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Dawn Holland -- Betty Ford Cut Me Off!

1/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If it seems like Dawn Holland is trying to profit off this whole Lindsay Lohan mess, that's cause she is -- because after Betty Ford put a stop to her unemployment and workman's comp, she's flat broke.

Holland tells TMZ she's no longer receiving anything from Betty Ford after she was let go last month. She says she has kids to feed and can't get another job in the aftermath of her alleged Lohan run-in.

Holland also says she's hired a new lawyer in an effort to regain her unemployment and workman's comp from BF -- which became a major priority once her deal for photos with Lindsay fell through.

Calls to Betty Ford have not been returned.


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Dawn needs to cooperate with the criminal investigation, and move on

1372 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Cheryl @28...It was common knowledge that Lindsay was treating at BF, in fact she allowed herself to be photographed while there. Selling a copy of your OWN paperwork is not a crime, and code names and phony numbers mean nothing. That's why they use them.

The only thing that is kind of iffy are her statements that Lindsay was not doing well in the program. She revealed no do***entation on the subject but offered up only her personal opinions so that has little credibility. I think a key point here would be was she still employed by BF and under HIPAA constraints or was she terminated by then and just a private citizen talking smack, and is her personal opinion revealing anything confidential. I'm sorry, I just can't see it your way. Even if she was still employed by BF at this time, stating a personal opinion is not selling a do***ent. I will bet my bottom dollar here that Harvey gave this much consideration before he went forward this, and Dina would have been all over this like stink on s**t if there was a violation. That's how she makes her living.

I am in no way a fan of what DH did, but in my humble opinion I don't think this is a HIPAA thing.

1372 days ago


well, she would have had a job if she hadn't acted all ghetto and tried to beat Lindsey to submission-she ought to be glad Lindsey or Betty Ford didn't sue her crazy.

Take a lesson from Kenny Rogers:
[The Gambler]

...know when to walk away,
know when to run.

1372 days ago


Two things: First, while i may not like the Dawn lady, i don't think BF is allowed to just stop her unemployment and workers comp for no reason, this includes trying to make a few extra bucks on the side in whatever fashion, as long as she claims it in her tax returns its not illegal and she should still be able to collect unemployment minus some bucks because of the money she was going to make. With that said, its people like her that give hard workers a bad name, trying to sue somebody just because shes famous, guarantee she wouldn't be taking it this far had some no name slapped the **** outa her. In fact, my gut feeling tells me if this wasn't LiLo then this Dawn bitch would have went ape **** and started swinging, because she sound liek that type of Nig.

1372 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

That is what she gets for making crap deals with LiLoser for silence. It all comes back to haunt you.
A big laugh at Dawn Holland. HAHAHAHAAHA!!!!!

1372 days ago


Code name?
Technically Lindsay was there as an inmate ordered by the judge.

1372 days ago


Sitting Bull aka Dina:

I've got google search that you can to add to your Lindsay Lohan fan theory.
"I love Michael Lohan" 4,560...,000 results

1372 days ago


How does BF stop paying unemployment. It is paid by the state of california and then the federal goverment. If dawn wants that money she can have an unemployment hearing and try to win back her unempoyment bennifits so dawn quit your wining. If you believe you were fired no reason instead of paying a lawyer to go after lindsay's money use your lawyer to go after your unemployment bennifits and workers comp

1372 days ago


BF are being pretty punitive to protect themselves. Fine. They have a lot to hide.

DH has been punished already. Why is TMZ beating a civilian to death? Future access to LL camp, for sure. Shame on you.

As for the moron who thinks Ll should sue DH. For what money and with what money.

Everyone LL touches has their assiciation turn to crap. LL is the common denominator.

1372 days ago


People! Unemployment is insurance the employer pays to protect you from losing your job THROUGH NO FAULT OF YOUR OWN. It is not a given. This woman does NOT qualify for UE. She was fired for serious breach of rules and LAW. My God, I cannot even get information about my HUSBAND because if HIPPA, this woman spilled the beans about a patient in rehab! Her goose is, and should be, cooked. She was looking for a payday, got greedy, and it bit her in the ass. I am NO fan of Lindsay, though I did have hopes until this mess that maybe she was trying. The fact that she just had to go out that night and push the rules AND obviously she 'used' or she wouldn't have fought the test, she would have demanded one for proof. They are both losers.

1372 days ago


Betty Ford is not a solitary building.. It compasses several clinics in different areas. It wa snot known which clinic she was staying in. Dawn Holland sold that info to tmz. Betty Ford also would not have reported a violation to the state had they they not felt there was one. Also Betty Ford would not stand in the way of a investigation either.. If they told the Rivverside Police department that there was no assault then there was no proof of one. If they terminated the employee's workers comp it is because it was proven to be a false claim. Lindsay Lohan is broke.. she cant buy Betty Ford's silence. They have many lawyers representing them. It's ludicrous to believe it's all a cover up to protect a wanna be starlet. Y'all need to go find another punching bag.. you've beaten this one to death. Even Harvey who normally spends his time bashing Lohan has been backing off. He knows they pushed it too far. It's now time for the rest of you to realize it too.

1372 days ago


some facts for y'all.

Incident happened on Dec 12th
TMZ posted Dawn Hollands story Dec 21st
Dawn Holland fired Dec 22nd.

Holland was still employed by Betty Ford at the time she sold her report and story for $10,000 - $15,000.

This is a HIPAA violation by Dawn Holland because the report is in connection with a Betty Ford patient, she also went on to give TMZ details about Lohan which look shakey as some of what she said doesn't match up with what she said in the report.

The report itself is not a violation, the fact she SOLD the report alongwith a story about Lohans progress in rehab TO THE MEDIA when still in Betty Ford's employment breaches HIPAA confidentially rules.

Sorry Dawn you're dunzo.

1372 days ago


@Cheryl. Betty Ford is not protecting LL. She's a minor celebrity at best. They have to hush the situation up because of the lack of supervision of LL and obvious lack of effect on her. BF have so much more to lose. They are not going to lose thier reputation over a tarty self entitled has been. LL lost everyone's respect and her credibility long ago. She's a tabloid joke.

1372 days ago


Two things are going to settle all this - if they exist.

1. The digital video of the altercation which may or may not allegedly depict a drunk Lindsay refusing a breath test and grabbing Holland's arm and staggering down the hall. She clearly made a scene to divert attention from her condition as other patients look on and laugh and make comments about her state.

2. The 911 call again made by Lindsay to divert attention from her condition.

Can Betty Ford afford to allow these out? Let's see.

As I said, criminal conspiracy, obstruction of justice. Oh, and it's not extortion if Michael offered up the money.

Interestingly, it does confirm that they are all broke as they need a third party in the form of a photographer for the payola.

1372 days ago


Expect a daily attack on Holland from the LL camp till LL appears in court. Sad, LL, get a CONSCIENCE!

1372 days ago
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