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Rudy Giuliani -- If Sarah Palin Runs, I'll Run!

1/22/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rudy Giuliani is more likely to make a run for the White House in 2012 if Sarah Palin makes one herself ... this according to excerpts from an upcoming interview.

CNN host Piers Morgan posted a few quotes on Twitter from his upcoming interview with the former mayor of New York City. Giuliani is quoted as saying, "The more Republicans in which I can show a contrast, probably the better chance, the better chance that I have ... My one chance, if I have a chance, is that I’m considered a moderate.”

You know who's not a moderate? Sarah Palin.

Giuliani ran for the Republican nomination in 2008, but fared poorly.


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Palin just got 7% in the New Hampshire GOP Straw Poll. Giuliani got an even more pathetic 2%. Huckabee got 3%. The winner was Romney with 35%, and Ron Paul taking second at 11%.

So, the lesson is: stop covering pot-stirrers who have no realistic chance of getting elected.

1336 days ago


If Sarah were to run which I give it a 99% chance that she won't she would only do so as a spoiler.

And Rudy doesn't stand a chance either!

1336 days ago


Maybe we should vote for SHAILEY TRIPP of Alaska!

1336 days ago


So what he is saying is IF THE BAR IS REALLY LOW, I'll go.....

who couldn't beat $arah.

1336 days ago


Some of your boiler plate rhetoric against these two fine Americans is awful so just shove it. Rudy AND SARAH should be on the same ticket, now we're talkin' a campaign .

1336 days ago


Hahaha, does this tool think that the politricks and racebaiting that they get away with in New York will wash across this country?
Hillary Clinton only hiccuped and he quit the New York senatorial race, he even had his excuses beforehand which goes to show the kind of person he is and there might be more dirt other than the Kerik situation. But I like the delusional way he's thinking "if they would elect a black man to such a position then they would certainly elect me" because it's good for laughs at him. Seems as though it sucks for some folks to deal with their irrelevancy.
Learn to speak properly instead of squirming up your mouth and loose the pretentious ethnic ny accent first. It says local bumpkin, to the world Rudy.

1336 days ago


For those that think only "uneducated, gun totin', hypocritical and ill-spoken people" will vote for Sarah, you got it all wrong. Those people, except for the gun totin' people voted for Obama.
Get him the F*#K out of there because what we need is someone (male or female) who has no ties with the political elite ruling class of both parties (NWO). Sarah Palin doesn't, she represents a true American. Why do you think the media and other politicos are intimidated by her! Open you minds people and educate yourself!
Get out of the mentality of liberals vs. republicans. it's not about that anymore.

1336 days ago

Joe the Plumber    

They both suck and shouldnt run. They need to go away with the rest of the s***bags.

1336 days ago


Guiliani is what this nation needs. Common sense, no nonsense leadership. Palin is a nitwit. A MILF but a nitwit nevertheless. All you have to do is listen to the woman talk and you can see that she's out of her league.

1336 days ago


Neither one would ever make it out of the primary process, . . . end of story . . .

1335 days ago


Can't they just find any credible replubican candidate?

1335 days ago


Did anyone see Wolf Blitzer's show the other day when Donald Trump called in? He was on fire over China, it was a great interview. I'd like to hear more of what he has to say. I want someone with a strong business background to be the next President. Obama's background is not cutting it. I'm not sure about Donald as president, maybe VP? The other person on the ticket needs to be well versed in foreign affairs. I want a ticket that has it all.

1335 days ago


I hope she does run because it will ensure that the democrats will win.

1335 days ago


Gees! Im not American but this woman is seen as a joke around the world. God help America if she got elected. She doesn't come across as a very intelligent person how easy people forget when she run in the election last time. Talk about stupid. crikey!!

from down under

1335 days ago


I hear you guys talking all that racist non sense about yall don't want a black president in there messing the country up. Well dip stick if you hadn't noticed the country was already taking a nose dive when President Obama took over the reins. So if you wanna blame someone for the country being in the state it is now blame yall boy G W B it's all his fault anyway. The plan after 911 was to go over to iraq and secure the oil and we failed only thing G W accomplished was getting alot of our military killed and drove the country into a recession trying to pay for a war in which nobody could tell us what we were over there for no even the troops. So if you see this President Obama just know your doing one h e l l of a job and I for sure will vote for you again. P S don't pay these racist pricks no mine.

1335 days ago
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