admit it or not, Ms. Ripa widened the appeal of his audience as the past 10-years progressed and they blended especially well together. At this point of their trek, she was just as important to the show as he. Let's hope he did not cut off his nose to spite his face. Good luck to all.

1334 days ago


Ridiculous comments from the peanut gallery! So-- ABC should keep all the money? If Regis weren't bringing in viewers (and advertisers) ABC wouldn't have been paying him the big bucks all these years. Regis is very popular & can make $18 million just in endorsements, without the grind of a daily show. I escorted a blind family friend to the show; Regis came over to talk (and sing) with him. He was THRILLED & Regis could not have been any sweeter or kinder. Lets see how long Kelly Ripa endures. Bet it's not 28 years...

1334 days ago


To spend all the money!

1334 days ago


If anyone's watched the show lately, you can clearly see the man is losing it. He forgets, mis-speaks facts and poor Kelly is there to constantly make it right. He's an egotistical old man, I guess that isnt going to change.

1334 days ago


IF thats true then the old buzzard should be ashamed of himself for being such an ass over that kind of money. People are struggling every day making less than 10 bucks an hour and he's whining about MILLIONS? Please. You are not worth that much compared to men who do HARD work all day long for a mere pittance. Get real, Mr. Philbin. You are a disgrace. Now, if you are simply retiring due to age and health, go for it.

1334 days ago


Oh, and another thing ~ since the dirty green bill seems to overshadow Mr. Philbin's good senses towards others, it is very easy for me now to believe the earlier reports of how he practically ignored the financial burdens of his quadraplegic son for many, many years. It was only after he was dragged through the pages of the National Inquirer/Globe that there was finally a blip that he was now supporting his son in some way.

Money is ugly to the spirit when hoarded and beautiful when let go of. The universe responds favorably to beauty. It is the essence of its being. May Mr. Philbin never be too "old" to learn.

1334 days ago


The TV, movie and sports industry makes too much money. Give the top actors and actress less money and sports figures. Charge less for ad time and then charge the consumer less for a product.

1334 days ago


Greedy people. I am sick of it.

1334 days ago


how did that show stay on this long??how did she stay with her cheating husband this long???regis made up to 19 mill a year for that lousy, boring show, and he is way over the hill. thank god he is done...what a gift..hope the show is off the air now...she is a squeeky, boring nothing, without him, and he was nothing too.

1334 days ago


I quit watching the show years ago.. All the people that are out of work and poor little Regis couldn't take a pay cut..He wasn't worth what they were paying him..let him go, everyone can be replaced. Who wants to watch the ole f--- anyway!!!

1334 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

Years ago, when David Letterman used to constantly deride "Regis Lee and Kathie Lee" (and NOT in a nice way), he called Reeg "an overly-caffeinated little monkey." I laughed my ass off over that one, since it was a dead-on. Add to that "beady-eyed" and you've got a perfect description of this phony no-talent has-been who's more like a NEVER has-been!

Even though I watch the show every so often, I simply can NOT stand him! It's like he's always on the verge of exploding, like when the desk phone calls don't go through. He's so "nothing" that he's never even established an identity of his own, other than being nothing more than an overpaid second banana like the late Ed McMahon. Even the way he when he's MAD that SOME ACTORS can't get their ACTS together and has to SCREAM every other word like his pal, the VERY un-funny Don Rickles.

I'm overjoyed that this story has surfaced to show what a greedy little pig REEEEG is! The networks, soap shows in particular, along with local TV and radio stations are barely making money in this economy, and believe me, everyone is being asked to take pay cuts to survive. Yet poor wittle Weegis can't get by on his millions. The man wakes up late every day, literally crosses the street, and spends less than 5 days on the air, less than one hour a day. Like others have said, he needs to get not only a good kick in the head, but a new job, one that pays minimum wage and is actual work, unlike the drivel he spews every day. Maybe that'd knock some sense into his overly-dyed head!

So, good riddance, REEEEEEG!!!! I just hope to God that ABC doesn't pair Kelly with her husband. OMG, talk about a snooze fest! MC doesn't bring anything to the table...he just sits there with a goofy grin on his face, showing his impossibly white teeth, while staring off into space or the upper reaches of the audience. Like he's just not there. Ugh. Would love to see Pat Sajak, NP Harris or Anderson Cooper fill the co-host seat. They're witty, intelligent and a good match.

1334 days ago


I always liked Regis.. I felt at his age this was the best thing for him. But to find out it was because of MONEY.I have no pity for him.. ALL I can say is enjoy the money old mad,,your 79...can't take it with you

1334 days ago

MJ is the Greatest of all    

WHAT A GREEDY OLD MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1334 days ago


I like Regis and his salary was not out of line for his industry. He has a large loyal audience and The ABC Station Group would probably not want to drive them away. I would hate to see Kelly's husband get the job.
Give the job to Prince Frederick Von Anhault. He might be willing to take the job for $15 million. He would bring an edge to the show.

1334 days ago


I RESPECT THE NEGATIVE COMMENTS ON THIS SITE SO PLEASE RESPECT MINE. This is a dream come true for Kelly Rippa because she has been salivating for her no talent husband to co-host with her. Actually, her goal is to become the modern day Lucy and Desi. As for her comment, "A total lack of respect" for her works both ways. She upstages him constantly with her horrible shrill voice and a mouth that doesn't stop running! One of the most annoying females, ever! At the beginning, she was very pleasant but, as time went on she became nauseatingly unacceptable.

1334 days ago
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