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John Travolta -- Globes Were 'More Like a Roast'

1/23/2011 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta -- who was the implied butt of a controversial joke from Ricky Gervais during the Golden Globes -- seemed to acknowledge the situation last night when he told our photog the event was "more like a roast" than an awards show.

John was all smiles leaving an event at the Hollywood Palladium last night as dozens of fans asked for autographs and congratulated him on his new baby. But he was stone cold silent when we asked him if he had any words for Gervais.

Sometimes saying nothing truly says it all.


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As he is sitting in his Rolls Royce,with a driver he's whining about it----- ricky doing a roast.
Screw Hollywood
him and tom are both saying NOT ME

1368 days ago


John T always comes across as a nice guy to me. And a good entertainer. Why must we pry and judge his private life? Who are we to judge???? Dang, yes these people make obscene amounts of money but the *public* needs to get over themselves about demanding to know every minute, private detail of their lives. Move on folks.

1368 days ago


Now that man has class!

1368 days ago


It's none of our business, is he hurting his wife still with him..most back off.

1368 days ago


Gervais was most likely referring to the book “You’ll Never Spa In This Town Again,” which provides an interesting account, in the very least, of Travolta's (and other's) enjoyment of a famous gay bathhouse. But who cares? Cruise and Travolta have been cannon fodder for years, so the questioning of either of their sexualities is hardly controversial, shocking, or new. It was, however, hilarious. Besides which, Travolta deserves to be roasted more frequently for being a Scientologist--a far more shocking condition than being, um... bi-curious?

1368 days ago


I think Ricky was talking about John and Tom both. I have always loved John Travolta, all the way back to Kotter. I've seen all his movies so I'm not a "hater" but besides the stories about him being gay (which have started again in the last few months), I have seen pictures of him kissing his male assistant on the lips. That could have started the rumors again. I've heard more rumors about John being gay than Tom Cruise so I'm amazed that some people have never heard it before.

1368 days ago

West Vasquez    

He stopped talking because his ass hurt like a republican. I.e. he's gay.

1368 days ago


i hate when celebrities get so sensitive, like all of a sudden they're politically correct. you wanna be a weird scientologist... get ready to be made fun of.

1368 days ago


"is he hurting people" -dd

Yes, He is. As long as Travolta supports the Cult of Scientology he is hurting people.

Travolta should be 1.1 on the Cult's tone scale but Celebs play by different rules.

1368 days ago


I thought this was about Tom, it's NOT our business either way and I don't care.. Glad to hear the news that the baby has arrived, congrats !!

1368 days ago


High-profile, closeted gay people with loads of cash and zero common sense are the perfect targets for Scientology recruiters. Scientology believes homosexuality is a psychological problem, not a natural state of being. But, for the low low price of all the money you'll ever make for the rest of your life, they can AUDIT it out of you!

I'm convinced this is why some of these folks get into Scientology to begin with. To preserve their high profile careers by attempting to "overcome" homosexuality.


1368 days ago


I''m a fan of John, too and it is sad that he has to hide his true self. I don't care how long John stays in the closet b/c he doesn't annoy me with his Scientology beliefs like say Tom Cruise, who always acts so self righteous and arrogant with his know-it-all "facts". If anyone should be outed, it's him just to wipe the permanent smirk off his face. John is a classy guy...Tom? Not so much.

1368 days ago


I agree with John Travolta that the jokes made the event more of a roast than an awards show. The purpose of the evening was to honor people for their work, and the poor choice of jokes was inappropriate. Just because they're funny does not make them acceptable in every situation, and in this one they were out of line. Imagine going to a function where your industry honors employees and companies, and having to sit through jokes referencing gossip and juvenile innuendo concerning employees. Very foolish. Perhaps the Hollywood Foreign Press should seek out someone who is an interesting speaker and not a comic for their next awards show.

1368 days ago


Hey Dianne...if it were truly only an event honoring peoples work then don't televise it. Don't try to get millions of people to buy into it, and don't give them any more free publicity. If it were truly an event to honor great work then Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp wouldn't have been nominated for The Tourist. It's a publicity awards show and the people who decide who wins are just as crooked as the politicians who listen to lobbyist. So why shouldn't a comedian take them to task for their pettiness. The actors put themselves on a pedestal of attention and get millions for it. Many of them portray sterotypes in movies without any regard for her they may offend becasue what they do is supposedly art. Well, if they'd put their head out of their asses for a brief moment they'd realize they aren't Gods and Gervaise actually made the show watchable.

1368 days ago


I though he was referring to both John Travolta and Tom Cruise. Although I have only started hearing the Travolta rumors in the last couple of years, the Tom Cruise ones have been around since he was married to Nicole Kidman.

I don't know if I believe the rumors about Travolta, although it wouldn't really surprize me. I am almost willing to bet my last dollar that Tom Cruise is.

"Not that there's anything wrong with that."

1368 days ago
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