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Dawn Holland -- Betty Ford Cut Me Off!

1/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If it seems like Dawn Holland is trying to profit off this whole Lindsay Lohan mess, that's cause she is -- because after Betty Ford put a stop to her unemployment and workman's comp, she's flat broke.

Holland tells TMZ she's no longer receiving anything from Betty Ford after she was let go last month. She says she has kids to feed and can't get another job in the aftermath of her alleged Lohan run-in.

Holland also says she's hired a new lawyer in an effort to regain her unemployment and workman's comp from BF -- which became a major priority once her deal for photos with Lindsay fell through.

Calls to Betty Ford have not been returned.


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Let her and the kids starve. There's too many like her in the world already.

1369 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

This woman talks too much. Any problem she is currently having is a result of her talking to TMZ. Why doesn't she shut the hell up for once?

1369 days ago


Well, gosh, Dawn....crooks sometimes get what they deserve, and in your case, Yea!!! I'm not a Lohan fan, but your claims were obviously false, from the beginning.
Justice 1, Dawn 0.

1369 days ago


She just need to came forward and tell police what happened.

1369 days ago


@layken and spot

I'm not so sure she broke any HIPAA laws (not sure you even know what you're talking about since it's HIPAA, and not HIPPA!). There was no patient identifying information on that do***ent. There were aliases. No full names, and no SSN's. I know when I send a do***ent through email, all I have to do is erase the patient identifying information, and I'm in compliance. So please tell me what HIPAA rules she violated.

1369 days ago


Want to bet she changes her story again. We all suspected she'd been 'bought off.' I do feel sorry for the woman, tho. Maybe it isn't too late to tell the real truth. Sorry, but I think Lindsay skated through everything unscathed and still hasn't learned her lesson.

1369 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Dawn, I just don't get you here.....

You are not entitled to unemployment, you were fired for very just cause.

YOU flip flopped on your claim of injury, YOU sent that one out the door...bye bye workman's comp.

As for a lawsuit for HIPAA violation, ask Harvey, NO VIOLATION OCCURED. HIPAA is the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act. It covers the sale of MEDICAL FILES. DH did not sell medical files to TMZ. She sold her own copy of her workman's comp. claim. DAWN'S WORKMAN'S COMP. CLAIM IS NOT A MEDICAL FILE!!! The penalty is the same for selling and buying medical files...Harvey and TMZ would have NEVER purchased a medical file.

Dawn violated Betty Ford's own code of ethics, and got canned for it. She will NEVER work in chemical dependency again. Better learn to flip some burgers, young lady.

Dawn got caught up in Lindsay's drama and bad behavior vortex. I do not believe for one second that Lindsay is an innocent here, however Dawn Holland has behaved badly and very unprofessionally. The second you went for TMZ cash to talk smack about your client, you sealed your own professional fate. Love them or hate them, your client MUST come first and SHAME ON YOU FOR SELLING LYNDSAY OUT.

Word of this incident should have never left BF in this manor.

1369 days ago


better be carefull wht u say the naacp is waiting just outside to take them on.jessie where r u?.my guess not very far.oh and dont forgret the REV al sharpton.low life's.

1369 days ago


@Lisa, if you're going to try to be sanctimonious yourself, learn how to spell . . . and to type . . . and to learn. Racist lowlife.

1369 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

BTW, although this is not a HIPAA violation, Dawn, if I were you I would be very hopeful that the DA in Riverside County takes this somewhere because if they don't I think you may have set yourself up for a defamation lawsuit in civil court. Will Dina get millions from you? Of course not, but I personally think you should be sued for double the amount of money you received from TMZ. That sum would be VERY collectible. If Dina sues anybody it will be BF and they will settle out of court (no matter if they are right or wrong)just to make her go away. You better start singing to the DA because the Lohan money flow has dried up for you and now it is all about personal damage control. Good luck dear, because you may need it.

1369 days ago


There was a violation! She sold information to tmz. The info was not her own info, it was the code name that lindsay was listed under at the clinic, she also gave them her official location and confirmed her status. Not stopping there she gave them information regarding her behavior as a patient. Those are HIPAA violations. And they are big ones.
As for her loosing her unemployment.. Here in California they are a real pain about it. They interview you and then the company you worked for. If the stories match up you get it. If they don't you don't. She wouldn't have started out on it if she was on workers comp originally. They won't give you both at the same time it's one or the other. I would assume however if she lost the workers comp that there are video tapes of the confrontation and that they prove there was no injury.

1369 days ago


And we all know the Lohan's have no means of income, so lawsuits have become new career

1369 days ago


HIPAA or not, which I'm not so sure she broke the law about that, she still may be able to get unemployment.

1369 days ago

me not you    

She brought this on herself by talking publicly about a patient. She deserved to be fired for that. That's the problem with these rehab places - all of the people they employ as "techs" are former druggies themselves, they don't know how to make good decisions.

1369 days ago


I hope Lindsay does sue Dawn because then all the evidence would have to be presented and we'd know the truth. I'm betting nothing will come of any of this. Dawn doesn't stand a chance against Lindsay and BF so all she can do at this point is move on. If I was a BF employee I'd be looking for a new job after seeing how they treated Dawn. Dawn's life is ruined for nothing and Lindsay learned she can still get special treatment and do whatever she wants. Lindsay played the system again and will be back.

1369 days ago
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