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John Travolta -- Globes Were 'More Like a Roast'

1/23/2011 12:34 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

John Travolta -- who was the implied butt of a controversial joke from Ricky Gervais during the Golden Globes -- seemed to acknowledge the situation last night when he told our photog the event was "more like a roast" than an awards show.

John was all smiles leaving an event at the Hollywood Palladium last night as dozens of fans asked for autographs and congratulated him on his new baby. But he was stone cold silent when we asked him if he had any words for Gervais.

Sometimes saying nothing truly says it all.


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still going on about this? why don't all the "stars" who had their feelings hurt sit around and fu**ing cry about it.

1337 days ago


Why does anyone care about being straight or gay? Is it your business? Just shut up. Get over peoples' sexuality. Mind your own business. Just be glad you're alive.

1337 days ago



Sandie, Samson, etc...

...Ricky spoke of TWO people. Those being Mapother and Travolta.

He did NOT say only ONE. He clearly mentioned a couple Hollywood ScienceFictionlogists.

Now, he could have been talking about Will Smith instead of Travolta of even Mapother. But, intelligent people who keep current know he was talking about both Travolta and Mapother.

If you need to, go to youtube or wherever and watch that part of the show.


1337 days ago


Many years ago, there were rumors about John being gay. Even when he dated an older woman, Diana Hyland. Those rumors slowed down a bit but keep surfacing over & over the years. Carrie Fisher just came out saying John is gay, and she's supposedly his friend!? Many of these Scientologists, are former Catholics. Something about Scientology just doesn't seem right. I have always liked John, but Tom Cruise kind of creeps me out, long before his really weird stuff.

1337 days ago


Gee,I wonder why Mr.Travolta was pissed at Ricky Gervais' jokes?Maybe a particular one hit a nerve? There's been speculation about Travolta and Cruise for years.And who cares?Just don't hide behind a bogus "religion".

1337 days ago


Straight men do not kiss other men on the lips.


1337 days ago


And all of this matters because??? Never seen a nation so preoccupied with people and what they do with the privates parts...

1337 days ago


@40 wisdomtooth How has he hurt u or u'r friends, relatives??

1337 days ago


confused as to why some people think Gervais was referring to only 1 person-he definitely said 2--with all of us assuming (correctly or not) that he meant Travolta and Cruise

rumours have been around about Travolta a bit longer- mainly becasue he is older

if there is truth then it is sad that one or both can not be brave and live their authentic life

and if the rumour is indeed false - then they should just get a sense of humour about it- to go on something like SNL and do a hilarious gay skit- deal with it head on with humour so that they have the biggest laugh and probably the last laugh on the subject!

but...once again...that's just my opinion

1337 days ago


He was talking about Tom Cruise people. After he said the joke he even added on about wording the joke right so Tom's lawyers wouldn't sue him since Tom always tries to sue publications or people for things they say.

1337 days ago


Can all these celebs just shut up? Ricky was funny & hollywood takes themselves wayyyyy to seriously. Your freaking actors you morons, lighten up & try to get the joke!

I like robert downey jr, but if you cant deal with being made fun of about your past, you shouldn't have done it!

1337 days ago


Come on, Ricky Gervais was funny and honest... Some of you americans should really relax....Perhaps that is one of the reasons that the rest of world are laughing at you.... Full of your self and no sense of humour.....

1337 days ago


It's the Scientology and their bi-sexual men that are whining the loudest. He should shut up and go to some more spas and meant men.

1337 days ago


I''m a fan of John, too and it is sad that he has to hide his true self. I don't care how long John stays in the closet b/c he doesn't annoy me with his Scientology beliefs like say Tom Cruise, who always acts so self righteous and arrogant with his know-it-all "facts". If anyone should be outed, it's him just to wipe the permanent smirk off his face. John is a classy guy...Tom? Not so much.

1337 days ago


Does it really matter if he is Gay or not? Who cares and its not a life ending situation. Its ok to be gay. Let him live his life how he wants.

1337 days ago
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