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Dawn Holland -- Betty Ford Cut Me Off!

1/23/2011 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If it seems like Dawn Holland is trying to profit off this whole Lindsay Lohan mess, that's cause she is -- because after Betty Ford put a stop to her unemployment and workman's comp, she's flat broke.

Holland tells TMZ she's no longer receiving anything from Betty Ford after she was let go last month. She says she has kids to feed and can't get another job in the aftermath of her alleged Lohan run-in.

Holland also says she's hired a new lawyer in an effort to regain her unemployment and workman's comp from BF -- which became a major priority once her deal for photos with Lindsay fell through.

Calls to Betty Ford have not been returned.


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Gee, sometimes bullies do get paid back for their rotten actions. She had it out for Lohan. She had a little bit of power over the lady and misused it. She's stupid. She spilled her guts (to this site) for 10,000 bucks and now she's crying cause she's poor? She's 'stupid poor' which is a whole lot different than being poor. She made herself poor with her big mouth. I don't feel sorry for her at all. She violated the law talking about a rehab client. Guess she should have considered her actions instead of trying to bully Lohan and then go crying to the cops. Now she denies what happened. It's rotten that her kids got to suffer for her stupidity.

1339 days ago


Just sue the b...for hitting u it must be on tape, workers comp in Cali. pulls this crap all the time, u'll get a settlement in about a decade and a half..

1339 days ago


#79 Workers comp att. get paid at the end, no upfront cash.

1339 days ago



1339 days ago


I think the only comeback where you'll see Lindsay is jail & rehab

1339 days ago


You try to profit from the addiction of a celebrity at a recovery center that caters to celebrity - and you keep your name in the press nearly every day - duh, you wonder why they cut you off - they let you go for cause - and everyone knows the cause and in this case I think they can deny you - duh - get money the old fashioned way - WORK WORK WORK - save the attorney fees and use that to feed your kids!

1339 days ago


You cannot collect WC and unemployment at the same time. This chick will be heading to jail for fraud soon.

1339 days ago


@Fat Hand Puppet
Totally agree they want Lindsay and her attorneys and her crazy family GONE.
Technically breaking rules and curfew in court ordered rehab could be a violation but the D.A just doesn't care anymore. If Lindsay doesn't fail any tests in the next 33 days then the D.A and Judge will just be happy that that was the final hearing.

1339 days ago


So, the next time LieHo is ordered by a court of law to go into rehab:
1) Will she choose BF, since she knows she can continue to snort and drink there?
2) Will BF admit her?
3) Will BF have a choice, since they're government subsidized?
Stay tuned!

1339 days ago


I admit to making an assumption on BF's subsidization. All or most drug/alcohol rehabs are subsidized in full or in part by state and federal government. Many also rely on private trusts or donation. BF may be able to remain independent from this.
The costs of operation, from medical to legal to administrative to counseling to support is prohibitive.

1339 days ago


Ms. Holland put herself in this situation by ignoring what could possibly go wrong, if she decided to speak to the media. There were other avenues available to her but she chose the one attached to a "quick buck" and now she has ABSOLUTELY NO MONEY coming in. She should have sought "unbiased", "reliable" legal advice before she ventured down this road. What's even sadder, is that she has children depending upon her and no means to provide for them. If worse comes to worse, she may even loose custody of her children. Was getting back at Lindsay Lohan worth the financial stress she experiencing??? Certainly not!!!

1339 days ago


@ dreamon

she's not the only one. same happened to Robert Downey Jr and many, many others. Unfortunately, addiction makes you do really stupid stuff. she is far from the only one in hollywood that stuff like this has happened to.


Jill the difference is that Downey JR was reapected and well liked. The public support those struggle with addiction, including Lindsay. It's LL's diva behavior and above the law denial that make people react negatively. She hasn't been a bit likable or sympathetic for years.

1339 days ago


I don't think someone can be denied workers comp and unemployment benefits just because Lindsay doesn't like them.... Holland has good reason to get a lawyer on the case. That's what she was actually referring to when she said she wanted what was rightfully hers in the radaronline interview - not anything to do with any "payoff". She also said she was focusing on the workers comp and insurance problem, not really thinking of a civil suit now.

Holland always makes so much more sense than the Lindsay camp, to be honest. I don't see why people are trashing her. She didn't violate HIPAA, that's all a red herring tossed out by the Lohan people. She never revealed medical records belonging to Lindsay, she didn't steal the doc (generated by her for workers comp, which is why it didn't have all the detail revealed later) she showed TMZ but rather was handed it as her copy by BF. Her story has actually stayed the same throughout - when she said at one point that no crime was committed, she wasn't saying that it never happened, just that she didn't want Lindsay to go to jail over it. She's been certifiably sober for 7 years, and she makes statements about Lindsay that are quite in line with a sober recovering addict who wants to stay that way and help others - none of the ever-shifting garbage we keep hearing from Lindsay's people. I'd much rather have Dawn Holland as a neighbor than Lindsay Lohan. Yikes, I might move to get away from Lindsay and her turmoil... :)

I'm beginning to doubt that there was ever any "payoff" for silence except in Michael Lohan's fevered brain. Maybe Holland just plain doesn't want to put Lindsay behind bars - she's not the one who called 911 to drag in the police, that was all Lindsay's stupidity, and it really puts prosecution of the case out of Holland's control. But I do think the Lindsay camp does owe her for the injury, the public insults, and all the resulting mess that lost her the job in the first place. It's called settling out of court, people. Demi Lovato did it after she punched that dancer. Why can't Lindsay?

1339 days ago


Dina has been too busy trashing DH to part with a nickle

1339 days ago


@ dreamon

Jill the difference is that Downey JR was reapected and well liked. The public support those struggle with addiction, including Lindsay. It's LL's diva behavior and above the law denial that make people react negatively. She hasn't been a bit likable or sympathetic for years.

that wasn't your point. you said she was the only one in hollywood that does this, which as i said was not true. whether RDJ was more respected has nothing to do with it. he ended up in not just jail but prison.

as for lindsay not being likable, that's debatable. she still has a lot of people pulling for her. even garry marshall has recently said he would love to work with her again. the pure hatred and dislike is what you see on these blogs but are hardly the general view.

1339 days ago
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