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Olbermann's Next Move --

Getting Social with Sorkin?

1/23/2011 12:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Write what you know, the old saying goes -- and Keith Olbermann might be about to do just that ... with the help of the most famous Hollywood writer around.

Now that he's out of work, the former "Countdown" host could contribute to a show "Social Network" scribe Aaron Sorkin has in the works ... this according to EW.

The mag says Sorkin has a pilot script in the works about a cable news show and Olbermann might contribute in the form of his signature rants.

Sorkin was famously panned by critics because the comedy sketches in his failed show "Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip" weren't very funny. Having Olbermann write your political rants would certainly nip that problem in the bud.


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Right wing nuts are sociopaths. When they truth comes out they getting more nutty and hateful. They can't face facts. They won't admit that their precious Palins and Hannitys are wrong. Just because they think like you, doesn't mean they are right or you are right. They are making millions out of the right wing hatred.

A bunch of xenophobes are against the liberals like Keith and Rachel. In my life time I've never seen commentators like Keith and Rachel defend the underdog. Hell Chris Matthews used to be a hater, not he has softened up to the Muslims.

The xenophobes hate Keith, because he is pro-muslim (as if that is a bad thing), pro gay or pro anyone who is being bullied.

Right wingers just invest in their emotions whether it's true or not. They are just mad, because Keith tells it like it is and the right doesn't want to hear it. Most sociopaths get defensive. Sociopaths are common and you don't have to be a murderer. I see the sociopath in most right wingers. Can't admit to the truth, blame the victim, and very self righteous. They are the party of "it's okay for me to say it or do it, but not for you. Oh and I can't remember a thing I did or said in the past."

1307 days ago

John Goodspeed    

Keith and Soros?

Hmmm. Reminds me of the last line of a great film:

Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart)

"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

1307 days ago


"Your kind made the rainmaker dance and sing, he also got drunk and raped the milk maid when you were asleep.
News should be news not a morality lesson. If everyone in this country needs a news broadcaster to help them decide the difference between right and wrong then we should incenerate the entirety of the continent. Ten years later we are still destroying ourselves and our country at an irreversible pace, he is a fraud that enjoyed being entertained by."

Do you denounce Faux News and the right-wing noise machine as well in this? I am really curios as to your answer.

1307 days ago

John Goodspeed    

Keith and Sorkin?

Hmmm. Reminds me of the last line of a great film:

Rick Blaine (Humphrey Bogart)

"Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

1307 days ago

Howard K Fluffenburger    

OMG .. what happened to his lip??

1307 days ago


Hey Mikey here's 3 more....

Remember that guy? The lefty tree hugger who wanted to save the animals and the planet? he attacked Discovery Channel Headquarters....

Want me to keep going Mikey?.....

1307 days ago


2 illegal wars? While I agree Iraq was BS, you cant tell me attacking Afghanistan in response to 9/11 was illegal.

But back to the original topic....want more links Mikey?? I have a great one that shows how Rep. Giffords was a Democrat who was pro-gun rights. How about the liberal radio host who said all conservatives should die? And I have a really good one that show the DLC's website from 2004 that had bullseyes over the states which held certain Republicans who were looking for re-election. Are those links really irrelevant? Am I ignorant? Or maybe you should learn about what goes on in my country before you criticize it or me.

Youre no longer worth my time.

1307 days ago

Howard K Fluffenburger    

You ripped him a new one Andrew L oh L !! Nice job!!

1307 days ago


I do not know why Sorkin is getting involved with s*** of the earth like Dobbermann. I am no fan of Sorkin and his political views, but guy periodically makes quality movies and TV shows. Olbermann's best contribution to society comes from his back-end in the toilet.

1307 days ago



1307 days ago


Glad to see he's gone. Now if we can get rid of Chris and Mr.Ed.

1307 days ago


Sign the petition


A great nation deserves the Truth.

1307 days ago


Maybe Sorkin can share some 'shrooms with Keith and they can create their own 'reality.' Sure isn't the same one the rest of us live in. And give me a break, Olbermann can't write political stuff, he goes to idiot sits like that portal of hate, Daily Kos and just reads verbatim whatever consipiracty theory or made up rant someone over there writes on his show. He's a pompous a$$ who should stick to taking bubble baths in hiding and looking at his baseball card collection.

1307 days ago


Hey Aria, I for one am deeply committed to making sure liberals aren't silenced because you all are a great source of comedy for me.

"Right wing nuts are sociopaths. When they truth comes out they getting more nutty and hateful."

rawwrr. I'm gonna go spew my hate now. rawwrr.

1307 days ago


Boy for 3rd rate hack no talent pundit, he sure got the righties panties in a bunch.

1307 days ago
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