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John Travolta -- Globes Were 'More Like a Roast'

1/23/2011 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta -- who was the implied butt of a controversial joke from Ricky Gervais during the Golden Globes -- seemed to acknowledge the situation last night when he told our photog the event was "more like a roast" than an awards show.

John was all smiles leaving an event at the Hollywood Palladium last night as dozens of fans asked for autographs and congratulated him on his new baby. But he was stone cold silent when we asked him if he had any words for Gervais.

Sometimes saying nothing truly says it all.


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I'm confused. Every year I've watched the Globes the host has "roasted" the celebrities. What's so different about this year? Why all the hype? I have heard far worse from other hosts on both this and other awards shows. Ricky must just not be a "part of the circle". That's the only reason I can see as to why he is so ridiculed while others in the past weren't. Frankly, I think he's hilarious. With all the controversy these celeb's put up with you'd think they'd be a little thicker skinned.

1307 days ago


"Urban Cowboy" preceded "Brokeback Mountain" as the first gay cowboy movie. Travolta is gay.

1307 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Poor Poor Dumb Scientologist crybaby. He needs to worry more about brushing his fake hair and making sure his ridiculous alien cult beliefs about medicine don't kill another of his kids instead of a comedian stating the truth about him.

1307 days ago


why cant people leave cruise and travolta alone. both of these guys are married to females. i remember travolta being interviewed when he sang on american bandstand years and years ago talking about the ladies. this is clearly a case of people like Gervais saying things about stars who are WAY BIGGER than he will ever be... so they can try to get popular like these stars.

1307 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

Hollywad Crybabies

1307 days ago


Travolta is gay. It's horrible what he's doing to his wife and child by living a lie. You sick ****!

1307 days ago


If anyone is interested, Carrie Fisher did an interview for The Advocate last December and basically outed John. Some people were making a big deal about it.

Also, in Sept 2009 she also outed him Out magazine.

1307 days ago


It's common knowledge in Hollywood that Travolta is gay. He goes to the gay bath house places all the time and doesn't even try to hide it. Many publications have printed this many times, so there's nothing more any of them can do to get people to believe them.

1307 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Unfortunately that's the way of it anymore. What passes for comedy now is just a guise for a thorough debasement of people who, just because they're well known, are automatically supposed to be subject to this filthy viciousness. No, they're not immune, but it's easy to say "that's comedy" or "comes with the territory" from the safety of your own anonymity. I'm not talking about the Mel Gibsons or the Sean Penns or the Lindsay Lohans etc. who virtually BEG to be raked over the coals. I'm talking about the ones who mostly stay away from the *scene* except for a few important events & live mostly private lives, LIKE WE ALL WOULD LIKE TO, & don't commit any idiotic, egregious offenses. You know this one's gay HOW? You know this one's marriage is in trouble HOW? Your superior investigating prowess? Or better yet, your friend's mother's chiropractor's mechanic saw them in a compromising position? "Everyone knows so & so is gay, we've known for YEARS!" REALLY? Wow! You should be a DETECTIVE with that kind of a***en you bunch of parasitic pathetic know-it-NOTS. Rick Gervais & Kathy Griffin couldn't get arrested were it not for their celebrity "roasts" & crappy movies. But you go ahead, confirm intelligent people's belief in the dumbing down of this country. I can't wait til someone does that to you & when they do, think of me laughing my a** off.

1307 days ago


Gervais is going to laugh all the way to the bank on this. The more controversy the more interest in Hollywood.

1307 days ago


#24 is correct.

Just ask anybody who has ever seen him at the health club in Hollywood...

1307 days ago



When the TRUTH feels like a ROAST.....enough said.

1307 days ago


See... The only Celebs who might seriously take the jokes too seriously... The Scientology crazy ones

1307 days ago


Carrie Fisher interviews were enough confirmation for me.

#25: I totally agree with you. "We" really dont "know" anything about any celeb which is "reported".

1307 days ago


The only people in Hollywood who don't know Travolta is gay are Scientologists.
Talk about dumbing down of America. It doesn't get any dumber than the Scientology cult and its victims.

1307 days ago
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